Can you hear it when people scream? They are screaming all the time, all around you. Just look into their eyes, and then you will be able to see. You will see their silent screams.

~ Silent Screams


by XxmickeyTxX


"Shh, you're being too loud."

That's what the walls of the room say.

"Be quiet child, you're making a fuss."

That's what I hear them say.


I can see the sound waves bouncing against my skin.

I can taste the sweet nectar in the air.

I can feel my callings through the wind.

I can smell the aroma of death and despair.

I can hear my voice even though I know it is not there.


I open my mouth to nothing.

A scream is a noise of pain and suffering.

So, this is simply nothing.

My tonsils, they ache in it.


My silent tears through my silent screams.

I know no one can hear me.

My silent lies through my silent fears.

I know that you all believe me.

My simple life through a complex dream.

I know one day you will hear my silent scream.

Don't scream, there's no need to. Just review