(look at the tiny flower, two centimetres wide.

it's hard to imagine, they say, that such a great

beauty exists in such small things

but that's what they say because they're

'they' and it's what they do.)

(and they're so busy trying to find the

'beauty', the real beauty hidden behind

the 'weeds' and they're so busy

trying to find it because that's who they are

and that's what they do.)

(and they are so determined to do what

they do and they're so fanatically chauvinistic

about their cause that they rip apart

their entire world to find their single

piece of 'rare' 'beauty'.)

(and they tear themselves down

too, because they care more about the

'beauty' than being themselves and they

rip themselves apart until they don't know who they are

and don't know what they do.)

(but, shh... listen to a secret of mine-

there's a reason why the heart needs the body and

the body needs the heart and the world

would look absolutely sickening

if everything was a flower.)