Chapter One

"You're half a class late," The freshman Japanese teacher said, folding her arms across her chest. She looked at the girl in the black zip-up jacket and shook her head, "I'm not going to let it slide this time, I'm just counting you late…"

The fifteen students in the classroom looked at the girl as she walked to her seat.

The Japanese language was boring and complicated, the only reason of why fourteen year old Czarina Evergreen continued to arrive late. Being eight weeks since school began, Czarina was failing most of her classes…and the failure of Japanese wouldn't make her report card any prettier.

She pulled out her German book and rapidly let her mind flow freely into the world of thinking.

Czarina was not like the other girls, whose hobby was to spend hours at the mall. Her hobby was to collect read and draw whatever came to her mind from reading. She didn't really think of herself as pretty or of how she looked, for that matter. No one else, though, could forget the light brown haired girl with the chocolate colored eyes whose tallness made her seem older than what she really was.

She thought of the story her grandfather used to tell her before he passed away. The story of the Perseus, the slayer of Medusa. The way her grandfather used to fill her head with fascination every time he told her the tale of the only hero who had a happy ending.

"Czarina!" The teacher said loudly from the front of the room.

Czarina looked up, "Yeah?"

"Once again, how do you say 'House' in Japanese?"

She thought about it for a moment, "I dunno, Henshitsu-sha?" She guessed, keeping her I-don't-give-a-damn countenance.

The teacher faced up, like if wanting to say, 'God, please help this child…'. The teacher sighed and looked at her, "You do know that Henshitsu-sha means Pervert?

"If I don't know what you're saying most of the time, what makes you think that I know the meaning of whatever I said in Japanese?"

The teacher squinted, "Just pay attention, Evergreen."

"Whatever…"Czarina muttered putting on her earphones.

Minutes later, the bell for second period rang. Czarina was the first one to walk out. She headed towards her locker.

World History, She remembered from her new schedule. She pulled out her lime green composition book. She closed her locker door shut.

That's when she first noticed him. Jesse Royston. He was long-legged and dashing, with long black hair that stopped at the middle of his neck and that messed around in his forehead and cheeks. His eyes, a striking blue, but not just any type of blue…the type of blue that drove Czarina crazy, an ice blue. He was very good-looking compared to the other boys from his grade level.

She knew who he was: Jesse Royston, the school photographer. She remembered friends pointing him out but she never actually took the time to pay attention to his looks before. Czarina blinked, not wanting to believe that it took her this long to notice Jesse.

He took out his camera and closed his locker. He looked around and saw Czarina. Instead of telling her off, like Czarina had predicted, he smiled. Not wanting to be rude, she smiled back. He then walked away and that's how Czarina's I'm-such-a-badass façade faded away.

She looked at the clock and noticed that she only had a minute left before the tardy bell rang.

She began to run, shoving and pushing others just to get to her favorite class. She increased the speed, when fifteen seconds had passed. Her class was in 400's and she was in 100's hall.

Sadly, before Czarina could reach full speed, a large fat hand stopped her from going any further. She rolled her eyes.

"What do you want, Fatso?" She looked at the flabby security guard who was pulling out a pink notepad. fatso, Czarina's insulting nickname for the building's security guard. His real nickname was Gabe Lasso, but due to his rivalry with Czarina since the beginning of school, he had earned every letter of that nickname.

"You, better than anyone, should know that you're not allowed to run in the halls." He started to write on the pink paper, Running in halls.

"Listen, I have a class…like now."

He tore off the paper and gave it to her, "One hour of detention after school."

"I don't know why you even bother if you know I won't show up."

"Well, I need to look like the awesome security guard and you need to look like the puny little freshman who's afraid of me."

"Unfortunately, it's the other way around, buddy." Czarina smirked and patted Lasso's back as she started running again.

When she reached the 400's hall, she started walking. She took a deep breath before entering Mr. Mercury's class. She opened the door. Mercury turned to Czarina and smiled.

"Ms. Evergreen, I'm glad you're here."

She took a few steps forward, "I'm sorry if I'm late…" She apologized and handed him the pink slip that Lasso gave her, "Fatso, I mean, Lasso stopped me for running and he gave me detention."

Mercury scanned the slip with his caramel colored eyes, "Hey, at least you're here…so this…" He looked at the pink paper, crumbled it, and threw it in the trashcan next to his desk. "Is just a piece of paper to me."

That made Czarina smile a bit, "So, what does that mean?"

"It means that you're forgiven…but, next time don't be late…"

"Okay, sir, I won't do it again." She grinned and walked to her seat. This time she meant it. She was never going to be late for Mercury's class.

The only reason of why Czarina would always look up to World History was because she though Mercury was awesome, she loved the way he teached. Everything that he said about the wars, he made it sound like if he was there once. Not only that but Mercury was the best looking teacher she had ever met. He had shaggy dark brown hair that stood out more than those girls who had dyed their hair that color. But, sadly, those glasses he wore hid that other color that combined with the caramel hue of his eyes.

"Okay, so where did we leave off yesterday?" Mercury walked infront of his desk and leaned on it.

A red haired girl that sat on the back raised her hand, "The war between the Roman and Greek Gods."

-End Of Chapter-