Stop it.

The shrieks and shouts continue, the words fly like arrows, hitting everything and everyone.

Please stop it.

Doesn't anyone see me? Standing here, stuck in the middle? The arrows continue to fly and I feel the sharp sting of being punctured. But there's no blood, I'm not bleeding; at least not on the outside.

Don't you two see? Why don't you stop? Pleaseā€¦Stop!

I want to say the words. No, to shout them. I cannot speak, though. The words are stuck in my throat, choking me. Yet, as tears pricks my eyes, two people I love continue to yell at each other.

STOP IT! I can't take it! Please just... STOP!

Can't they see me here? Watching them stab and cut each other while I'm on the verge of tears? It's too much; I'm at my wit's end.

I can't take it. I have to go. They won't stop so I need to leave.

I have no shield, nothing to protect me from the arrows. I can't dodge fast enough and I don't have a clue how to stop the onslaught. So I grab my jacket and phone, my iPod already on my jeans' pocket and walk rapidly out the door. I don't even bother to say goodbye as I let the door swing close behind me. The moment it's shut, my feet start running. I pay no attention to who sees me or where I'm going. Pausing once, I insert my earbuds and turn on my iPod, but only after making sure I am a safe distance from the archery battle.

Back on the move, I go another block before my feet make an instinctive right and pavement changes to dirt. Panting for breath, I stop dead in my tracks with hands on knees, staring at the leaf-littered ground in front of me. Somewhere on my left, a bird starts to sing in the distance as if in greeting.

Safe. Finally safe.

Falling to my knees in relief, I roll until I'm gazing at bare tree branches against a pale gray sky. I feel my body sink slightly into the leaves and soft ground, as if the forest floor is giving me a welcome hug. My eyes close as the wind gently plays with my hair and caresses my face; much like a mother does to soothe her hurting child. I sigh in content, glad to be home.

No battles are fought here; no pain, no sorrow or hurt or anger. Only the forest, sky and woodland creatures that call this place as I do: a safe escape.