Don't Give Up

There hurtful words fire like bullets off their lips

They don't care that it'll pierce through my heart

Creating damage and leaving scars that no bandage can repair

I listen to the sound of gun shots, feeling the hurt although knowing they're clearly unfair

They're shooting us down before we've even started

Making evil threats that leave me broken-hearted

"Don't give up" I whisper at night

We can't give up even if the future gives us a fright

We can't give up when everything could very well turn out right

Don't give up

No matter what people say

We won't ever give up

They swear if I marry you I'll be shot before you can give me the ring

They want my love to die, so they shoot large bullets they know will sting

I'm not bullet proof, but somehow through their good aim, I remain

They want me to give up

But still I stand firm and scream with all my might

"Don't give up!"

I won't even though my future gives me a fright

I can't give up when I could very well turn out alright

Don't give up

No matter what they say

I won't ever give up

"She doesn't deserve you!" They promise

Creating a force-field of lies and untruth

I'm their target; I'm the one to whom they aim at

But you've been my shield, and taken the pain from it

All along you're the one that's kept me strong

But suddenly now you're gone

Did they're words finally get to you? Have you really given up on us?

Maybe I was wrong; maybe this fight isn't worth the bloodshed

I guess it wasn't worth all the tears I shed

But just as I'm about to give up

You show up

And say, holding me tight:

"Don't give up

Don't give up even though our future gives you a fright

Don't give up when we're going to be alright

Don't give up

No matter what anybody says

No matter how many times you have to hear that we can't be

Don't you ever give up on me."