Chapter two- Aftermath

Amara awoke to the sound of her cell phone buzzing in her pocket. She moaned, smelling the foul air around her. Then she noticed... She was sleeping in a dumpster. Amara sat up, taking in her surroundings, seeing that she was also in an alley, not her bed. Also finding Dareth sleeping in the dumpster along with her. Then the memories hit her like a stack of bricks, and she got a sickening feeling in her stomach. She gagged from either the stench of the garbage she slept on, or the feeling she had that last night didn't end well.

She tried to recall the events that went on after the fight with the scout damiens and that beast, but it all played over in her head in a haze. She shook Dareth, trying to wake him up. He bolted upright, scaring Amara, in result of her falling out of the dumpster. She landed face first in the concrete, with Dareth hopping out of the dumpster, laughing at her. Amara just rolled her eyes, then tripped Dareth, who fell down almost landing on Amara if she hadn't stood up. She put her hands on her hips, sticking her tongue out at Dareth when he looked her way. Then they both broke into a fit of laughter, earning strange looks from any passerby.

They both smiled at each other.

Amara rolled her eyes, "What a wake-up-call."

Dareth stood up from his spot on the ground, nodding and smirking at Amara. Amara reached in her back pocket to grab her phone, checking for texts or any missed calls, only to see that it was filled with them. Most from her mother, asking her where she went.

"Hey Dareth, do you mind if I call my mom real quick?"

He nodded again. Amara dialed her mothers' phone number, and put the phone to her ear.

"Hey mom, it's Amara."

"Hi honey, where were you last night? I came home from work and you weren't there like you said you'd be."

"Sorry momma, I was talking a walk outside to get some fresh air, then Dareth called and asked me if I wanted to come over because he's back in town. Sorry, I forgot to call you. I was distracted since I haven't seen him in three years... I ended up sleeping over his house. His mom said it'd be alright if I did."

She wasn't lying... kind of. Amara could hear her step-dad's voice in the background, along with her little bother Riley. Her mom sighed.

"Alright, just... come home soon. Riley's asking about you."

Amara nodded and checked the time on her phone. It was close to ten thirty.

"I'll be home by noon, is that alright?"

"Noon is fine. Tell Dareth and his family I said hello."

"I will, love you momma."

"Love you too sweety, see you at noon."

"Alright, bye mom."

"Bye Amara."

Amara hung up her phone and stuffed it back in her pocket.

"Can we stop at your house to clean up?" She asked Dareth, who was picking off some of the trash that was covering him.

"Yeah, sure. You have some of your clothes at my house."

She knew that she did. Before Dareth left to spend a few years as a transfer student she practically lived at Dareth's house. She stayed in the 'guest' room, but it was more like her room because it had all of her things in it. Amara thanked him, and started to pick off the trash that was tangled in her hair. Both of them weren't that dirty, they just smelled... really bad. Amara and Dareth both knew that they should talk about what happened last night, but they still needed to process it. It would be at least a month before the next attack, which would give them more than enough time to prepare.

The two headed out of the alley, into the open, walking towards Dareth's house in silence. They got some crinkly-nosed looks from a few people that they brushed by, which made the two quicken their pace. Dareth's house was only fifteen minutes away, and they were there in no time. Luckily no one was home at the moment, so they wouldn't have to explain as to why they were smelly and what did they do last night.

Amara slipped her shoes off after walking in the door, then headed to the guest room to grab a few things. She slipped in the bathroom, placed her clothes on the toilet lid, turned on the shower, and took out her iPhone from her jeans pocket, placing it on the counter. She slipped in the shower with her clothes on to wash the stench out of them, eliminating any evidence that she slept in a dumpster. She washed off, got dressed, and went out of the bathroom in search for her friend.

Amara walked down stairs and found Dareth sitting on the couch, watching some comedy show on TV. She plopped down next to him and tucked he legs underneath her. She picked out some faded blue skinny-jeans and a ruffly gray tank-top which fit her skinny, six foot body nicely. She was wearing her chocolate brown wavy hair in a loose ponytail on the top of her head, with a flowery ribbon around it. Dareth on the other hand, was wearing a plaid polo tee-shirt and some tan shorts, with his blonde hair spiked up. The two looked like siblings, their physical features almost the same.

Amara checked the time again on her phone, seeing that she only had about forty five minutes to catch up with Dareth.

"Sooo...," Amara sighed, "Where do we start?" She asks, slapping her hands on her knees, and leaning forward.

"No clue." He replies, pealing his eyes from the screen. He then points to it, "Look what's on."

Amara looks over to the television screen, and her eyes widen, "What? We're on the news. Really?" She rolls her eyes.

"At least they didn't get our faces." Dareth replies, looking at the blurred photo him and Amara. Amara is in her 'dagger stance', while Dareth is crouched low to the ground, ready to pounce.

The two sit, fixated on the television screen. Amara takes out her phone, and snaps a picture of the screen. She then types in Dareth's number, and sends it to him. Dareth's phone beeps.

"I sent you the picture." She says, and stuffs her phone back into her pocket. Dareth nods.

"Thanks." He replies.

Amara leans back into the couch, and lifts up her legs, hugging them to her chest.

"I'd better go, I only have fifteen minutes to get home." Amara tells Dareth.

She stands up from the couch, and stretches her arms up in the air, leaning back. Dareth stands up, and they walk together to the front door. Amara unlatches the chain, and opens the door. She turns around, and smiles sadly.

"Do you have any idea how hard this is going to be? You know, our lives from now, until we die." Amara says sadly.

"I know. It's better that we're in this together though Mara." Dareth says.

"Yeah, I know." She sighs.

Amara steps in to hug Dareth, resting her chin on Dareth's shoulder. He wraps his arms around her, and they stay in each others warm embrace.

"Stay safe. Call me when you get home, alright?" Dareth says.

"Thanks, I will. Momma will probably want to talk to you anyway." She replies.

Amara and Dareth let go of each other, and exchange a smile. Amara turns around, and walks down the steps of Dareth's front door. She turns right, and looks back at Dareth. She waves at him and he waves back, before disappearing inside his house.