The first and second chapters (the prologue and chapter1) are short, but the second will be longer, i just wanted to get the basic point across and test out what people might think of this first. i'm not a professional or an aspiring writer. I just read a lot, had this story stuck in my head and wanted to type it out and figured why not post it and see what people think. Please review and let me know how you like it and what I can do to improve. please no hate and such. um, enjoy.


The sweat rolled down perfectly toned arms and legs, and down the sun tanned, freckled boyish face, as the tall, almost gangly teenager hammered away at the beam he was currently sitting atop of. Taking off his hat momentarily to run an arm across his forehead, Calina could see the ear length red hair plastered to his face.

"You about done with that section Louie?" shouted the thickly muscled man below.

"Yessir, give me about two more minutes and I'll get started on the next one." Replied the redhead

"Alrighty then, once you're done right there then you can head on home. You've put in a good days work boy. Might just be worth half it costs to keep ya." The man shouted back jokingly.

Louie just nodded, chuckling quietly at the middle-aged man's teasing. Once finished the teen made his way down and spent a short time conversing with the man and receiving the past week's pay. "Thank you and I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Salo." Calina heard him say right before he walked down the road as he had done nearly every day at this time since he has arrived into this town about two weeks ago.

"Hey girl! Get away from here!"

Calina was startled from her temporary dreamy state, suddenly remembering her errand, as she was yelled at by the banker behind her.

"You hear me girl? Get out of here before I call the alirats on you!" spat out the man known as paranoid Pemton.

Not wanting to get in trouble, Calina quickly made her way away from the area. As she made her way through the short cut towards her home, she heard him muttering about 'Stupid kids, loitering around on my property, always trying to steal from me'