Three Adventurous Kittens

Three kittens,

Of ivory bright, charcoal dark, and russet red in color,

played and played many days away.

They rolled, tussled, and fought

into the night and back into the day.

There was nothing the kittens loved to do more than play,

and so it was one day they wandered into a wood

where a sweet meadow lonely stood.

Once there they romped

among the wildflowers, by the babbling brook.

Eyes of emerald, sea foam, and tangerine twinkled in the golden sunlight.

Mews of mirth and happiness filled the wind.

There was innocent joy everywhere.

And when dusk finally swept its elegant wings across the sky,

the three little kittens came back home

and slept until the next dawn,

when they woke up to

Once again play the day away.