Well here is the Prologue of the new series. Hope you like it, feedback and reviews are really helpful!

Don't blink, just like that you're six years old
And you take a nap
And you wake up and you're twenty-five
And your high school sweetheart becomes your wife

Don't blink, you just might miss
Your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads
Next thing you know your better half

Ryan Parker POV:

My body was stiff and hard. I had just finished my football game, and I began to stroll through the dark neighborhood. The wind was whipping at my short brown hair, and black shorts. No cars appeared on the street but towering street lights lit up the night. It was a full moon and hung in the sky, looking down on the world. I noticed it was very quiet which is surprising since my street is always up at this hour. I quietly step onto the fertile side grass to cross the road. I move steadily to a couple of fences.

My body hops over them, entering my neighbor's yard. They usually don't see me, but I speed up to my own fence, hopping the tallest piece. I land hard on the grass, which had hardened from frost. The porch light was on, meaning my parents were home. In the corner of my eye I spot something, something lying on the nearby sidewalk. My feet maneuvered to the sidewalk, but I wish I hadn't found what I had seen. I gasp, dropping to the pavement. A minute tear rolls down my eye. It was my girlfriend, Emma. A halo of blood spilled out of her head. A deep gouge was formed on her head. My hand reaches for my cell phone. I take it out dialing nine one, one. A man answered, allowing me to call for help.

"My girlfriend has been attacked and her head is bleeding! I need an ambulance!" I yell,

The night was turned blood red, in my eyes. My girlfriend had been murdered by an unknown killer. Hands bloody red, and my face in sorrow from Emma. The medics take her body away to the hospital as my neighbors and family watch the tragic attack. I sit of the pavement, closing my eyes, picturing her face. I stand up and slowly wander into my house. I walk into my bedroom, closing my oak door. I have perfect view of the scene. The neighbors and medics are still there, while the police strip the scene. I grab my pictures of Emma, that I had taken, and look at them. Her beautiful looks and her wonderful smile. I can't believe she is actually gone. My eyes go bloodshot and my face turns a darker shade. I have to find who killed her. The other side of me says it was most likely an accident.

I know it wasn't an accident, but I keep telling myself it is. I want to believe that this is all a dream or a nightmare but it isn't. Ever so reason that today had not been right at all…

Justine Parker POV:

I look over my shoulder; Ryan goes into the house with a gloomy look. The wind picks up, brushing my long brown hair. The ambulance takes away my brother's girlfriend leaving a yellow tape stripe surrounding the incident. There is a trail of blood stains on the pavement, staining the light green grass red. My neighbors evacuate the area, leaving only my dad and my mom. I stroll into the house, knowing Ryan must have gone into his room. The living room is dark, no lights are on except on from Ryan's room.

My dad turns on the lamp which automatically brightens up the room. Mom hurries up the oak staircase, with her pink bathrobe trailing behind. Dad follows her. They must be going to check on Ryan. I walk into the living room and I plant myself onto the couch. The T.V is off but I do not feel like turning it on. I wasn't close to my brother's girlfriend but she seemed nice, but just like that they are gone. I can feel my Ryan's pain. Wonder what he is feeling now, depressed, sad still? Anyways, since I am only fifteen and he is almost seventeen, I don't know much of what he does. He leaves and goes, never tells me anything but except that he is leaving. Never more than the less, I actually never see him.

A sound interrupts my thoughts. A loud slam of a door shakes me. I hear footsteps coming down the stair case. It is my mother and father. They look at me as though something bad has happened. "Justine, could you please," Before she continues, I get up, jumping to my feet.

"Yup I'll go talk to him."

"Thank you sweetie." My mother places her hand on my shoulder as I depart from the family room.

"Don't sweat it." I reply,

The steps creak as my feet press against the steps. My pajama shorts flourish with the small draft from Ryan's room. He sits there, holding pictures of Emma and him. His bed is a navy blue with orange pillows. Pictures of him as a kid and of Emma are all around his room, hanging or in cases. Glass widows, the length of two yard sticks, are in the sent of the left wall of his from my angle.

I gather my strength to enter his 'lair'. He doesn't look at me, but he knows I am in his room. Before I am able to speak, I hear his voice. His deep voice that gets lower and higher at times. "You know, it is like yesterday that I was with her, just having fun. She was my life, but now she's gone… just like that." I can't tell he is trying not to cry but a glimpse of water rolls down his face.

I hesitate to go closer to him. I move forward and sit down next to him. He is still taller than me, and he is twice the size of me with his muscles. I see what picture he looking at, it is Emma and him at the beach. He is in his bathing suit, and Emma is sitting next to him smiling. I can't see much of Ryan's face because he has no intention to smile in a camera.

"You know she is still with you. She isn't gone." I try to relieve his tension but he doesn't budge.

"I know. You sound like mum."

"It's just, you can move on. Not relive the past, but live the future." He glares at me, and gives a short laugh before replying to my comment.

"Why are acting like a sister now? You never do this to me before." He lectures me.

I speak to him in a brotherly and sisterly tone. "Because, you are never home, you always run off to go somewhere, never telling me!"

His laugh turns on, giving a pound of his fist onto my forearm. "You know your right. I can't relive the past but I will keep her in my heart though."

"See now that is the spirit of my advice!"

"Yeah right!" Ryan jokes. "Hey we got to get some sleep. See you in the morning?"

"Yup," I get up from his bed, and speed out of his room to my own room, which is located right next to his. My phone vibrates in my pocket, which I get out fast. Who would text me at this hour?

I read the text message that is sent from to me. The number is unfarmiliar but I read the message anyways. It reads: Meet me behind school, woods. I stare at it for awhile. Who sent this? I decide to ignore it but I will probably go meet this person, probably my friend Stephanie. I go to bed that night, no dreams, just a blank mind.

Cold pale hand comes to the front of the Parker family house. The person sneaks a small piece of paper that says the exact same words that Justine gets under the doors. The person leaves knowing something will happen….