Anthony Chow was under fire as he ducked behind the barricade made by turning over a wooden desk. Once the suspect finally stop firing, the Anthony pull out his Hong Kong Police badge and said, "C.I.D., hands up!"

Then a shot was fired and the badge flew right out of Anthony's hand. Angered at this, the inspector pulls out his leather gloves he had been wearing ever since he got involved in the case and begin to load his assault rifle he found conveniently lying on the floor. Then he got up and started to fire at the suspect only to run out of bullets due to the fact that he wasn't using his own gun (good guys are armed with highly accurate weapons that never runs out of ammos). The suspect begin to laugh and said, "It's a shame that you're out of bullets, good thing I still have plenty!" as he points his gun upward and fire every bullets he have.

"See? I have more left...oh crap!"

The suspect quickly scampered off and ran into the elevator.

Anthony tried to catch up but by the time he got to the elevator, the door closed. Knowing the floors between the lobby and the 30th floor were under construction, it's clear where the suspect's stop will be. Unfortunately, the second elevator was out of order and the only way to get to the 30th floor is to climb the stairs and he have to do so in few minutes before the suspect reaches that floor.

The inspector was ready to climb the step to the 30th floor when something came to will he have enough energy to get to the floor in time?

Fifteen minutes later, two people were seen crashing out of the 30th story window and land right onto the car. Both the inspector and the suspect were dead as well as every occupants in the 30th floor, with one body with a steel beam sticking through his back.

Note: If you wonder what happened, feel free to ask.