The Broken One

Logan Graham's Story

Chapter 1: Dreadful News

Our tiny hands that fit into each other; holding hands as we walked were fine moments that I could remember well for being around my twin sister. Lyrica was born seven minutes after me, making her the youngest in the family. Ever since we were young, Lyrica and I were inseparable. We went to the same school, celebrated birthdays with the same themes and even graduated with the same awards. Mom always says we were like two peas in a pod; inseparable and one.

But just after our high school graduation and a week after I took an x-ray exam, our family doctor called me and said that my once benign tumor in the knee has grown to become a malignant tumor resulting to a Cancer case called Osteosarcoma.

My family was devastated of the news, more especially my sister; Lyrica.

I want to blame myself for not agreeing to remove the tumor via surgical procedure because of fear that it could destroy my dreams. But because of that decision, all of my dreams have been shattered into million fragments. Now that was something that I regretted from the very start.

"No that's a lie!" Lyrica shouted while we were at the dining table eating dinner.

I turned to look at her and saw the horror in her eyes. My mom told her to sit down on her chair but she turned her back at us, her face enraged and distorted with confusion. I watched her climbed up the stairs, hearing her door slamming hard.

My father shook his head as he placed his chin on top of his clasped hands. I looked at his plate, he haven't eaten a bite. My mother sighed, taking my hand to hers. "Let your sister cool down."

I smiled at her and squeezed her hand with mine. "I'll talk to her." I said and excused myself from the table. I walked towards Lyrica's room. I was about to knock on her door but I stopped when I heard her sobbing in her room. I listened to her cries and I felt horrible telling her about my worsening condition. I dropped my hand to my side and turned to my door.

I can't face her now.

Thus, I spent the whole night without sleep, staring at the ceiling, unhappy of the turn of events.

By morning, Lyrica was still in her room and I could hear faint music coming from her radio. I listened for a while until I heard her voice talking to someone. It must be Serah on the other line. I swallowed and knocked on her door twice. When I heard no footsteps coming to get the door, I turned on the knob and opened it and then right in front of me, Lyrica was standing at her doorway, looking at me with sullen eyes.

"Umm… Goodmorning?" I smiled, trying to lift her mood but she just stared at my face. I looked into her room and saw her unmade bed. She must have stayed awake the entire night. No wonder I couldn't sleep last night. My twin sister has been awake the entire time.

That's the thing about twins; we could feel what the other was feeling.

Lyrica looked at her slippers. "Goodmorning Lo." She replied. She pushed her door wide open and she let me in, despite the uneasiness between the two of us.

"Didn't get a wink of sleep?" I sat down at the edge of her bed, lifting up her blanket to my lap. "I also didn't get a wink of sleep." I looked at her gazing eyes and patted my hand on my lap where the blanket laid. "Shall we get some sleep?" I asked.

Lyrica grinned and she walked towards me. She climbed on her bed and placed her head on top of my lap. I looked at my sister's sullen face and stroked her long jet-black hair. She looked up to meet my eyes and I smiled at her.

"I am sorry, Lyra." I told her and she closed her eyes, shaking her head.

After a long moment of silence, my sister has fallen fast asleep, her head on top of my lap, my fingers playing with her hair.

This seems like old times.

Old times that cannot be turned back.

Two days after, my family and I drove to the hospital for my biopsy. I was tensed and anxious the whole time and I could feel my veins pulsating hard on my wrist. I was holding hands with Lyrica, telling her not to let me go unless the doctor told us that I needed to be separated from her for my biopsy. Of course we would be separated, but I wished she could be with me throughout the procedure. I needed someone to hold me, now that I am already falling apart.

By the time we met my doctor, she asked me to go straight to the operating room for my vital signs to be checked as well as for the nurses to assess me. Mom and dad told me to be brave but Lyrica remained silent, her hand still wouldn't let me go.

"I am going to be fine, Lyra." I told her, trying to yank her hand from mine. "I will see you soon." I assured her.

I turned from my shoulder and saw her eyes on mine. I looked at her dazed green eyes and I could tell she felt horrible being separated from me.

But this is only temporary. It's not permanent.

The doctor led me into an examination room with white walls. A nurse came in to greet me, holding a file folder in her hands. She gestured for me to sit down and she asked me questions like allergies, taken medication before the exam and if I have followed the no drinks and food after midnight. I told her what she needed to know and she smiled at my response, happy that I followed their orders well.

She asked me to change into a lab gown. By the time I walked back to the examination room, I was asked to hop unto the stretcher that will lead me to the operating room.

Once I was transferred to the operating room table, I saw myself looking at bright lights above my head. I squinted my eyes, feeling its bright luminescence on my irises. I looked at the metal table before me and saw various sizes of syringes and needles. A doctor posted herself in front of me as she lowered an oxygen mask to my face. I inhaled the air coming out from its tubing and before I knew it, the gas knocked me unconscious. But even through sleep, I could hear beeping sound of the machinery at my side and faint voices. I felt pain escalate my body but it numbed down and all my consciousness was wiped out of existence.

After a long time of slumber, I was roused up by another wave of gas on my mouth and nose. I looked up to the ceiling and found lights flickering above my head. I was at the recovery room, a young nurse with brilliant brown eyes took my pulse rate and temperature. She smiled at me but I was too weak to smile back. By the time she moved out of the room, I felt myself drowning in fears; fears of the unknown I couldn't fathom.

"So how are you feeling?" my mom asked while we were on our way to our house. It took me two days in the hospital to gain my strength. Unfortunately, we all received the bad news. I know have a malignant tumor on my knee which is now metastasized to my spine. The doctors told me and my parents that in order to save my life, they need to amputate my leg. My parents agreed with the advice but I told them I don't need to become a cripple because of these conditions. I told them no and this decision made a 360 degree turn of events.

My life is at death's hand now. And the only person that can be blamed for this is me. That was my reason. I wanted the blame to be on me so that no one will suffer guilt in the end. It was a sacrifice I am willing to bear until my final breaths.

"Do you want to go somewhere, Logan?" mom asked while we were on the car.

"I am dead tired, mom." I told her, my eyes gazing out to the rain outside.

"Do you want to buy tea or coffee?" she asked.

I shook my head.

"Food or maybe we could watch a movie!" she beamed out brightly.

I smiled at her and shook my head. "I just want to sleep mom." I looked away from her hurt eyes and lingered my stare to the wet streets in front of me, hoping the rain could drown me into melancholy.

From the car's glass window, I could see Lyrica's reflection on it. She was looking at me, her eyes blurry but I could tell she was also saddened by the dreadful news. I stared at her face, hoping I have the courage to face her and tell her that everything is going to be all right in the end.

But I was wrong. It would never be all right in the end.

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