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"Shit!" Jonathan exclaimed shortly after bumping into Carla in the kitchen.

"You overslept," Carla stated monotonously, much to Jonathan's annoyance. To his credit, Jonathan only sent a withering glare in Carla's direction as he slammed the door shut, tucking in his dress shirt as he sprinted down to his car.

Carla took one last glance at the driveway before making her way back to the kitchen. Luke sported an amused look as he scratched his head, messing up his bed-hair even more.

"Never seen him that disorganized before," Carla mused, earning her a raised eyebrow from Luke. Carla quickly took a seat across from him and began to eat her breakfast. "Why are you so quiet anyway? You're never quiet," she continued, just to break the silence.

"Am I?" Luke replied with that same amused look still on his face. Carla shot him a glare, feeling as if she was just being humoured. Both lapsed into silence for a while, broken only by the silent crunching of their food.

"What, no interrogations today?" Carla said dryly.

"Nope," Luke replied after a beat, "Why? You want to be interrogated?" Carla shot him another glare before directing her gaze elsewhere. Luke merely shook his head at Carla's distant behaviour, used to it by now. If she doesn't want to talk, then he won't push her.

"Whatever," Carla flippantly said before heading upstairs to be left alone.

"Typical" Luke sighed, clearing the plates away. He ran a hand through his hair, his face taking on a weary look. "Man, I wish I could return to those simpler times." He let out another sigh before he proceeded to start his chores.


"Shit, shit, shit," Jonathan hissed continuously as he drove above maximum speed to his work. How could he have missed his alarm clock this morning? Better yet, why didn't anyone wake him up? "Stupid idiot," he muttered.

He quickly jumped out of his car as soon as the building came to view, practically sprinting his way towards the hospital doors. Luckily he wasn't too late for his morning shift, and there weren't many patients this morning. He was able to take a breather in his office for a while before his first patient arrived, welcoming it with open arms. He needed a moment to sort out his thoughts.

He wasn't able to sleep properly last night after being woken up by Carla's nightmares. There was too much in his mind, all revolving around a certain girl sleeping a mere five metres away from him. The whimpers that escaped her mouth last night made him antsy, but he doesn't know how he could help her, how he could just take away her nightmares. He clenched his fists tightly, hating how helpless he felt.

A knock on the door made him unclench his fists immediately.

"Doctor Reyes, your first patient is here." He gave a short nod to the nurse, indicating for her to let them in.

He gave the small boy, carrying a stuffed teddy bear, and his mother a welcoming smile, allowing himself to become occupied by his work, all worries about Carla pushed to the back of his mind for the meantime.


Carla was pacing the bedroom with increasing speed as soon as she closed the door behind her. She felt agitated by Luke's sudden change in attitude. No questions, no attempts in a conversation, nothing. What the hell happened?

It was as if he had completely given up on her.

The thought made Carla pause in her movements. "He hasn't, has he?" she dared contemplate before quickly shaking the thought away. It shouldn't even matter. The less he bothers her, the better. Carla desperately clung to the thought trying to shake away the slight disappointment she felt.

Slowly she made her way to the bathroom where privacy is almost a guarantee. She shut the door behind her and made her way to the full length mirror. She stared long and hard at the reflection staring back at her, feeling something amiss with it. She took another moment more before quickly dismissing the feeling and instead focussed on going about her business.

A sharp pain overtook her body suddenly, immobilising her movements. She clutched the side of her head as she felt the beginnings of a headache followed by a constriction in her throat. The images in front of her began to blur together as she felt her sight being taken away from her. She heard a sound akin to a shattering of glass beside her as she felt warm liquid ooze down her arm.

She felt as if a thousand thorns were being pressed against her body. A raw scream was ripped out of her throat as she tried to cling onto something, anything. She could faintly hear a shout of her name followed by a thunder of footsteps racing up the stairs as if being chased by something. A desperate, demanding knock on the bathroom door resounded around the bathroom, the harsh opening of the door following after.

"Carla! What the-!" Luke's sentence was cut off as he was abruptly slammed down to the floor, Carla's warm hands wrapped tightly around his throat. Luke tried to gasp out a call for help, but it came out as more of a strangled cry. He was being pinned down on the floor, Carla's knees pressing against his lungs, his supply of air quickly being cut off. Black dots lined his vision as he slowly lost grasp on consciousness, feeling nothing but the death grip on his throat and seeing Carla slowly turn into her.

"You shouldn't have saved me." She hissed ominously, "Haven't you learned from before?" She gave him a sweet smile then, a sharp contrast to the rest of her features.

'What the hell is going on?' The thought was barely heard over the hazy fog that settled in her mind. Someone was speaking. Her mouth is moving but that wasn't her voice. Further confusion filled her mind as she saw a blurry image of Luke gasping for air beneath her. Confusion quickly turned to shock then to horror as she realised that it was her that was slowly killing Luke. She struggled to get a hold of her mind, urging her body to move, to get as far away from Luke as possible.

It was difficult, yes, but somehow she managed to jump off of him and get away from here as fast as possible. She's not a murderer. She's not a murder dammit!

She raced towards the door, slammed it shut, and let her legs carry her as far away as possible.