"So jealousy burns you like a diesel engine inside, you want that road all to yourself? The black cat of bad luck haunts you? Jinx those rival wheels so they'll reap only burning engine death, and the road is all yours. But beware, the road can be a fickle lover."

The next stop was the race results. He was going up to tie in 15th place, with 20 points. He tied Diesel Joe. Next he saw his money. He had won $150 in bonuses to add his $750 wins. Next, as he knew would happen, he got the winning streak bonus! Sam had enough money to buy a Dervish. He'd keep his money for repairs. Maybe weapons were a good idea too.

After repairs, he still had a few dollars to spare for the Dervish. Since he could still go to the underground market, he decided to do it first. Besides, the weapons cost less in the Vagabond than in the Dervish. So when he finished the upgrades, he only had $2,168. He could probably still buy the Dervish because he would get some refund, but then he wouldn't have any money for an upgrade. Lots of things were going through Sam's mind.

He knew to sign up for the easy race. This time it was called Rock Zone. He signed up for this one. Then Liz Arden, Mic Dair, and Iron John came to race with him. It's great practice for the last race in the Vagabond! Then the race signup screen went away and he was onto the screen with the track picture. It was the twin of Hell Mountain. Rock Zone didn't sound as intimidating this time around though. It had a rather tame name.

Well the race screen showed and Sam was in third place to start. His car had spiked bumpers, he could see; and mines, shown on the screen. Then the race started. He remembered that this race had tight corners, except for the shaded secret place. He found a large wrench there last time. He started normally, and soon Iron John passed him up.

As the bullets were enabled Sam shot at Iron John. He was the biggest racer to avoid. Besides, he would probably get second place, assuming Sam won. They went around a tight corner and Sam dropped a mine in the middle of it. As he went around the bottom of the track, he saw that shaded place again. He went in and saw a large amount of money.

Sam just picked up $500. What luck! Then he started with lap two. Mic Dair and Liz Arden were basically tied to him, after he had gone off-track to get the money. He needed more turbo. He was going back to 4th place. Now he bumped into Mic Dair, who was in 3rd place. It gave him an advantage to 3rd place again. He saw he had some more bullets. Then he shot Liz Arden, though she didn't slow down.

He dropped a mine on Mic Dair and then he really went behind. He was going around the tightest corner. Liz wasn't going to give up easily! Sam had no more need to distract himself. After the turn, he got the turbo he was waiting for. Liz Arden was not too far ahead. Sam just needed enough speed to get even with her, not to pass her.

When he got to the part of the lap with the shade, he used the turbo. That was a wise place to use it. He was a little past Liz Arden and he bumped her. She went to the side of the track. Sam did the same thing to her as to Mic Dair. He dropped a mine at the right place. Then it hit Liz and she slowed down. Now he had to catch up with Iron John again.

He could see Iron John ahead as he went to lap three. He was saving his built up turbo so he could use it again later when he found some extras. In the meantime, though, he would have to use bullets. Sam shot Iron John when he got a good view of him. John didn't seem to like it, so he turned a bit early on the corner. Sam found a $50 bonus on the ground. He ran over it.

Then he found what he had been looking for: the turbo! Sam saw that Iron John was gaining in the lead. He decided to use all his turbo now. Sam used the turbo until it ran out at the start of lap four. He was almost in bumping distance of Iron John. Then, by surprise, he got another turbo. He got in front of Iron John with it. Hey, it's the last lap. Sam used many mines. All the mines were gone soon and Iron John was farther behind now.