You went away one day.

Far from this place.

We don't miss you,

But yet we do.

We don't want you,

But yet we do.

Where you went,

We still don't know.

When you went,

We wish we'd forget.

Why you went,

We want to know.

We didn't see it coming,

Too blinded by the sun.

Still loving you,

Now hating you.

We see you sometimes,

Peeking out from the inside.

But otherwise you're gone.

You live your life,

We live ours.

It happened so fast.

We don't know how.

You seem so different now.

When we see you,

You're with THEM,

Those who changed you.

Acting different.

Talking different.

All of you is different.

What was wrong with us?

Why leave US?


After all we've done for you.

We'd always be there,

And have your back,

But not anymore.


You really are gone.

Or are you still here?

I don't know,

But I doubt it.