Chapter 26

It was three in the morning and Czarina was still unconscious. There was still no sign of her waking up any soon. Blake looked at her; she did not move nor made another sound that didn't come from the nearby machines. It had been several hours since the accident and Blake was tired of the same sounds and the same complains he heard Czarina's father say about Riley being drunk while driving but, even after all those things, he stayed by her side, waiting for her eyes to open.

Everything on Czarina's body made him angry, he knew Riley caused the accident yet, he felt as if he was responsible. Taking Czarina's unmoving hand, he started to pull on the bandages wrapped around her palm.

The door opened and Sabrina, Czarina's aunt, walked in. "How is she? What happened? Were you driving and don't lie to me"

"No, I wasn't there but all I know is that Riley was there with her," He made his lie good enough for her to believe it.

"The doctors said there was something else that caused her to pass out. They said that the impact wouldn't have killed her and she wouldn't have fainted either because she wore her seatbelt, she had the marks of it in her stomach. Kid, you have to tell me, what the hell happened?"

"I don't know what happened, I was just passing by coincidently when I saw the other car crash against hers."

"Riley said you were with them in the car."

"I wasn't, and even if I was, don't you think I would've been as injured as he was?" He rolled up the sleeve of his left arm and showed it to Sabrina, "I have nothing."

"You're right, I shouldn't have doubted you."

The door opened again and this time Czarina's father walked in, "It was you, wasn't it? You were the one who put my daughter like this?" He was angry.

Blake sighed, "It wasn't me, dammit, I would never hurt Czarina even if she hurt me before, which she hasn't."

"I don't believe you!" He exclaimed, "That night, Czarina told me you had invited her to the school's Halloween party, and I know what teens do now a days and I don't think you're an exception."

"Okay, Czarina and I had some business to do at that party, that is why I invited her, not to get laid or whatever it is that you're thinking."

"What were you gonna do at that party?"

"She and I were going to…" Blake had nothing, and he was sure her father wasn't going to understand any of the Greek stuff he decided not to mention. "Go on a…date." That was the only thing he could possibly think of that was believable enough.

A smile spread across Sabrina's face, "That is so cute, my Czarina was going on a date!"

"But then she disappeared in the crowd and when I found her again…Riley was taking her outside so, I decided to leave and as I was heading back home…that's when I saw the accident happen."

Suddenly, something tightened Blake's hand and he realized that the only thing he was holding was Czarina's palm. He turned and smiled when the brown haired girl half opened her eyes, making it hard for someone to notice her beautiful eye color.

"Blake and I were certainly going on a crappy date that ended with me getting lost in a crowd of sexually active Gods." She whispered.

Sabrina was the first to hug her niece. Then, came her insecure father who interrupted her aunt so that he could embrace his first daughter.

"Can we please stop the hugging?" She begged and her father backed away.

"I'm just glad you woke-"

Her father began but was interrupted by Sabrina, "We…" she corrected the 'I'm' part.

"We are just glad you woke up."

"I bet I've only been unconscious for a few hours."

"Yup." Blake smiled, letting go of her hand.

Czarina closed her eyes and sighed, "Um, can you two please give me and Blake some privacy?"

Her father looked shocked, "Um, no, if you're gonna make out I'd rather you do it under supervision instead of alone."

"We're not gonna do anything dirty, trust me."

Gabriel, her father, nodded and grabbed Sabrina's arm, leading her out the door with him.

Once they were gone, Czarina turned to Blake, "How did you make the stab mark go away, if I may ask?"

"Before the ambulance arrived, I poured some water on it and it healed rapidly. I knew they'd be wondering how you go it, so, I had to take care of the situation."

"How's Riley doing?" She asked, remembering the fact that her cousin was also in the crash

"Four broken ribs, two fractured, a broken arm, and a bruised leg."

"And you?"

"I have nothing…I healed before the ambulance came."

"That's good…so we went on a date, huh?" Looking down, she tried hard to hide a mocking grin.

He chuckled, "That's the only possible answer I had for your father's question." Blake paused, "Cezar, he escaped with his posey."

"I know, I saw that."

An awkward silence surrounded both of them until Blake said, "You know what the Gods are calling us?"

Keeping her gaze down she asked, "What?"

"The Greek Shadows."

"What the fuck? Why?"

"It's an 'insulting name'." He air quoted, "That the Gods created a long time ago for anyone who decided to not do what the Oracle has set for them…they…never actually used the name on anyone until we arrived.

So far, what the Oracle has set for you, you have changed and they don't like that…at all. For example, you weren't supposed to be my friend nor my enemy, in other words, you and I weren't supposed to meet at all. You also weren't supposed to go to the Halloween party with me…you had to go with Jesse. The car accident wasn't meant to happen either, a fight in which you end up losing, but not in the hospital, was instead."

"Wait, you know what the Oracle has set for me?"

"I am a very skilled spy, what can I say..."

She smiled, "Show-off."

Then Blake noticed something weird about Czarina, something that could change things in many ways, "Czarina, open your eyes."

She looked at him confused, "They're open."

He then observed, that her eyes weren't chocolate hue that he sometimes admired, they were royal blue, the same color as Poseidon's eyes. "I don't get it…" He mumbled.

"You don't get what?"

"Why would Poseidon declare himself as your father?"

-End of Part One-