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Chapter 3: Oh My Goddess?!

"Cal… I can't go further… I need to rest." Being asthmatic sucks! They haven't even walked a kilometer and her chest already hurt, she knew they were really far back in the trip but they still hadn't got that drug that helped her with that, and the nearest Village that had it was about ten kilometers away, she whispered a lot curses and dropped to the floor, she felt the hard and irritated stare of her cousin, but she swore that if she made another step, she would expose her lunges.

"Myrash, we don't have time for foolishness! We have to get to Frakfu before the next Crescent. We'll never get there if we stop every fucking kilometer for you to 'rest'." The purple-eyed was shouting, but the green-haired girl knew he was right, making her feel guilty and her eyes were full of tears, she frowned because she didn't want to let them drop, the guy regretted it instantly, he acted really rude even though he was aware of her cousin's illness, so he ran to aid and console her.

"I'm sorry Myri, it's just that I've been stressed out by this sudden trip, I haven't able to obtain the fucking drug that keeps your lunges in their place and every day, our destination seems more far away… I shouldn't have taken that out on you" he softly dragged a finger by the teary eyes of her cousin, which made her smile instantly and taking a strong and forced breath of air, tried getting up from the hard floor with help from Caleum, but when she was able to maintain her balance, she felt the horrible familiar feeling of dizziness and detachment, the one that caused her a vision, she heard a "Shit" from someone afar, she didn't remember who it was… although she didn't remember anything, but the voice felt warm and safe, if she would have stayed in her body she would've smiled, then the blackness that covered her eyes was changed by an intense green, so intense like the hair of the woman that cuddled her in dreams and still did not remembered well… she then saw a beautiful brunette walk between that beautiful forest but in the formal lady arose a lot grossness, she looked familiar but not like that voice or the color of the forest… but like all of her, from the edge of her blood-red dress to the crown on her dark mane, screamed "DANGER", she was aware of what was happening when an attractive brunette of sparkling purple eyes got stealthy closer to the other.

"Caleum" she thought followed by a sigh, all of the memories came back to her in a pinch, but she was used to that, she proceeded to hear the conversation that her cousin kept with the harpy Tarhdora and didn't take much time in realizing… that he betrayed her, she couldn't escape because she wouldn't even last 5 minutes alone inside the forest, besides… her heart still wanted to believe that her dear Cal would not be capable of such thing, once again she felt dizziness and, instead of the detachment, like if a puzzle piece was now back in place, she saw blackness once again.

Meanwhile, a blue-haired girl walked happily between all of the trees… oh well at least how happily she could while her little sister was in mortal danger, her pleasure got intensified by catching a precious melody, if she wasn't wrong (and for Druida that she NEVER was wrong) it was a Blackbird's singing, with every step she took the sound intensified until she almost bumped with that beautiful creature, but it wasn't like normal Blackbirds, instead of an intense black, it's feathers showed a strange green color and its beak was not orange-yellow, it was a beautiful mustard color, it sang like if it was a male, big surprise by discovering it was a young female, its seemed strange to her that it wouldn't fly seeing her approaching but when she got closer, her broken wing could be seen, rapidly she took her in her hands and with a firm movement of her wrist, the little green Blackbird was as good as new, and instead of flying away she posed in her shoulder and continued singing, even after knowing of veteran skills, her powers were not all good and possibly never would be, so the animal still had problems if it tried to fly, she decided that she was good company and continued her trip now whistling together with the precious bird on her shoulder.

"I told you guys that Farore would bring nothing but trouble!" A brunette of green eyes was throwing an angry and stressful glare that said "I told you so" over to his best friend.

"Why don't you shut that mouth and help us out? We don't know if she's hurt or something worse, we gotta find her!"

"Why? Honestly, we are so much better without her…" Neon was gonna continue but felt a fist crash to his cheek and throw him to the floor. "Fuck" he didn't remember Argon having that kind of strength.

"Look you useless piece of shit… she's OUR friend… which has helped us and even surpassed your capacity and has saved OUR asses many times… especially YOURS, so you help us or you will remember the punch I gave you like a fucking stroke, got it?"

Neon frowned his already frowning face, rolled his eyes and helped his friends with their stuff, the girl could have not gone far and honestly, he was tired of having that pair of sentimental guys crying like little babies, one for a girl and the other one for a fucking bunny, his head hurt, but he didn't show it and continued packing his stuff with an angry face, he saw a green narrowing flash pass right in front of his eyes, but just ignored it.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it…" Farore looked between scared and surprised in the sight of the humongous figure with one eye that was in front of her with his menacing axe pointing at her… when this was approached to her head, she had the sufficient clarity to get away, she needed her powers, like a human she was a good warrior, but it didn't take away the fact that she wasn't used to her mortal reflexes, she was defending herself from the Cyclope very well, until she felt a piercing pain at the bottom of her leg, she couldn't keep a painful scream inside of her mouth, the only time she felt a pain like this one, was when she was sent to this place again and in that occasion she was drugged, she closed her eyes and waited her end.

They heard a scream, for any other person this did not mean something but for them it did, they ran the fastest they're legs would allow to the origin of that sound, it wasn't difficult to imagine what would've happened because when they arrived they saw a huge Cyclope pointing his axe to a groaning and bloody Farore, they have never confronted this creature… in fact, no one in his sane mind did.

"Farore!" the blue-haired girl looked at the blonde figure that was between the beast and her, she knew the guys couldn't beat the creature being mortal and remembered the spheres that she kept in her leather pouch, she took it and threw it to the closest person: Xenon, he catched it confused.

"Search for the spheres with colored smoke inside of them, step on one, give another one to Neon so that he does the same and give the last one to Argon… hurry man!" the white-haired guy followed almost immediately, grabbed the red one and stepped on it, the blood-red smoke covered him rapidly and as soon as he threw the green sphere to the black-haired guy a piercing pain pass through his members making him stumble over but he didn't yell so that Farore wouldn't worry.

"What the heck am I supposed to do with this thing?" the green eyed guy was desperate

"You piece of shit… STEP ON IT!" Neon threw an angry glare over to her but still did as she said, immediately happened the same as Xenon but he didn't have time to do the same thing to Argon since the pain attacked him first.

"Argon! Look out!" she saw the Cyclope too close to the blonde, and since she couldn't move, saw how the green n' black bird tried to fly to the beast, and tried to stop it but it was late, the animal did accomplish to distract the beast and poked his eye, immediately the horrible creature screeched painfully and the blue eyed guy took opportunity to help Farore.

"No, there's no time! Look in my leather pouch and take out a sphere with smoke inside, after that step on it…"


"If you do it, it will be easier to help me! Do it now!" and like always, Argon listened to the girl.

He ran the fastest he could while dodging the multiple blind hits the humongous monster threw, he skidded over to be able to take the pouch and go back to Farore, his friends were recovering from the drastic change and ran together with him to help him, both had something similar to flames coming out from one of their eyes, with the respectful color of these and… an axe directed at his skull prevented him from seeing any more details, he dodged it in time, went to a safe place and stepped on the sphere feeling the turquoise blue smoke wrap him and a hurtful pain in his muscles, suddenly his mind started to fill in with information, he felt his body burn, time, go back, he always wanted that, no thoughts did connection, everything was messed up, PAIN!, it didn't even pass more than 5 minutes but for Argon it was an eternal suffering, when the world started to settle itself, he could hear voices of his fellow partners calling him, they seemed to have trouble with the Damn Beast, he ran over to them and realized that it wasn't necessary… with a blink followed by a movement of his wrist everything in front of his eyes stopped, time stopped running, Argon didn't want to start to question himself because, he simply took advantage of it, taking it's back, climbing the body and cut his head off, when he was assimilating everything, without further notice, time started to run again and he fell together with the huge body.

"Fuck… this is fucking brilliant" he snorted lightly until he saw how his friends came over to him, clearly confused.

"Dude, how the heck did you do that?" that was Neon, whose green eyes stopped throwing flames.

"Hey, what the heck happened there? It feels like I could lift a fucking tree!" Xenon, who was very happy by the change.

"Yeah, suddenly I could hear every damn thought of every damn creature here! My head hurts…"

"Guys! Yeah we're happy for our new powers blah, blah, but if you remember, they almost broke Farore's leg and I kind of have a beast over me… could you…?"

"Oh, you're right, sorry Arg, Xenon move your ass, the strong one here is you…"

"Why me? Oh so just because I got to be the strong one, move YOUR ass, pretty boy, I have a job to do, help Farore"

"Fine, mommy" the brunette ran over to help the girl while the albino helped Argon.

"Neon wait!"

"What do you want Farore? I'm coming to help you!"

"No, it's not that, it's a bird"

"What does this have to do with a bird?"

"She helped me, she's injured, search for her please"

"Fine! Shit, where is it?"

"Close to where the Cyclope fell"

"Fine! I'm going" with slow steps he went to where the girl told him and almost stepped on his objective



"How does that animal look like?"

"Green with black feathers… it's pretty cute, I don't think you'll have any problems finding her"

"Me neither, in fact here it is"

"Really? Bring her! I gotta se how injured she is"

"Sure" the brunette took the bird in his hands and noticed in fact, that it was indeed precious, he walked towards Farore and gave it to her

"Let's see precious, what's wrong?"

"Eh… I don't think the bird will answer you…"

"Shut up" the girl did a series of movements from her wrist, the animal looked like it had a lot of broken bones but it will live, she couldn't fix everything but enough to keep it conscious and without pain, so she did it and the little creature opened her black eyes, then they landed on a certain brunette during seconds that it looked like unending until a green light illuminated all of her tiny body and it suddenly started growing and growing… until it stopped giving the figure of a beautiful girl with long and straight green hair.



"What the fuck…?"


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