Chapter 5

The place is literally heaven. And by literally i mean that it isnt on Earth and its actually called Heaven. You probably have no idea of what im talking about. Well its this place where every saturday students from Gartha academy can come and dance or just hang out and talk. Jenny and i are going on saturday. We are going shopping for clothes to wear to Heaven. My parents are being super nice ever since we moved to here. They say its like an apology for making us move in the middle of the year. To be honest, i actually dont care anymore. Sure i will miss my old friends but this is way better than anything else that exists.

He was there again. Zuko was sitting in his tree watching everything. He probably sleeps there too. Jenny can see that tree from her bedroom window and Yesterday she woke up at midnight and saw Zuko sitting in his tree.
'Where ya going?' Zuko said in his unusual voice.
'Why would you care?' I replied.
'Just asking.' Said Zuko. ' Are you going to Heaven on saturday?' My and Jenny's eyes met. How was he supposed to know that? I find him a little creepy.
'Yes, yes we are. And what do you care?' i said because its non of his buisness.
'Well i own the place and i have to finnish counting the students that are going to Heaven so i can make the entrie list.' he replied in a very anoing tone. The thought of him owning the place has almost made me change my mind about going.
'How old are you?' Jenny asked without thinking. I was actually thinking the same thing.
'Seventeen.' He replied. 'What about you?' I didnt know who he was adressing but since Jenny asked the question he was definatly talking to her. Simple logic.
'Im turning 17 next tuesday.' Says Jenny.

Now we are home and i drag Jenny into my room.
'What is wrong with you?' I ask her.
'What do you meen?' she asks puzzled.
'I can tell you like him.' I burst out.
'That i like who?'
'Zuko.' I reply and then she just walks out of the room. No yelling or speaking at dinner to her.

Its the longest dinner of my life. Even if it only lasts 30 minutes it seems like for ever. There is complete silence untill my dad starts a conversation.
'So how was to day?' he askes. There is silence again because neether of us want to aswer. I cant tell them that Jenny like Zuko. She would never forgive me then. Im not sure that she will forgive me for today. I know i over reacted but Zuko! Anybody but Zuko. Its pretty clear that we dont like each other. Probably never will.
Zuko. Zuko? Zuko!