This poem is based on the song (surprise huh?) 'Spirit Rise' by Mark Owen. I suggest you listen to it and I'm not just saying that because it's by Mark Owen, it is an amazing song and should have been one of his singles, but it's a rare song of his. It's very good and also, if you cry a lot at emotional things I suggest that you have tissues with you if you listen to it. XD

Enjoy! XD

Spirit Rise

Let your spirit rise

Take with you your lies

Up into the skies

Let your spirit rise

I'll never forget you

And all that you do

I'll get through

Let your spirit rise

I miss you more than you think

But I'll always have this link

With you

So let your spirit rise

I can hear cries

I can hear lies

I can hear goodbyes

But I ignore them all

As I watch your spirit rise