May: Dublin, Ireland

"This is a great graduation present Aunt Kara, and Uncle Con, too, of course." 18 year old Melissa Finch said, looking around at the city. Five of her cousins, ages 15 and under, hurried ahead, waving their father, step-mother, and cousin forward.

"They're excited to see their dad's family again." Kara Kelley explained.

"Oh, I understand. I would be, too, if I hadn't seen them for three years." Melissa replied.

"I don't think we'll make that mistake again."

"Yeah," Con said, jumping into the conversation. "If you find Prince Charming on this trip you must visit his family as often as possible, otherwise you might have a very disagreeable mother-in-law."

Melissa giggled. "I'll make sure I remember that. I don't think I'll find Prince Charming on this trip, though."

"I said the same thing the first time I came to Ireland." Kara said. "But obviously my plans were altered. Keep an open mind, you never know."

"Okay." Melissa replied, still smiling.

"Melissa, this is Pastor Marvin Quinn." Con introduced the pastor the next morning. "He's my brother-in-law. This is his son, my nephew, Sean."

"Nice to meet you, Melissa." The pastor said. "I hope you enjoy the services with us."

Melissa smiled as she shook his hand. "I'm sure I will."

"Hello." Sean said, shaking her hand. "How do you like Ireland so far?"

"What very little I've seen, I like."

"Good. I'm glad."

"Say, Sean," Con said. "Kara, the kids, and I are going to be with mam and daid a whole lot. It'll get boring for poor old Melissa, but her daid would skin me if I let her out in the city alone. She needs a guide for seeing the sights, someone who knows the city well, have any ideas?"

"Uncle Con!" Melissa gasped, mortified at her uncle's barely concealed matchmaking.

Sean smiled. "I think I can arrange something. Seeing the sights, let's see, where to go… Trinity College and Library, O'Connell Street and the General Post Office, National Museums, and a restaurant, of course. What do you say, uncail Con?"

"That sounds fine to me."

Melissa was grateful when the piano player chose that moment to begin playing, calling everyone to find their seats.

Melissa half-listened as Con's mother opened the door to her house the next day. "Hi, Sean. Come on in." Pause. "Ah. I see. I'll go get her."

"Melissa," Mrs. Kelley came around the corner. "Sean's here to take you on your tour."


"Of Dublin. The one he promised you yesterday."

"Oh. Well, are you sure I won't be needed here?"

"Positive. We're going to take the kids on a picnic to the park later. You go on and have fun."

"I should probably tell Uncle Con or Aunt Kara first."

"I can do that. Go on, Sean's waiting for you."

"All right. Thanks."

Melissa grabbed her camera, pen, and notebook and met Sean at the door.

Keep an open mind, you never know…