The MatchMaker

By: Wynn-J

Chapter 8: "Selena, You're SO Not over Him." Part 2


Okay, this may sound a little stupid but I was running out of options. So, whenever Nat was opening that door I full on tackled her to the ground, her brown/blonde hair flying up in my face. Yep, I football tackled my best friend.

Wow, I feel abusive.

While we were falling, we hit the door which I guess hit Vikky, causing a groan from the other side of the door.

Natashia and I were sprawled out on the ground in pain and everyone gasped to come and help us up.

"What the fuck was that?" Nat asked me while sitting up.

"I…tripped?" I suggested "I hate these shoes."

"I totally agree." Nat groaned as Aunt Elena gave us a hand.

"Are you girls okay?" she asked. From behind the door I could hear a furious laugh that was trying hardly to be controlled. We'll see who's laughing in the end, Clark. I thought, knowing that I just totally saved his ass.

"I saw him the other day and he completely ignored me!" Selena wailed in the car. "Like I was the plague or something."

"Lena," Jenna drones with a roll of her eyes. "Do you even know what the plague is?"

"Shut up, strawberry."

Nat furiously pounded the steering wheel and pulled over to the side of the road.

"Why are we stopping?" I asked curiously from the back seat. I lifted my sunglasses and let them rest in my tangled-by-the-wind hair while watching Nat get out of the car.

"Get out" she commanded. Immediately, we all bolted out of the car, knowing Natashia could be dangerous in this stage.

We all stood on the grass by the road in front of the trees. "You two are fucking up my nerves." She said referring to Selena and Jenna's continuous arguing.

I laughed, "That sounded kinda wrong." Natashia set her fierce gaze on me.

"Correction, you three are fucking up my nerves. Jenna, you keep dissing Selena just because she's suffering of a big break up. Kayla, you're being all secretive and lying." I opened my mouth to argue when she held up a hand and said, "You were totally stapling random stuff together to make us leave Alluring Eyes. And Selena, you're so not over him." At that, Selena burst into tears. Again.

"I know, right?" she exclaimed. Jenna rolled her eyes.

"Jenna, you're not getting the keys back until you stop arguing with Selena. We all gasped.

"How could you?" Jenna said astonished at Nat's smirk.

"Evil!" Selena called

"I know right?" I said on the verge of tears. They all looked at me with concern. "I really wanted to go to Chilli's." They all huffed and rolled their eyes.

Five minutes later Nat and I were walking around the car, trying to distract me from my giant urge to pee. Jenna and Selena were still going at it though.

"I CAN'T HELP MY FEELINGS!" Selena cried

"That doesn't mean you have to talk about him nonstop! 'Oh, James bought me this! James and me used to do that!' Did you ever stop to think how I felt when he broke up with me?" Nat and I looked at each other. I had almost forgot Jenna and James had gotten together at one point. "He tells me he loves me, then just cheats with the first cheerleader he sees- you didn't think that hurt?"

I stop running and watch my friend turn red in hatred.

"And then you just went off and dated him even when you knew I wasn't over him. Shit, I'm still not over him, Selena! I love him!"

Whelp, that ruined my mood. It also reminded me that said love-bug of Jenna was in a spa's closet. With Vikky.

Okay, so maybe I forgot them. Just a little.

They'd do fine…I hope.

Nat had forced everyone back in the car after Jenna's brave (and if you ask me, kind of cheesy) love confession. Does it make me a bad friend? You know, hooking up the guy both my friend like with another girl?

UGH, this is so frustrating. Finally we got to Chilli's which was packed. We sat in a booth and were looking at our menus when Selena gasped.

"What?" I asked curiously Selena turned to me, her brown eyes sparkling.

"Guess who just got the best idea in all ideas?"

"Um," I thought. "God?"

"Who?" Natashia said giving me an aggravated look that I knew was just her form of love.

"Me! Jenna, I just thought of the perfect way for you to get James to love you back!" I mentally slapped myself in the face. I closed my eyes and sunk behind my tall menu. "Kayla can MatchMake you guys!"

Oh. My. God.

First I left my self-assigned co-worker and client in a freaking closet, then I figure out I'm nominated for the Best Backstabbing BFF and now this? I could literally throw up now. So of course, God would make the problem worse.

"Oh, would you Kayla?" Jenna asked, her blue eyes seeming especially desperate. "Not that I need him or anything…"

"I can't." I answered truthfully. Nat looked at me shocked. "What? You know my rule. No relationships that could fall apart."

"You don't think you could make an exception for your best friend?" she asked, hugging Jenna at her side. But she wasn't doing it to make Jenna feel better. She was testing me, I could feel it. Would I pick my friend or my 'secret'? What was I supposed to do? I mean sure, Jenna was one of my closest friends but that didn't mean I had $800 in cash in a college bank account that would quickly be taken out if I didn't hook up slime ball with his cheerleader.

This day is sucking ass!

"Sorry, Jen," I shrugged. "I busy."

"Busy?" they all asked simultaneously. "Doing what?" asked Selena. "First you start acting all buddy-buddy with Kelsey then lying and keeping secrets from us!"

"I'm not lying really. I just can't tell you guys."

"Because you don't trust us?" Nat asked.

"No, because…I don't want to!" I said frantically. Natashia reached over the table and placed a warm hand on my arm.

"K, we've told each other everything!" Nat said. "Like about Jen's nose ring she got in 6th grade."

"Or Nat sneaking out with Xavier like, every night."

"And your parents-."

"What about my parents?" I ask harshly. It was a touchy subject; I feel I'm allowed to get offended when someone even mentions them.

"Calm down, Kayla. We're just saying you can trust us." Nat said I put down my menu and was about to reply when the waiter came to our table and all was forgotten. Why?

Because he was hot. He was tall and had blonde spikey hair with piercing hazel eyes. He sent me a smile before asking what we wanted for drinks.

"Water." Nat, Selena and Jen called while batting their eyes flirtatiously. Oh, so I'm the only one not in love yet they're all flirting with the first extremely hot guy that asks what they want to consume as a liquid.


"I'll have a sprite." I said, and then smiled for a good measure. He smiled back and said,

"My favorite." I blushed at his totally not flirty comment anyways 'cause that smile was fucking gorgeous. "Be right back with that."

"Yeah…" Jenna sighed as our waiter walked away. "Well, I know what I want for Christmas."

"He's like, a god or something." Selena agreed

"Yeah, too bad he's Kayla's." Nat said. We all turned to look at our rosy-cheeked friend. "What? 'My favorite.'" She said in a seductively deep voice. "Please, he's totally got a crush growing. And did you see that smile? My God, it was-."

"You have a boyfriend, you know." Selena pointed out

"Not for long if Kayla disagrees." Natashia smiled silently asking me with her eyes if I wanted him.

"No, she's 'too busy' for such a cute guy." I widened my mouth at Jenna and threw the napkin at her. "What? This is my chance to get over Jesse!"

"James." I replied automatically, a trace of annoyance in my voice.

"See? I'm already falling for…we need to know his name."

"I think that's why name tags were invented, Jen." Selena said "And I need to get over Jesse too."

"His name is James, dammit." I huffed Selena looked at me dismissively while pulling a quarter out of her wallet.

"Well, maybe you should date James then. Common Jen, let's flip for him."

"Heads!" Jen calls just before the coin is flipped in the air.

"You can't coin flip on a guy." I state just as Natashia says, "I think he'll pick who he wants." Just then our drinks come and I quickly grab my Sprite. Everyone is too busy staring at waiter boy to notice he gave them their drinks too. I grab my straw and dip it in the sprite, then put my finger on the top hole. I lift the straw out an insert it into my mouth, shivering at the goodness of the caffeine free soda.

"Oh, I love doing that," Our waiter says with a smile. I quickly put the straw back into the soda when Jenna and Selena give me glares.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool." I shrug noticing how handsome his face is. He is cute. I think as Jenna coughs subtly from across the table. I look down at the quarter.


"I'm Jenna." She said fluttering her extremely blue eyes. Our waiter smiled.

"Logan." He said pointing to the name tag.

"Selena!" Selena barks from beside me. I actually wince from the volume. Natashia rolls her eyes.

"Natashia." She says sipping on her water. I open back up my menu, looking at the different types of food they have.

"And you are?" I hear a deep voice say. I look up at waiter b- I mean Logan and shrug.

"Kayla. Kayla Jamison." He put his hand out and I shook it.

"Nice to meet you, Kayla Jamison." I feel the blush creep up my neck and the horrible glare I get from Jenna shuts me up.

"Do you have a brother?" Selena asked trying to play it cool. She stirred her water around in the glass trying to act nonchalant and Jenna scoffed at her attempt.

"Yeah," Selena perks up and looks straight at Logan with a smile. "He's in preschool." Selena actually growled in annoyance causing me and Nat to crack up laughing.

"Yeah, Selena," Nat muttered "Get your cougar on."

"You all are terrible." Selena said

"Are you ready to order?" Logan asked, his smile aiming directly at me. Damn, he was hot!

"No!" Selena screamed

"Not even close." Jenna agreed

"I haven't even opened the menu." Nat said leaning back down to sip her water, eyeing him the whole time.

"Well, I have." I stated annoyed at their flirting. "Can I have your 16 oz. steak with fries?"

"Sure thing, cutie." He smiled. I blushed again as walked away.

"I love Chilli's." Natashia says to the ceiling.

"Kayla! You're stealing my guy!" Jenna whined I shrugged.

"I can't help being irresistible! It's a curse." Selena rolled her eyes.

"More like irritable."

"Me?" I asked shocked "Water? Really guys? I seriously doubt Logan would care if you had a little carbs in your drink."

"At least we didn't order a steak." Selena said. She crossed her arms over her chest and her black hair spilled around her shoulders.

"With fries." Jenna adds

"You expect me to come to Chilli's and not eat a steak?" I ask incredulously. They just ignore me and act all mad just because they think Logan likes me. "Please! Like we're ever gonna see him again!"

I was wrong.

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