Jesus hangs on the cross. He is bleeding all over. Blood drips from his wrists wounds from the nails stabbing into them. Blood drips from his ankles which also bear nails. His head bleeds from the crown of thorns which is poking into his skull. Pain enters all over his body.

But he doesn't complain, not once because he knows that he must do this. As he hangs there, naked and undignified, his vision starts to blur. He's lost so much blood and gone through so much pain and torture.

He hears the mocking of the crowds. He sees the crying of his friends. He looks up at the sky, at Heaven, at his father. He forces a smile before closing his eyes and letting go of everything. His consciousness fades away as life leaves his body.

This is not the end however, this is merely the beginning. He still has one thing left to do, one final task.

After his soul leaves his body, Jesus lays on the ground in a cave. The cave his almost completely dark, lit only by the flames that surround it. Screams of despair are heard in all directions. Grotesque monsters lurk in the shadows, hissing and laughing at the torture they inflict on the damned souls that inhabit this dark place. This is Hell.

Jesus rises from the ground. A man then steps out of the shadows and approaches him. The man dresses like a king, wearing purple robes, even though he is a prisoner. He acts like he's righteous, even though he's wicked. He masquerades as someone strong, even though he is weak. He pretends to be God, even though he's the devil. The name of the man is Satan.

"Welcome," the devil greets him. Jesus nods in response. "You do understand why you're here?" Satan inquires. "Of course I do," Jesus answers.

They both know what must be done. Jesus must endure pain and suffering in Hell for an entire day. Jesus can't leave, he can't fight, he can't even complain. If he does then Satan wins.

"Are you ready?" asks the devil. "I am," answers Jesus. The devil then leads Jesus further into the cave and takes him to an area where meat hooks hang from the ceiling.

Satan digs the hooks into his arms and legs, hanging him from the ceiling. Jesus screams in agony but doesn't complain. Satan watches Jesus in despair, laughing at him.

"Surely you could summon an angel to save yourself. This is nothing compared to what else I have planned for you," Satan taunts, still laughing. Jesus ignores him and continues suffering.

Eventually, the devil grows bored of watching him suffer from this form of torture and lets him down from the meat hooks and leads him away, deeper into the underworld.

He takes him to a gigantic forest made out of thorns. "I want you to walk through this patch of thorns, all the way to the end. If you do not wish to do it then speak now for I cannot force you to do anything, since you are lord after all," Satan mocks, cackling.

Jesus enters the patch of thorns. From the second he steps foot into it, he is cut and scraped. He continues though as painful as it is. He ignores the stinging of the pain, his blood pouring out, and most of all the giggling of the adversary.

When he is finished, he falls to the cold floor of Hell, exhausted before getting back onto his feet.

Satan approaches him and takes him to another section of Hell. Here he has Jesus surrounded by a horde of demons.

"Surely the son of God could handle all these demons at once," the devil says. "I'm ready, Satan, don't keep me waiting," Jesus responds.

With that the demons are upon Jesus, slashing at him, each times tearing him apart, only for Jesus' soul to put it to gather as any soul would. Jesus endures throughout the mutilation.

Halfway through, Satan commands the demons to stop. "Once again I ask you if you want them to stop. You've been through so much already. Surely you can't go on anymore," Satan offers once again.

When Jesus refuses, the demons are upon him again. This continues for several more hours before Satan once more grows bored and gets the demons to stop.

As they walk back to the next torture, Satan notices how exhausted Jesus is so he offers him his hand. "I will always rely on my father to help me than you," Jesus responds.

With that they remain silent for the rest of the way. They arrive at a chasm. The chasm is however filled with a lake of fire.

"You and I both know how the flames of Hell are the greatest extent of God's wrath. Surely you shouldn't suffer like this," Satan says. Jesus jumps in, in response.

The flames surround him and Jesus screams. The pains the flames inflict surpass any of the torture Jesus has suffered both in Hell or on Earth combined. The fire is so hot that it makes Jesus melt. It is so cold that it makes him freeze solid.

Up above Satan laughs at him, curses him, taunts him, and gives him more offers to save him.

Jesus notices another man in the fire. Jesus swims to him. The man sees him. "What crime have you committed?" the man manages to ask Jesus. Jesus responds by saying, "Nothing."

"Then why are you here?" the man asks, confused. "So I can save mankind from their sins so they won't end up like this," Jesus answers.

"Can you save me?" the man asks, pleadingly. "Tell me what your crime is," Jesus asks. "I murdered my brother. I raped my sister. I stole from my father. I lied to my mother. I envied my neighbor. I hurt my friend. I abused the earth that I lived on," the man answers.

"Do you regret what you have done?" Jesus asks. "I do," the man answers. "Do you accept me as your lord?" Jesus asks him. The man answers in the affirmative.

Jesus remains in the fire with the man for the rest of the day. When he exits the fire he brings that man as well as others who accepted him with him.

Jesus returns to wear the devil stands. The devil's smile leaves his face. "You have lost Satan," Jesus tells the devil, triumphantly. Satan then leaves Jesus in defeat.

Jesus then returns to Heaven with the souls that he saved before returning to earth, resurrected to begin his ministry.