I have on here a one stanza, very short poem entitled Lemonade. With it I explained the story of how it came to be on one fateful day in class. I also mentioned an assignment where I had to write two poems, this is the first of the two poems.

The Might of the Singer(s)

Sparrows flutter above the treetops,

a fox roams through the underbrush,

the wind spreads great wings,

melting all other noise into one long, low tune.

There is nothing to be heard above it

not the birds, attempting to sing

Not the humbled strong coyotes, howling at the moon.

The wind is powerful

and it knows it will never be matched.

The wind is powerful

its song will forever dominate all.

The wind is powerful

reigning from the west to the eastern sunrise.

Everything everywhere in eternity

bows to the boisterous breeze that is king of the sky.

Until the day…

the birds said, enough!

We have a song to sing, too!

And they chirped and cawed, above the voice of the wind.

Then the wind said,

No! This won't do!

I will—I must always sing louder than you.

Its howls of rage drowned out the birds

and war took the two foes in its hand.

For days, and months, and years,

until the day a bat said, hey!

You can both sing, there are many with ears

willing to listen to you and your ballads,

there is no need for your constant fighting.

So it was the birds and the wind together said

enough! If we sing we sing together!