World of Hearts

A/N: First fanfiction on FictionPress. This is a modern story of Alice in Wonderland.

Summary: Where Alice is nothing but a sacrificial lamb for the king of the Red Kingdom who wants to live forever. Where Alice was a princess in the White Kingdom before she forgets and where everyone she have interacted with harbors feelings for her.

Story start~

Prologue: Down to the World of Hearts

The raven haired man sighed before running his fingers to his hair.

He was starting to feel it. Through these magical mirrors that hung around his walls, he watched the humans do their thing. And through these magical mirrors, he watched as she went on with her daily routine.

This little girl had no idea that her life was about to change.

"Your Majesty?"


"Is it really necessary that I go and lure her in to this castle?'

"Yes, yes, of course. We need her for the ritual remember?"

The white haired man nodded and then proceeded to do his job.

Alice Marvell sighed.

She was forced to play this card game—Egyptian Rat Screw—by her sister in their garden. Yes, in their garden.

They were now sitting across from each other, a table between them, with a deck of cards spread on top of it.

Her sister explained the rules of the game, in which she had no interest in listening—but she made it look like she was.

She leant her head towards her hands and closed her eyes. Maybe sleeping for a little while would be more useful than listening to her sister's boring explanation.

A few minutes later and she finally woke up. She looked around, and noticed that her sister was gone. Maybe she got mad and left when she noticed that I fell asleep, she thought, standing up to search for her sister.

Startled, she looked down her feet and noticed that a white rabbit was tugging her pants, trying to gain attention. She knelt down and petted the rabbit's fur with her palm. The rabbit looked up at her and, within a millisecond, the rabbit started running away from her. Curious, she stood up and chased the rabbit with all the strength she could muster.

She saw the rabbit going down on a hole.

Wait, a hole? What could possibly be down on that hole?

Curious as to why the rabbit jumped on the hole, Alice, herself, jumped in too.

Alice stared at her surroundings for a while.

She was not in their garden anymore. So, where was she?

She tried to remember what she had done after she woke up from her slumber on their garden, but the only thing she remembered was chasing the rabbit and jumping down a hole.

Wait, she jumped on a hole?

And is this what the hole looks like?

Where the hell was she anyways?

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she heard footsteps. Looking up, Alice saw a not so tall man with bunny ears. His skin is pale like an albino rabbit. He has a long silver hair, which he tied down with a ponytail. His eyes were the color of the azure sky.

So very cute, Alice thought.

As if hearing her thoughts, Alice saw the silver haired man's cheeks turned pink and he looked away and at the ground, before speaking.

"I guess you are lost. Come, Miss Alice, I'll take you to your home."

Home? What home? Who is this guy? And how did he know her name?

"This is Wonderland. The White Castle is your home. I am Oscar White, one of your servants. And… as to why I know your name… you've been here before, Miss Alice."

What? She'd been here before?

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