"You wanna know if it's safe. Listen to True Tom. This is the score. Things can get out of hand real speedy like. I'm talking 'bout the world lighting up shining blast white and then nothing, I'm talking 'bout going out in a blaze of glory. You have been warned."

There was this boy named Sam Speed. One Friday he turned sixteen years old. It was on September 6, 1996. And so he was born on a Saturday. Ever since it was shortly after his fifteenth birthday, he had been learning to drive. Today, he was going to get his license. He wasn't sure how to feel.

He has to take his test first. Well, there go thirty dollars out of his life! The test only lasted ten minutes. To him it seemed like twenty. His driving tester thought it was ten minutes, as he had done this routine many times before. Actually, Sam did quite well on the test. He passed with two spare points and didn't feel that he had wasted ten minutes of his life.

Sam got home and his father had him a birthday party. Sam told his dad that it had been a long day already, but there is always room for a party. School was a short memory for him that day. His sister Jane and brother Duke were already home and they decided to meet with their friends. Sam was glad to get them out of the way. They were only in middle school. He put up with that enough last year when Duke was in elementary.

At 5 P.M. his party had started. He had many people show up at his house. His parents, Nick and Mary, told everyone that Sam set up all the house decorations. But in reality, they were the ones who did that. It was when he was at school. Two of his friends named Ted and Bill knew the truth of that because they went home early and saw his house on the way.

After a few hours into the party, Sam started opening up presents. He got a present from everyone. Of all the presents he got, the most interesting one was from Tom Rhymer. He gave him a CD game called Death Rally. Sam had never heard of this game before, but he didn't dare ask where the game was from. He knew better than to ask from where presents are bought or how much they cost.

Sam didn't pay attention to many of the other fifteen presents he got. He only remembered that it took a long time to open them all. But after he finished, he got some cake. The cake had a car with sixteen candles and Sam blew them all out on his first try. Great job, Sam! He loved this party. The cake he had was yellow on the inside and lemon was his favorite flavor of cake.

At about 9 P.M. the party ended and his sister and brother had come back a few minutes later. He wanted to try out his new game but decided to go to bed first. While he was asleep, he had a dream that Tom was in the driving test. Tom got a perfect score, only to find out that he had an unfair tester. He really had failed by two points. That tester didn't mark any mistakes.

Tom still had four months until his 16th birthday. He was in the driver's education class at that time. Sam woke up and remembered that his game was by his computer. Back in those days, we only had Windows 95. I own a Windows 98 on one computer and it is still old. His hard drive was only 1 gigabyte. Man, I got a flash drive for my birthday in 2009 at 8 gigabytes!

That was still big back then and now in my opinion. I should get back to Sam's game. He went up to his computer and put the disk in the drive. While the computer started up, he went to get breakfast. He still had some good food left over from the day before. It was cereal from Mac. After eating breakfast, he found out that the cereal tasted like macaroni. He went back to the computer and it had finished booting.

He went into the windows explorer icon and saw the list of drives on his computer. He pointed the mouse to the drive E. It said RALLY. Back in those days, it was rare to put a drive name or filename at more than 8 characters. When he opened up the drive, it said that the disk was around 500 megabytes!