My eyes are real enough to to realize,

to realize the crack in the sidewalk.

I see you and her,

A match made in heaven.

As if the two of you are something holy,

as if the two of you are something evil.

Like Adam or Eve,

like the apple and the snake.

Sitting there, shining bright.

Unblemished and innocent, unaware of your power.

You hang on your tree branch, blissfully stargazing.

And then there is the temptress.

The notorious serpent.

Walking sin, hissing curses.

Damning and unholy, causing casatrophy.

My eyes are real enough,

are yours?

Do you see the crack growing?

Do you even know its there?

You are so unaware.

A white dove, in the midst of black crows.

Her tounge keeps twisting and turning,

like the waves churning.

Disrupting lives, like ripples on water.

Why don't your eyes realize?

She smites my name.

I thought nothing would tear us apart?

What happened to trust?