"Don't Leave Me"

Please, try to understand that it isn't just one life at stake; it's two.

You aren't killing only yourself, but you're killing me too.

It's not that I don't understand. I do. I know you have suffering, sadness, and pain.

You've run out of hope. You've run out of options, you find comfort in death.

You think that the future will be the same

As your present. You believe it is impossible for it to be any different.

But it can be.

You only have to want it to change…

I wish I could help. I wish I could save you from yourself.

But I can't even save me from myself.

I know it's selfish and hypocritical of me to ask you not to go.

I know why you want to annihilate yourself and leave the world behind. I want to too.

But maybe it isn't the only option. Maybe it could get better (but it could always get much, much worse). I don't know.

You can't know the future.

The thrill of the unknown is almost like hope…

Please, please try to see

That even if you don't mean very much to yourself, you mean a lot to me.

Please. Try to hold on just one moment longer.

You can do it, if you want to.

The more time you stay, al you endure, and all your struggling will make you stronger.

Don't leave me. Please.

You'll be tearing out a large part of me and taking it with you.

I might not go all at one

But as more people leave, more pieces of me go with them.

Soon there will be nothing left.

And soon I'll have to follow.

But maybe. Just maybe

If we try to save ourselves, there will be enough Life left between us, and we can save each other.

Please. Don't leave me. Please.

(But if you have to leave, I understand, and Ill miss you, far more than you would ever think that I would.)