Ignotus wielded a sword with two hands, the blade brilliant but dull. It lacked the luster of strength in his ghastly pale arms. Sol looked at him, with unwavering eyes, and couldn't help but wonder what the hell this man was doing.

Looks like Rogue is rubbing off on me, Sol mused.

"Put the sword down Ignotus," Sol looked up from the ground slowly, making sure that he wouldn't provoke Ignotus into doing anything. If he did, that would mean that his head would be on the ground right next to the body hand. For all Sol knew, this could go on Rogue's head, and that wouldn't do any good for either of them. Rogue was the key to his answers, and he was sure of it. How he would get them out of her, he had no idea.

"No you fool," Ignotus spat. "The child stands in my way, as well as the Prince's. His father… His father told me to make sure he takes the throne. If he doesn't, then my head would be on the plate to hang."

Well… that still explains little. If the Crown Prince had known about it, wouldn't he have gotten rid of Rogue as soon as possible? Wouldn't it have been simpler for Ignotus just to kill them all at this moment instead of taking an innocent child? Oh right. Rogue wasn't here.

"You will have to be silent Sunny-boy. I can't have you getting in the way of the king. Or his son," Ignotus raised the sword a fraction higher.

Sol was defenseless. He needed to do something. Something smart perhaps? Sol had nothing. All he could do was stall at this point.

"Does the Crown Prince know?" he asked. Ignotus looked at him, eyebrows raised, incredulous that Sol was asking questions.

"Stupid boy. I can tell that you are stalling. Chances are, Rogue has been seen as she tries to steal her way up here just as you did. Except the Arch Lady doesn't lumber. Unlike you," Ignotus sneered.

"You have respect for her, do you not?"

"I most certainly do. But her time has come. She cannot hide the key much longer. We know what she has and what she holds. Rogue is not invincible, contrary to what the plebeians may believe. The Crown Prince is not as empty headed as one may believe. He will stop Rogue as-"


Sol and Ignotus turn their attention to the window. Rogue stands there dressed in a men's shirt and breeches, feet laced in black leather boots, hair tied haphazardly behind her with arms braced upon the sill, her arms empty, but her face painted with a smirk.

"Missing me Iggy?"

"Foolish girl," Ignotus hissed. "You cannot stop the king. He will put an end-"

Rogue held up her hand. "Spare me the dramatics, Iggy. What makes you so sure that Nicky isn't with me? How are you so sure that he's with his father on all things…. Prince-y?"

"You girl. Are a menace, a danger to the rest of the world. A danger to your own province. What will you accomplish for the-" Ignotus is cut off again.

"Yup, yup, yup. Iggy, Iggy, Iggy. Don't you get it, even after all these years? Don't bite off more than you can chew. After ten years, you still haven't gotten any faster, and don't you remember that a little spider of a girl can still outrun you? I guess… Not."

Ignotus roared and raised the sword to bring it down in a sweeping motion. Rogue let out a delighted laugh and ducked under the blade. She let out another taunt.

"Come on Iggy, you got to move faster than that!" Rogue laughed. As she did so, her eyes shifted to Sol, then flicked back to Ignotus. Sol took that as his cue to tackle Ignotus around the waist and bring him down to his knees.

Except, it didn't work out so well. Despite his rage, Ignotus was still steady on his feet. When Sol launched himself at Ignotus, Ignotus merely stumbled and brought his elbow to meet Sol's face. Lucky for Sol, he had been prepared, and moved his hand to take the brunt of the blow.

Winding his left arm up around Ignotus's left shoulder and to the back of Ignotus's head, and doing so with his right, Ignotus was immobilized. Rogue padded over to Sol and Ignotus with a small smile on her face. She brought her hand hard over the back of Ignotus's wrist and the sword was knocked easily out of his grasp.

"Poor Iggy. Still second best to silly little girl named Luxanne," Rogue smirked.

"At least damage was done enough to your-"

"No, Iggy, not at all. David was your own confidant. The king's own man to help you watch over the tower. I didn't place him here for any reason," Rogue inspected the blade, running her hand down the lackluster edge.

"So everything was a lie? You had everything planned out?!" Ignotus's face was turning to an ugly shade of vermillion.

"Not exactly. David was considered close enough to be my brother. Until I discovered from others that he was compromised. Apparently, living here too long has its downfalls when you've been in the state of poverty. He was smart enough to contact me before it was too late to get here. Else, it would have been a lot more messy for me and you." Rogue laughed. It was empty, unlike the one Sol had heard before.

"And the child?" A new voice entered the room. Nick.

"Nick, how nice of you to join us," Rogue nodded to the prince. "Another piece of the puzzle. The child would be able to lure Iggy out. We all know how he loathes children. But the child gets compensation, she shall profit from her help she has given from us. And I don't mean monetary. As of right now, she is in my chambers, resting. I did not mean for her to go through this, but she did as I asked."

"YOU!" Ignotus bellowed. He began his struggles anew. One of his knees caught Sol on the shin, the point right under the kneecap. Sol's hold loosened, pain exploding through his leg, as Ignotus lunged at Nick.

Rogue moved faster than Sol's pain filled eyes could follow. Within an instant, she stood between Ignotus and the Crown Prince, her face grim with the blade held out in front of her. Ignotus's eyes expand before deflating, sagging against the blade that now seemed to burnish with renewed energy.

"How fast a blade can betray its wielder is beyond me, Iggy. It's sad to see you end like this, but it is done." Rogue blows her head and lets her blade drop. Ignotus falls with the blade, hitting the floor with a muffled thump. She turns to help Sol up, then looks between the two.

"I have been in Nick's correspondence for a while, before we met up today. However, Sol, the words I have said to you have not been a lie, just half of the truth. If that constitutes as a lie in your belief, then I shall admit with shame that I have betrayed your trust." Rogue dipped her head and turned away from Sol to address Nick.

"Nick, I am I correct when I say that you will stay here to watch over my province?"

"Yes, Rogue."

"Even if it does mean revealing yourself to your father?"


"Good. Then it is done. Sol, your crest holds you as a defender of the Treasury," Rogue begins. Nick opens his mouth as if to say something, but Rogue's hand snaps up and covers his words. "I told you that the treasury is gone, all except me. Right?"

Sol just nodded, knowing that his eyes could be showing anything right now. He didn't know what to think. Rogue was a person with millions of shadows, encroaching everywhere, but solid and strong in mystical ways. She still intrigued him.

"Iggy here, would not have made a move if he didn't have something or know something. The king is after something that I want as well. And I believe, that it has to do with a pirate ship."

"And what makes you so sure?" Sol countered.

"Your gauntlets. Your crest. You may not know it, but someone out there does. As screwed or crazy as I am, I am willing to go looking for it. As people say, treasures lead from one chest to another."

"They do?" Nick's voice was tinged with humor.

Rogue shrugged and them cracked a smile, "No, I made it up. I need to return to Forn and Erylain first. But I'm going after the rest of the treasury. I was wrong once, and I'm bound to be again. The king's group is going to come after me, and this province, and I need you Sol, to stay here with Nick. That way, if one of you tragically dies, then I can get information from the other. And if you both turn on me, or think of it, don't forget I'm always watching. I have eyes everywhere."

Rogue rolls her eyes, then steps onto the windowsill before stopping and turning around. She throws a wink at Nick and a smile at Sol. She steps backwards, right into the air and drops, disappearing from Sol's sight. Unable to stop himself, Sol finds himself rushing to the window, and looking down. He is greeted with the sight of thundering waves on rocks but nothing else.

"She'll be back. Give or take a few years," Nick says from next to Sol. Sol looks at the prince, and nods, before saying,

"I bet she can hear every word we say."

Both are greeted with a laugh, a real one that Sol can recognize, but he can't identify where it comes from. It's truly and impossibly, Rogue.