Chapter Three- Home

Amara walks into her house, shutting the door, and locking it behind her. She smiles.

"Mom! I'm home!" She yells into the house, hoping her mother can hear her.

"I'm in the kitchen! Come help me!" Her mother yells back.

Amara makes her way to the kitchen, stopping in the entrance.

"Mom, what're you doing?" Amara asks with a eyebrow raised, "Christmas isn't for like... four months."

"Riley wanted to make some cut-out cookies. He uh, lost interest after eating half the dough." She says, rolling out some food colored dough on the floured counter.

"Do we even have any cut-outs?" Amara asks.

She steps into the kitchen, and bends down by the cabinet where the cookie cutters might be, and opens the door. She rummages through the contents as her mother says that they should be there. Amara stand back up with a collection of Christmas cut-outs.

"Found them!" She announces, and sets them on the counter.

"Errr, mom? Do you want me to finish?" Amara asks, knowing her mother probably has better things to do.

"Sure, thanks honey." Her mother replies, and wipes her hands off on her apron.

Amara nods, as her mother says to put them in the oven at 400, for eight minutes. For a few minutes she chooses cut-outs to use, then starts to cut out the cookies. Then, her phone rings. She takes it out of her pocket, and looks at the caller ID. Dareth. I just talked to him! She thinks to herself.

She taps the answer button with her finger, and holds her phone up to her ear.

"Yeah?" She answers.

"Hey, you know that we'll be up against some damiens tonight, right?" He asks.

"Well yeah, did you think that we were going to get a break?"

"I just thought that we should make a plan, that's all."

"I know, I know. Should we like, meet up after dark? I mean, they just show up. It doesn't matter where we are. They just can't show up at our home, you know." She laughs. "Like vampires."

"You sure? We show up at our homes." He laughs.

"But we live at our houses. Stop being smart."

"Sorry, just thought we could use a bit of humor."

"I guess. I mean, this is definitely how I planned to spend my summer break."

"At least we know that we're not busy during the school year, we're lucky enough to even be able to be going to school. We could be dead."

"Or we could not be able to afford school in general." Amara says.

"Hey, we live in a safe place. This is like, the only save zone within miles. You know that. The damiens can't even go past the gate."

"And I have no clue why I was waiting for you in that alley in the first place. That was the least smartest idea I'd have had in my life."

"Yeah, that sort of was my fault. I asked you to go there."


"So, night time outside the gate is where we'll be meeting, right?"

"Well, no damiens can even enter the gate, so duh. If we're planning on fighting tonight, that is."

"Yeah, we'll be fighting tonight." He replies.

"I gotta go. I have to finish cutting out cookies for my mom."

"Sure. I'll meet you outside the gate tonight. Stay safe, and wear black."

"I know, Dareth. I'm not the one that's new to this whole sneaking out at night and killing things. I should be the one telling you to stay safe and wear black." She laughs.

"Yeah, yeah. Bye Amara."

"G' bye. See you soon."

Amara hangs up her phone, and puts it back in her pocket.

"Amara honey, was that Dareth?" My mom calls from her room.

"Err, yeah. Did you want to talk to him?" Amara asks her mom cautiously.

"No, I was just curious."

"Alright. I'm almost done with the cookies. What temperature do you want me to put them on at, again?"

"Four hundred for eight minutes. I already preheated the oven, so all you have to do is set the time."


Amara grabs the green spatula from the drawer, and places the cookies on the parchment paper on the pan. She then sticks the pan in the oven, and sets the timer for eight minutes. Amara decides that she has enough time to look around her room, and choose some weapons for tonight. She makes her way down the hall. Amara looks both ways down the hall, and flicks the small key from her wrist, into her hand. She then unlocks her door, quickly slips inside, and closes the door behind her.

No, not normal actions to be going into your room. Amara walks over to her closet and opens the door. She kneels down and slides a chest full of her fighting outfits, and weapons of all sorts. She types in the code, and it opens with a click. She lifts the lid of the chest, looking in it to decide what to bring. She takes a belt from the corner, and starts to fill it with throwing stars which contain poison, so once they hit the target, they're injected with a lethal chemical. She then takes a black bag with many pockets, and fills them with different sized daggers, and extra throwing stars.

She then takes a small jar from the corner of the chest, full of a healing liquid, and places that in her bag too. She then organizes the outfit, and other things she'll be needing in the empty corner for tonight, in case she happens to be running a bit late. Amara then places the packed bag in there too, and closes the lid, right when the timer goes off on the oven. She shoves the chest back into her closet, gets up and walks into the hall, locking her door once more.

Amara walks to the kitchen and grabs an oven mitt from the drawer by the oven and opens the door, taking the baking sheet out. She slides the parchment paper onto the granite counter, and slides another sheet on the pan. She then starts to put the rest of the cut outs on the sheet, and places the pan back in the oven. She sets the timer again, and grabs two of the cut outs.

"Hey Mom!" Amara shouts, "Want a cookie?"

Amara hears her brother's squeal from inside the play-room, and he rushes to the kitchen. Her mother trails behind him.

"Mara, can I have a cookie?" He asks, looking up at his older sister.

"Don't you want to decorate it first?" Amara asks, picking up her little brother and setting him on the counter.

Her mother rolls her eyes, and gets the frosting and cookies from the counter. She sets them on the table.

"Why don't you two decorate, while I clean up the mess." He mother says.

Amara nods, and picks up her brother again, sitting him down in a chair. She then grabs some blue food coloring from the pantry; Riley's favorite color. She mixes some into the frosting, and then makes a squeeze tube for her brother, who's starting to get impatient. She smiles and shakes her head as Riley takes the squeeze tube, and squeezes some one his finger, and licks it off. He giggles, and her mother smiles. Amara gives Riley a few cookies to decorate, and she goes on decorating herself.

Amara sadly smiles at her mother and brother. Only if her life could be as perfect as it seems.