Half-blood Chronicles (prologue)

Dark creatures moving about in the bushes. Florescent yellow eyes staring at me through my open window. They are watching, recording my every move. Creatures most people should be afraid of, but I'm not human. Neither, am I one of those creatures. I am a by-product of the two beings, a mixture of the two souls. I am something, what, I don't quite know. I should be feared by humans, but I am also a human that should fear the creatures.

These creatures are what the humans call demons, but the actual name for them is damiens. As strange as it sounds, yes they are damiens. Damiens are creatures that look like wolves at first glance, but if you look closer, they have no hair or tail. Their eyes are the color of lemons which seem glow in the dark like flashlights. Their skin is midnight black, tight to their bodies and their heads are the shape of a human skull with a mouth full of long razor sharp teeth. Their hind legs are longer than their front ones, causing them to bend out to the sides. Their claws as sharp as their teeth, maybe even sharper. These beasts have pure evil souls.

I am not one of those beasts, at least, I do not look like one. But inside I am. I am one of those beasts trapped inside a human body, waiting to be set free. I am an unwanted experiment of the damiens and humans. I am feared by both damiens and humans. I am the most powerful being in the known worlds.

Outside, I am an average fifteen year old human girl, but on the inside I am a horrid beast, craving the sweet taste of human blood and flesh. Waiting for the right moment to transform into a damien to catch a meal. So, how am I the most feared being by humans and damiens? Before I was created, damiens were the most powerful and feared beings. They would destroy everything that got in their way, and left nothing standing. Then some of the damiens evolved. Their brain evolved so that they weren't just beasts that craved human flesh, blood and souls. They were able to form a link with their inner human, transforming into one. Those damiens could roam about in the human society. Their only disadvantage was that they still had yellow eyes.

Those damiens had two rules. They were not allowed to hunt in human form, and were not allowed to have a child with a human, for that mixture of breeds would make a more powerful creature. The creature would have human colored eyes (in my case, violet) and would have to link with their inner damien, not the other way around. They would be able to live off human food, not humans or their souls. But they did need blood every once and a while to keep their strength, which is a nasty habit of mine. They would have special abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, flight, healing, and strength. They would have enhanced sight, hearing, smell, strength, speed, and healing rate.

I am the mixture. I am the one that was created, the mistake a careless human and damien made. I have all of those abilities, and I am feared. I am feared by all. And they all want me dead.