Later that day, Emiri Kobayashi was given an antidote and transformed before our eyes from a grotesque rabbit to the beautiful girl she once was. After that, someone rushed her to the hospital. The Nakano sisters and Yoshino seemed to nearly have heart attacks when I told them Kobayashi was okay.

Kira and Sora took down the chat room, and Mr. Fujita thanked our club for helping out with the cases.

Fuuka, Katsutoshi, Akari, and Naota all came to my house with their gifts and we celebrated Christmas as a group of friends, and celebrated the completion of two cases as a club. And while we watched movies, my sister cooked us a Christmas dinner.

The news report the next morning didn't give the full story. They reported that Emiri Kobayashi was found alive, and was severely injured. So, they rushed her to the hospital. They reported that Kimura-sensei stole the rabbits and kidnapped Kobayashi, and when found committed suicide.

That was far from the truth we experienced. The strange monster Kobayashi had become; the one-hundred jackelopes, and Kimura-sensei's motives. I'm sure people will wonder why he kidnapped a girl and over one-hundred rabbits. But, they won't get the truth for several years.

The rabbit case and the Kobayashi case was solved, and we felt pretty good about ourselves. Starting next April, we will be juniors in high school. But, there was another mystery between Christmas and April. You'll hear about that some other day, though.