Chapter III

Violet gave one last hug and one last kiss to her younger siblings and let her tears fall as Ella sobbed and Beck hid his tearful face.

Elliott turned away and didn't bother to slip on his mask again. His master already saw right through him and he was surprised she was able to catch on so quickly.

Or maybe he was making too much of an obvious act.

Whatever the reason was, Elliot didn't care. He was now stuck with a girl as Violet. He knew that he was going to be the shadow aide of the one who was to stop Cullen, but he never wanted to be paired with a female. If it was one thing he knew about himself was that he hated - no, he despised women.

No matter who they were, he hated them. His hatred was becoming stronger when he realized that his wielder was a female. His rage was strong and loud as he screamed out in anger. He was already beginning to hate Violet.

She didn't even do anything, but he didn't want to do anything involved with any women. Elliott clenched his jaw and gripped Violet's bag that was filled with her clothing and other needed things.

The only thing to do now was pester Violet until she was fed up with him.

"What in the world do you have this bag?" Elliott growled and weighed the bag up and down. Violet glared at him from under her thick and long lashes. Beck wiped his tears and glared iced daggers at Elliott that could kill.

"Look, my sister is going to save two worlds and I know she can. If you do anything to hurt her, the only thing you will ever see are the pits of hell." His tone was full of menace and the air around him was murderous. Violet was shocked at this Beck. He has never said anything like this.

Violet placed a hand on his shoulder and parted her lips.

"Beck, thanks, but...I can handle him." Violet gave him a tight hug before turning to Elliott. "Inside there is everything I need, now quit complaining." Violet sighed and gave Beck and Ella one last bright smile before murmuring words. "I love you guys so much. I hate goodbyes, so that's all I'm going to say."

Violet frowned as the door began to close. She turned to Luna and smiled with tears streaking her face.

"It will take a while before we can find him. We're in Panama City and that man is on his way to Orlando. He shouldn't be too far since he only left two weeks ago." Violet took out a map and slipped on her back pack. "Let's take our car, unless it's too much of a hassle."

"Shadow benders are able to run an unimaginable speed that is blind to the human eyes. We can run seventy-five mils per hour and much faster."

"T-That's just as fast as a cheetah!" Violet blinked.

"Then we can find that man in no time, no?"

"I suppose so... But I still think we should take my car."

Violet had only recently found out that she was a Shadow bender, so she couldn't run as fast as Luna, yet. She needed training. Violet still needed to learn many things before going to the Shadow realm and defeating Cullen. When Luna and Violet's shadow aide's went back Violent took this chance to ask Luna.

"Luna...why is Elliott so...so cold?"

Luna glanced at her as they walked down the sidewalk and to the car, but not before having Luna changed into something more appropriate that would make her look more...normal.

"Shadow aide's have their own personalities based on their masters desires. When I summoned Aurora, deep inside me I had always wished to become a beautiful flower as a girl and still wanted to. By a beautiful flower, I meant become someone beautiful like rose, but not perfect. Aurora represents my desire. I wanted to become as beautiful as a rose, but I still had flaws. A rose's thorns are its flaws, right? As for you, deep inside you, you probably wanted a challenge, or something of that nature."

What? Violet didn't want this kind of shadow companion! She wanted someone who would respect her. "No, t-that's not what I wanted!"

"Yes, but it's what you desire deep inside your heart." Luna tried explaining carefully. "What you desired was a challenge that would keep you thinking about it all day. You wanted something that would keep you worried and awake at night; something exactly like Elliott's personality. Perhaps you wanted a romance of that kind?"

Violet immediately replied back. "No I do not!" Her face heated as she fumed and stomped past Luna who spoke the truth. This was all just nonsense. Violet decided to ignore this topic, though it was her that was the one who asked. "Let's just hurry up."

"Wouldn't you think it would be best is we have Elliott and Aurora summon and travel with us?"

"Ah...I guess so." Violet bit her lip as the two of them summon their aides. Violet drove to a store to buy clothes for the two of them and some snacks.

Elliott began to complain about his clothing that he wasn't accustom to. Violet made him wear a brown and white striped 3/4 sleeved shirt with a pair of dark slim-fit jeans and some black Adidas sandals.

He pulled on the jeans and glared at it. It was a bit loose, but violet already bought them.

For Aurora, Violet bought her a silk gray blouse of short sleeves, white slim jeans, and thong sandals.

"Why are you complaining and Aurora isn't?" Violet sighed as she looked in the rack to buy something for Luna. Shad had to borrow Violets clothes for now and it didn't quite fit her since she was so thin. "After this, I'm taking you to go and eat something. I can't let Cullen do this to you again."

Violet griped the hanger until her knuckles were paper white. It looked as if she could snap the hanger.

Luna was touched by how kind she was. "Thank you, Violet." She played with the t-shirt she was given by Violet.

"Oh and you can just call me Vi. It's what everyone calls me."

"Vi..." Luna slowly said the word and Violet laughed at her attempt. Elliott stared at his wielder in a sideways glance with his arms crossed. She wasn't like any other women he's encountered before. He looked at her smiling face.

It hurt to see her like this. She was so happy, yet what about him? He was never happy. Aurora placed a hand on his shoulder and looked at him curiously.

"Violet, she...she's one of a kind."

"I doubt she will be able to save us all." Elliott sneered. He felt a pang of guilt and regret. Something about her wasn't right. Elliott pushed away the thought and looked away.

"Be careful, you are attracting a full load of others." Aurora warned as she glanced at people who lingered on purpose to stare at the pair.

"They don't know what they're looking at." Elliott's green eyes harden at them, yet they continued to stare. "They're annoying."

"Who's annoying?" Viole crossed her arms as walked towards the pair of Shadow aides. The knight looked at his master in a lazy glance.

"People who waste their time staring at others."

"But they're just admiring how good you look." Violet clamped a hand to her mouth. The blonde smirked and chuckled under his breath as his master excused herself from the situation. Aurora smiled. His green eyes flickered with amusement as Violet looked at the people who stared.

They were all men and woman, looking at him and Aurora.

Violet had an irritated spark in her eyes as she looked at the females who gave Elliott a more than a friendly look.

"Jealous, master?" he walked over to the brunette, whispering into her ear. He gave a wicked smirk as she shuddered and they glared at each other.

"No, I'm just worried about those perverted men looking at Aurora in a way." Elliott looked at her shaking fist that was clenched tightly as her eyes flared with anger. "I swear, if they come any closer to her, I'll—"

"Violet, how do I look?" Luna came out with casual clothing. Violet looked over at her along with Elliott. "Oh, am I interrupting something?" she gave a curious look at the pair and Violet quickly jumped at this.

"Nothing, is going on." She glared at Elliott and turned back to Luna, her hair whipping in the blondes face on purpose. "Come on, change out of those clothes and I'll buy them.

Elliott grit his teeth. Why was she so different? It kept bothering him and he couldn't ignore it or shrug it off.

They later were at a restaurant, eating. Luna tired not to scoff down her food and Violet told her it was alright. She couldn't blame her, after so many years without being fed properly, Violet had to admit she probably would be eating loads of food at once.

"You can't even eat." Elliott pointed at Violet with his fork. She had a few crumbs stuck on her face and Violet flushed. He flinched at her heated face as she wiped it away and ignored his comment.

"Well, at least I'm not so uptight like you are." She mimicked him with the same thick British accent as he had. The other three were shocked as Violet smiled with triumph and rewarded herself with a dessert.

"Violet, what is this?" the said girl looked over at Aurora who had a cup of soda.

"It's a carbonated beverage called pop or soda. Be careful, when you drink it, it kind of..." it was too late as Aurora took a sip and the liquid stung her tongue and throat. She pulled away from it in bewilderment.

"How can humans drink such a thing?" Aurora pushed the drink away and Violet gave her trademark smile. It was bright and it showed her white teeth that were perfect. Elliott took it and took a sip. He suddenly coughed and the soda sputtered out of his lips.

Luna handed him a napkin and Violet tried not to laugh.

"That is the most preposterous thing ever!"

Violet was just glad that they were outside and no one else was there. She laughed. Her laugh was tinkling and mellow; it was bright and it caught all their attention. Her laugh brought brightness to them.

"Oh, come on, it's not that bad. But since we humans are used to this drink we don't think it so...'preposterous'." She quoted the word, mocking Elliott. The blonde just narrowed his eyes. "Fine, since you don't like would you care to have a drink of my tea?" she offered her aide her drink.

He looked at it as if it was poisonous, but the way her eyes flickered with innocence and kindness, Elliott couldn't refuse and he hated it.

Snatched the drink away and took a sip of the beverage. "It's not sweet tea by the way, I'd prefer to drink mine plain without any sugar, but it depends." She was different. The three could tell that she was much care-free right now.

Elliott hated to admit that he actually like the drink.

"If you want, you can have it. I'm full, so I'm going to be fine. Luna, are you done?" the blonde looked at the cup that once belonged to his master.

"I am, we should get going before it gets late." Luna pointed out as she looked at the darkening sky. Violet nodded in agreement and they went to pay for the dinner.

As they went inside Violet's Bentley, Elliott grew quiet. After finding that she had to save the world, why wasn't Violet afraid?