Life isn't fair,

It doesn't care when you're scared

It just keeps pushing you

It doesn't wait for some one to be there.

We all have a story

We all have our past

Are you haunted by your history?

Are you scared that the horror will always last?

I'm a lot like you

I'm just trying to get by

I count each day a victory

That I don't break down and cry.

I'm just being honest

I'm speaking the truth.

I'm lifting that veil

That covers the deeper part of me and you.

Each day gets longer,

Each moment drags on

Everything gets harder

Everyone feels it; no you're not the only one.

These next words,

You may find them cheesy

But believe me,

Anything worth doing in

Life will never be easy.

That's why I say,

Just get up,

And live one more day.