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Warnings: Some cursing..

Cold air surrounded her as she struggled to walk up the endless hill. Her feet felt like stone, her eyelids heavy with fatigue. Images blurred together in front of her, making it difficult to know where she was, but at the same time not having enough energy to care. Her body was ready to shut down, her mind not functioning, nothing but will power urging her on. 'I can't..too..tired...' With that last thought in her mind, her body finally caved in, giving into the pull of gravity.


'Metal met metal as she purged on the never-ending battle of blood, sweat and pride. Her blood-stained, white tank top clung onto her skin as she attacked with precision and strenght. Her chocolate brown eyes filled with determination, defiance and fear buried deep within. They were winning, she was sure of it, but somehow she still felt a tinge of worry and doubt settle deep in her stomach. She swiftly surveyed the battlefield, keeping her guard up. Half of her comrades have already lost their lives, most were injured in one form or another, their armor covered with the blood of their enemies and friends. Some were limping but still fighting, determination and strong will powering their actions. It seems that she's the only one still fit to fight. Suddenly, she heard a distinct yell and then-'

She heard distant voices as she slowly came back to consciousness. Male voices, her mind identified. They seem familiar somehow..

Outlines came into view as she slowly fluttered her eyes open. Two pairs of worry-filled dark brown eyes greeted her confused and barely conscious ones. She blinked her eyes forcefully, in a way to fully wake herself, and shook her head as if to rid herself of the last fleeting images of her nightmare. 'What the hell happened?' she wondered.

When she can finally focus fully on the figures in front of her, she looked at them hard, trying to figure out where she had seen them before. They look so familiar she was sure it would bother her to no end if she didn't figure out who they were soon. She took one long look at them again, taking in their features, mentally shaking her mind to somehow find out who they were. There were two boys in either side of what she assumed was the bed, both leaning forward, pinning her with intense gazes. The one on the right was slightly taller than the other. He had short, slightly wavy black hair. His eyes sported round glasses that, rather than make him look geek-like, complemented him well. His build was broad but firm. He was wearing a light grey jacket with a black t-shirt peeking out from underneath. The other boy on the left had straight hair perfectly framing his face. He wore square-shaped glasses that fits his face perfectly making him look like a laid-back type of guy. He was wearing a red-stripped jacket with a dark blue shirt underneath. Both were looking at her with intense dark brown eyes, their expression held unasked questions.

"Err..hi?" she asked, her voice hoarse and rough because of its lack of use. They both continued to stare at her until suddenly, the boy on the left snapped at her.

"What the fuck happened to you?" he all but shouted, his voice rough and raspy.

"Luke, calm the fuck down will yah?" the other guy on the right said, his voice measured but firm. The other guy, Luke, snapped his mouth shut immediately but continued to stare down at her. She was too shocked to reply, wondering why this guy was so mad at her. She didn't even know him! So what the hell was his problem?

"Carla, just..rest for now ok? You just got us all worried when we found you all passed out on the side of the road covered with blood of all things.." the nicer guy on the right stated.

"What? How-how the hell did you know my name?" she demanded.

"What are you talking about? It's me, Jonathan. Don't you remember me?" the guy on the right, Jonathan, said, his eyes held a tinge of pain in them. 'Jonathan..now that definately sounds familiar..Where did I hear that name before?' she wondered.

"Ugh..dammit my head hurts," she complained, clutching the side of her head, her eyelids firmly shut. "Where am I anyways? How do you know my name? And why the hell do you two look so damn familiar?"

"Maybe she has amnesia or something," Luke suggested.

"Hmm...maybe..," Jonathan replied, his thick, dark brown eyebrows knitted together in concentration. Suddenly, Carla felt sleep pulling her back into the land of dreams, the soft pitter, patter of the rain lulling her to sleep. She was soon asleep, softly snoring under the warm covers. The two boys just shook their heads. They slowly retreated out of the room, closing the mahogany door quietly behind them, leaving Carla to slumber.


"...must've drained all her energy.." Luke said as they descended the stairs and made their way to the brightly lit living room.

"What happened to her? How can she just not remember us?" Jonathan said as he went over to get a glass of water to hopefully calm his nerves.

"Dunno. I mean, i guess it's ok if she forgets about me, but YOU..you guys had a history together. You can't just frigging forget it that easily," Luke teased Jonathan, smirking as he watched his face burn bright red.

It was true that he and Carla had a sort-of thing going on before, but they never became anything but friends even though they admitted that they both liked each other. Now, after not seeing her for nearly 3 years, they finally crossed paths only to find out that she doesn't remember him at all. 'Must be karma' Jonathan thought bitterly 'Karma is such a bitch right now'.

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