Chapter 1

My day started out great untill i came home from shopping. My parents were waiting for me in the kitchen.

'Jeniffer, we need to talk.' said my parents. They looked at each other and then at me.I knew those faces, we were moving again.

'Oh come on! When can we just stay some were for more than 4 months?Just as me and Jenny start fitting in with every one, You mess every thing up by doing some thing and we have to move out of a place and go to another!And have you told Jenny?What do you think she will say? 'I bursted out.I just cant stand the fact that we have to move in the middle of the year. We finally fitted in, me and Jenny but now we have to move again.

I went up stairs without letting my parents start the 'im sorry about that darling' speech. Jenny was sitting on her desk, leggs crossed texting someone. She saw me comming in and the look on my face. She put down her phone and climbed off the desk.

'You have bad news.'I didnt answer her. 'Come on i can read your face you have bad news.'I looked at her with a ''Are you kidding me'' look.

' No, no, no, no.''She the look on her face i could see she new what the bad news was

'Unfortunatly, we are moving again'

'Well, where are we moving?' She asked.I shrugged.

She stud up and walked to the door but then she looked over her shoulder.'You know, When i left home and moved in with your family i thought it would be much more fun.' She walked out of the room.I could hear her going into the kitchen and then storming out becouse my parents were still there.

My phone started vibrating. Alice was calling me.I picked up the phone and by her voice i could hear she is exited. 'So, what up?'i asked.

'You will never guess what!'

'Ok i wont and you will just tell me.'i said because i wasnt bothered to guess.'I'm getting a tattoo!'WOW.I knew alice and her parents were crazy but a tatoo? I didnt know they would go that far.

'I have lost my words.'there was a pause.'Im speechless. Though i have some bad news for you and every one else that are my friends.'there was another pause.'Well are you going to tell me or not?'she said

'We are moving again to some place else.'i hung up.