"This is may turn out to be a problem…" Cyne said, putting down the binoculars.

Minutes ago, Phoenix and the others had managed to get to a nearby city, but the city had been overruled with METASOCIETY Soldiers, explaining how they knew GALACTIC was going to Lab Twelve.

The other problem wasn't just the METASOCIETY Soldiers lurking around every corner, the city itself posed a problem. Why? Well, because the city was built, and currently was being ran, by the METASOCIETY.

"Now what?" Cyne asked, looking back to his comrades.

Phoenix crossed her arms, pondering the issue through. Cyne asked a very good question, one she herself was stumped on.

Leif crossed his arms. "Well, we do have the option of walking into the city and screaming, 'Hey, we're part of GALACTIC! Come kill us!'" Leif looked up to see everyone glaring at him. Maybe giving a sarcastic plan wasn't a bright idea, but he figured it would lighten the serious mood one way or another.

"Or," Chastel said, looking at his defeated Commander, "we can continue walking in the forest until we find another city."

"Not an option," Phoenix said.

"But Commander Volante," Estela said, "what are you suggesting we do then? We can't very well stroll into the city with our uniforms on."

"We'll get shot that way!" Cyne said.

"Or worse…" Chastel muttered,, beginning to bite his fingers as his imagination ran into darker ideas.

"Well," Phoenix said, "we can't very well continue on in the forest."

Leif looked up, having a light bulb switch on inside his mind. "I might have an idea." Everyone look to the Leif to see the man smiling cheerfully. Whatever his plan was, it sure raised his spirits, but Phoenix had the feeling she wasn't going to like it one bit.