Love is a Battlefield

Chapter 1: One of the boys

The scissors lay in front of me, on top of my dresser beckoning for my fingers. I turned to look at my reflection in the mirror; petite and pale with straight jet-black hair and glassy green colored eyes. I looked very frail that people often mistook me as someone who is anemic. But I am not. I am healthy but my outer fa├žade is very deceiving.

I looked down to the scissors before me. I took them to my hand and turned to look at my reflection on the dresser's oval mirror. This will be the last time I will ever see my old self. I began to cut my long hair, trimming the length shorter than I could have ever dreamt of. I have wasted many years for this. I turned back to look at my reflection, a sheepish looking young man stood before me in a short cropped messy hair. His eyes looked exactly like mine: green and radiating. I looked down to the scraps of ebony hair on the floor. This will be the last I will see them again.

"Are you really sure about this?" Serah, my best friend with her bushy blonde hair and blue eyes sat on the edge of my four poster bed. She looked worriedly at me. "That is a military school for boys. You're going to have a pretty tough time hiding your real identity." She added, standing up and walking to where I stood motionless on my ground.

I looked again to the mirror. "Logan and I are twins. We're fraternal twins. I could fool my own mother with this disguise."

Serah shook her head. "What will you do if your brother finds out about him being accepting to the military school?"

"He will never find the letter."

"What about your excuse for being away from home?"

"I am staying at your place in the country, right? You're going to spend summer there."

"It's a good thing that military school starts in the summer or else, you cannot help your brother."

I turned to look at her. "Logan is sick. He cannot join the military in that condition. If he finds out he has been accepted after he learned that he has osteosarcoma that would make his life shorter than it is."

Serah locked me into a tight embrace. "Just promise me one thing."

I hugged her back. "Yeah?"

"Promise me you'll be all right, that you and I will be in touch."

I nodded my head. "I am going to be all right."

But I was wrong.

When the bus stopped in front of the military grounds, I was dragged into the crowd. I could sense my fear emanating out from me. I was surrounded by boys of my age, some maybe older and younger but when you look into this picture; I was definitely the odd ball.

I am skinny, quite petite and looked girlish than most of them. Of course I would be. I am a girl after all.

I tried to back out the moment I saw the team captain of the new initiates. He is a broad looking man in his late thirties with a bald head, gray colored eyes and biceps the size of my hand. He looked at us with intensity, looking into our physical appearances. Is this normal? In the military? It is.

"What is your name, soldier?" he turned to me.

Two boys who stood at my sides moved away from me. I turned to both sides and saw my fellow initiates looking at me with curiosity. I moved forward a bit, cleared my throat and changed my voice into a more masculine tone. "My name is Logan Graham, sir!" I shouted my brother's name.

My superior moved closer to where I stood and he looked at me from head to toe. "Are we too girly for this?"

I blinked my eyes. Does he doubt me now? This would be a perfect time to back out, but I cannot lose soiling my twin brother's name. I am stronger than this. I can get on with this challenge.

"I am much more capable than that, sir!" I exclaimed with much conviction.

My superior laughed. "Then show me how capable you are, maggot!" he looked into my eyes and continued to examine the rest of the initiates before him.

Of all the people here, why notice me first?

When he was far away from me, I let out a deep sigh of relief. It would be a disaster if he noticed I was a girl in the first place. I bet he is still doubting my gender, but before he could identify my gender, I shall try my very best to deceive him like what I did to these boys around me.

"Shaking like a girl, eh?" I turned to the voice behind me. The person who spoke to me is the same young man who sat behind me in the bus. I remembered him knocking me out of balance when I tried to put my bag in the upper compartment of the bus. He looked at me like I am someone weird. "You're nervous." He added, reaching out to touch the sweats that lingered on my forehead.

I stared into him. He looked like someone I might fall in love with. He was gorgeous. We both share the same jet-black hair though his hair is much shorter than mine but it suits his squared jaw and his oval almond colored eyes. I tried not to blush crimson.

I backed away from him only to knock someone who is standing in front of me by his back. The person I accidentally knocked my back into grunted. I turned around to find another muscular looking man. He looked older than I am, bigger and way too stronger. He also have a bald head and beady black eyes that made him look like a GI Joe toy soldier than my brother once owned.

"Sorry!" I apologized.

He grinned and pulled me closer to him by my shirt's collar. I heard some of the boys behind me whisper. Obviously, I am attracting too much attention now. I pushed him away from me, but he's made of steel and I found myself not able to move him an inch from his ground.

This boy is indeed powerful. I was wrong to push him like that. Now he means war.

"For someone being called like a girl, you sure push like a girl!" he mocked.

I furrowed my brows. I am intensely mad at him right now. I clenched my fist, wanting badly to knock him out of his mockery, but the boy behind me who was the cause of this mayhem I am now, pulled me away from this boulder-like boy.

"I believe you haven't read the school rules and regulations. No fighting is allowed unless it's permitted by the superiors or our training officers." He smiled at GI Joe's twin.

I unruffled my wrinkled collar. "You don't have to do that! I can deal with him!"

The handsome boy turned to look at me. "Unless you wanted to be expelled before class starts, be my guest." He walked away and merged with the crowd behind me.

GI Joe's twin smirked at me. "Be ready for the training sessions, girly girl! You'll feel how incapable you are!" he turned back his attention to our superior who is now discussing some points to follow for the rest of the day.

I came to a realization at that moment that being a boy is harder than being girl. As a girl, I can deal with bullies and gossips, but as a girl dealing with these kinds of notorious boys; it's suicidal.

I am suicidal.

This is suicidal.

Now I am regretting doing this for my brother.