"The Kingdom's Score" by Inca Warrior, April 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: Edward II was deposed and imprisoned by his wife Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer in the name of her son Edward III. It is said that the second Edward was murdered.

The Kingdom's Score

After getting interested in the case, private investigator Aysel Dikmen asked his acquaintance, Susanne Tanner to help him find out more about Morgana Pendragon – a free lance prostitute that suddenly came to the attention of police detective Tommy Peewee of the Seafood Police Department.

He was reading a photocopy from Morgana's Diary, sipping some stale beer and waving with his hand in the air while trying to distract pestering insects.

"I didn't come from the standard Geronimo's Witness background, since I only had one parent who was a Geronimo's Witness." There was a sound of cats fighting over some food remains underneath. "She wasn't raised as one, though." He tried to splash one fly into the oblivion and failed, rubbing his hand due to numbness. "My mom was actually raised Catholic but her family wasn't very religious. My mom was introduced to the Witchtower Society by her first husband's family. Her brother-in-law and his wife were Geronimo's Witnesses and her husband was beginning to study with them. One night, they offered to go out to dinner together, but they deceitfully took her to the Kingdom Hall, first." He scratched his unshaved beard, checking on cell phone messages. "Initially my mom was angry about being tricked." Ha paused and rose, taking for the zillionth time insecticide spray and running after mosquitoes and other …

Then his telephone rang and it got a while before he dug it out from piles of unread material and newspaper articles that were neatly cut out by his sister-in-law's young cousin.

"Dikmen's Privateering?" He chimed, expecting a potential client that may have stumbled on his newspaper ad.

"Hey, Aysel, it's me, Frank."

"Yeah?" He desperately tried to hide his disappointment, waving with fly catcher in the proximity of those noisy insects.

"Guess what?"


"That Pendragon case …" Aysel suddenly switched his attention to Frank's rasping croak. "Her father did have a hunting license. There's nothing illegal about that."

"Anything else? Records from the mental hospital … bribery or something?"

"Nothing so far. Sorry.

"That's OK. Keep diggin' though."

"Sure … boss …" Frank hung up and Aysel placed the telephone receiver down. A tiny signal confirmed that the receiver was placed correctly. He approached the window, staring at the reflection of the setting sun.

After couple of shudders, he exhaled and got back to his chair, continuing to read.

"However, since she had never been encouraged to build scriptural foundation for her beliefs, she was swept away charismatic presentation of twisted scriptures. As a result …", he scratched his chin again, remembering he had some bills to pay the following day, "… my mom became a baptised Geronimo's Witness." He lifted his head up towards the malfunctioning ventilator and repeated last two words, trying to discover whether they contained some hidden meaning. He exhaled sadly once more and then followed with his examination.

"Her husband did not. Their marriage ultimately failed due to his ongoing affair with another woman. My mom moved back to her mother's home, pregnant with her second child."

He stood up, massaging his neck and drinking more beer. After making a grimace, he approached the window and continued to read while monitoring the second floor across the street where one single lady used to work out with her window wide open.

"Shortly after, my mom became acquaintances with my father, a controlling man who had no religious beliefs or morals. I believe she was desperate for someone to take care of her and her children, and my dad took advantage of her vulnerability, weaseling his way into her life. Not long after, she was pregnant and disfellowshipped. My mom was 7 months pregnant with me when they were married."

Aysel spotted the lady and realized she got fat instead of losing some weight. He turned his back, taking a seat at the window frame.

"I don't know what transpired for the next five years, aside from hearing that my father was relentlessly cruel to my mom's sons, my half-brothers, especially the one who was later diagnosed with Asperger's, taunting him for his delayed development." Aysel triumphed as he smashed one fly against the worn out wood. "I've also heard chilling stories of border-line abuse in the name of punishment. But I was completely unaware of this. He was actually pretty good to me until my pre-teens, and I was even a 'daddy's girl'."
He turned the pages around, trying to find some that was more pertinent to his aim.

"When I was five, my mom was reinstated as a Geronimo's Witness. At about the same time, my father got custody of his two sons from his previous marriage. So … I have four half-brothers, two from each parent. My mom had already started taking me and her sons to the Kingdom Hall. My dad's sons only attended a few meetings before deciding not to go back."

"Yari, yari, ya …" Aysel glanced through the pages impatiently then suddenly withdrew from the window, some glass smashing in the vicinity due to the family quarrel.

"That day when our father took us on a hunting trip … I sensed that there was some special reason why he took Joey who had Asperger's away. Peeking at my mom who was busty with other kids, entertaining some other hunters that boasted with their kills, I managed to slip away and follow my dad and Joey." Aysel seated himself again, noticing that her handwriting got shaky.

"Then I had to hide, my heart thumping wildly. I could hear my heart beat in my ears! I watched as my father looked in all direction and then, after withdrawing that hunting knife, to my utter horror and disbelief … he cut Joey's throat as if he was some kind of an animal." Aysel finished his beer and tried to grip the paper better. "But in one brief moment that I will never forget ... Joey shot one pleading and sorrowful stare at me! He saw me! His eyes were telling everything: that he instantly forgave my father for doing what he did, that he was thankful to God he lived so far and that he wished me all the best in my life! But I could not move! I was frozen from fear and I think that I even peed in my underwear! And the sound of that sporadic choking … like some wounded … animal!"

Aysel switched the table lamp on, sun setting even lower, coloring sky in crimson and violet.

"I dared not scream or cry for fear that my father, my father, oh how ghastly it sounded, will come and slaughter me as well!" There was a smudge and Aysel realized it was probably a tear from her eye. "Later on my father buried poor Joey, making sure that police dogs won't smell it out. I realized that he probably dug out the hole a week before, planning the sacrificial ordeal well in advance. Then later on … he returned to join the others, even faking a smile! My mother blinked couple of times at him and, to my further horror and fright, I could see that she knew what he did there in the woods!"

Aysel ate some salty crackers, trying to position himself better.

"Saddened, I hid in the bushes and cried over the body of my little half-brother, and then got scared and angry standing up and walking to the stepfather who was trying to call the police, faking a missing child case. I remember that in my current state of mind I raised the gun at my father that looked more like some evil stepfather now, but, I was so saddened by the loss of my half-brother and afraid of what might happen, that I ran out of the bushes and hugged my other half-brothers who had no disease and were all … healthy."

Aysel paused, staring outside towards some parked police cruiser that still had its lights flashing.

"My mother was later taken to the Lennox House for the Mentally Insane. My father bribed the head orderly to convince my mother that having Joey was just her … fantasy! Her true reason of becoming … mentally ill. So, in order to protect the truth of what he did and so that my mother may never remember anything, my half-brother Joey had to be forgotten! Forever!"

"God!" Aysel could bare it no longer and got up, biting his index finger as if he just discovered a juicy steak. Then he swung back and grabbed the papers, reading some more.

"My mother soon retreats to a world where she can cope up with the harsh reality. Later on she got out, but her personality was … different." Aysel slipped couple of pages. "Perhaps one of the reasons why, at the age of seventeen I became a newly-arrived dancer at a brothel owned by the mob was the fact that I could not cope with the fact that I was living with a father that, apart for helping me take a shower at the age of twelve, also had a dark past." Aysel exhales, noticing that a black African man got apprehended by the police, his wife, all in bruises, her face swollen, standing at the doorway, covered with a blanket.

"While there, I befriended four other dancers, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Amber, and Blondie." Aysel slipped some rows where she recounts a dream she had about trying to escape, in which a Wise Man told her that she needs five things. He grinned sarcastically, looking at the calendar on the wall. However, when telling the girls about it, she says four. They need to find a map, fire, a knife, and a key. Aysel tilted his head backwards, massaging his neck. He realizes that her handwriting worsened as she grew up, but continued to read nevertheless. When there were only a few days left to return her debt, Morgana Pendragon thinks that they must hurry before her virginity is offered to the High Roller in the brothel fantasy; lobotomized in reality.

Eventually they go to the Cook and they find the knife, but Rocket is killed in the process. Blue bursts in after Rocket is killed and locks Sweet Pea in a utility closet for her attempt in theft, but Amber gets the knife anyway.

Aysel got up from his chair and stared at the early stars above.

"Sweet Mary and Jesus! …", he whispered. "What is this world coming to?"