When the door is closed,

It hides me,
Protects me,

Keeps me away from my fears.

It stops the darkness,
Keeps it away,
But not forever.

The darkness is a monster.

It pushes and pulls,
Trying to break the door.
Trying to destroy, my door.

My door, can't stop it.

My door,
My protector,
Is gone

The darkness swirls, all around.

All around me.

The door is broken,
At my feet, gone.

The darkness grabs a hold of me.
The darkness pulls me,


Away from the door,
Broken on the floor.
My protector, my door.

Darkness is pain, torture,
Anger and hatred

My door is the wall of protection,
My source of all needs.
My door made me smile, everyday.
But the anger, hatred
And greed of the darkness, the monster,
Broke through my door.

The darkness will continue.
Break through all the protection,
Of all innocents.

The darkness is the enemy of all.