Jade and Jackie Liekki have always been different than other kids in their small, sunny neighborhood. And not just because they were the only twins there either. The Liekki Twins have always been able to speak telepathically with each other, sense their emotions, or if they were in danger. They also could "see" through the other twins' eyes if they wanted to. But of course, they always thought it was a "twin thing".

Jade and Jackie were both ten years old, but much different in personality and a lot different in looks. They were definitely not identical twins. Jade had waist-length golden blonde curls (which were natural surprisingly) and dark ocean blue eyes that turned completely black when she was mad, reminding many people of tornados. Jade, who loved the beach, had dark skin from tanning so much.

On her left ankle was a small tattoo. It was a tiny silver moon crescent that sometimes gave her a freezing cold sensation. She also had a golden cuff bracelet like from Ancient Greece or Rome that she always wore on her left wrist. It always gave her comfort and the feeling of love when she was upset or scared. She never took it off, and nobody could take it off either. It could grow with her wrist or shrink if it was too big.

Jackie had a messy mop of platinum blond, so pale that it look like white, curls. He was extremely pale, a deathly white shade of skin that made him look like some goth or emo boy. He had the brightest, lightest blue eyes anybody could see though. Almost like they could glow. They turned completely grey when he was mad though. He had a lightning bolt tattoo on his right ankle and he had a silver cuff bracelet that he always wore on his right wrist. It made him feel calmer and dulled his anger or sadness when he was depressed or furious. He also never took his off either.


It was an ordinary Tuesday morning and Jackie was in the kitchen, scarfing down three slices of buttered toast and two scrambled eggs. He stopped pigging out when he saw that his twin (and older by two minutes) sister was standing in the kitchen doorway. She was wearing a pair of jean shorts, a thin white tank-top and sandals. Jackie was wearing a tight black shirt, white capris, and matching sandals.

Jackie, we're going to be even more late for school if we don't leave now. Mum's still sleeping, and I doubt she'll be awake enough to drive you to school again like last week. Jade warned him, her eyes glancing at the stove clock that read 8:35. And with a quick step, she snatched a slice of toast away and ran out the door. Jackie charged after her and soon they found themselves in the park around the corner from their school.

Five minutes later they walked into school just as the bell rang, signaling class was started. Meanwhile, a hooded figure in black wore a satisfied, twisted grin as he disappeared from the oak trees.


School was uneventful for the Liekki Twins. Jackie had gotten in trouble during lunch for starting a food fight and now had to serve two weeks of detention and Jade had been restless and bored in school (being a know-it-all, she was in advanced classes) as always. They left the school after saying goodbye to their friends and were just passing the park that they had been in that morning when Jade paused near a particularly large oak tree.

Jackie, being ahead of her, didn't notice and kept walking. Jade stood at the trunk of the tree with narrowed eyes and looked up. The odd feeling of being watched remained though, as she saw nothing unusual. Jackie finally noticed and called Jade's name from down the sidewalk. Jade hurried to catch up, glancing back at the tree every few seconds as they walked home.