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Fight Club Rules

It was another boring day at Cillian's house. The owner had closed up shop for the day due to an emergency concerning her brother on the other side of the city. With no work to go to, Cillian had met Quincy outside and they had walked through the park before somehow ending up back at Cillian's house. Now both men lazed around in front of the TV, Cillian aimlessly flipping through channels while Quincy turned pages in his book.

Cillian's body hungered for something to do, as long as it got him off the couch and on his feet. Quincy was rather content reading, but he could also feel his body beginning to feel restless.
After seeing about the 40th infomercial for something called the NinjaJuicer, Cillian threw the remote against one of the pillows on his couch. Quincy looked up from his book and set his bookmark into place. Closing it, he looked to Cillian for some kind of words.

"Dude, we've got to fucking do something," Cillian complained, squirming on the couch.

Quincy raised an eyebrow. "Well what do you suggest?" The older man waited for an answer, his grey eyes staying trained on Cillian, his hands resting atop his thick book. The idea that Cillian had suddenly eluded him and his entire mind went blank.

"Uh, I don't know," he answered dumbly, mentally smacking a hand to his forehead. Quincy simply laughed and opened his book back up.

"Okay then." He went back to reading, his deep brown hair hiding his beautiful face from Cillian's view. Now that Quincy's looks weren't distracting him anymore, he could finally remember what he was going to suggest.

"How about we fight?" Quincy's eyes stopped reading mid-sentence and he looked up at Cillian, confused.

"We do what?" Cillian was suddenly nervous again.

"We fight."

Quincy considered Cillian for a second—the man wasn't a huge guy, but he definitely looked like someone who could hold his own in a fight. Quincy then thought about himself; he knew he hadn't fought in a long time but he remembered some moves he had learned a while back.

"So, just us. Fighting," Quincy clarified.

"Yeah." Cillian's voice was shaky.

"Street fighting. But no cheap shots."

Cillian nodded his yes. Quincy touched his thumb ring subconsciously, rubbing it for luck before noticing Cillian playing with his left earring. He assumed it was also for luck. Sighing, Quincy stood and began to take off his Skullcandy headphones and his shirt. Cillian gasped suddenly.

"Quincy, what're you doing?" he asked incredulously. Quincy scoffed as his shirt came off, seeing Cillian's eyes rake themselves all over his upper body.

"We can't fight with shirts on. It breaks one of the rules of Fight Club." Cillian knew the movie, and which part he was talking about, so of course he couldn't object and say he had no idea what Quincy was talking about.

"Fair enough," Cillian said, standing and starting to pull off his shirt as well.

Cillian felt somewhat self-conscious, standing in front of a man he thought was incredibly good looking half naked. Quincy seemed confident, both in his ability to fight and of his appearance. Cillian himself was on the smaller side, muscle wise, for a male, but Quincy defied the bookworm stereotype in that regard. He had an average build, and you could see the start of a four-pack.

Damn, Cillian thought to himself. He's so hot.

"Well?" There was plenty of room between the TV and the couch, seeing as they were in the large room in his basement, and Quincy stood there with his arms folded, an eyebrow quirked.

"Uh...right." He fiddled with his earring as he moved to stand a few feet in front of Quincy, who had taken a fighting stance. "Anything you want to let me know before we start?" He asked, their gazes locked.

"I did take Tae Kwon Do for six years." Cillian muttered some curse words under his breath.

This was so not fair.

Cillian threw the first punch, which startled Quincy as it struck him across the face. Cillian immediately blushed as Quincy touched the side of his face slowly, a red mark growing where he had been hit.
"I-I'm sorry!" Cillian exclaimed. Quincy slowly began to smile as testosterone started flowing through his system.

"No..." Quincy insisted. "That felt great!" With a sharp movement he kicked out and hit Cillian square in the stomach. The younger man gasped out as the air left his system, stumbling backwards. Quincy neared Cillian, leaning over and quirking an eyebrow. "You okay?"

Cillian punched Quincy across the face again in the same place. Quincy stumbled back before Cillian could hit him again. A hot flash of something that felt great exploded through Cillian's body as Quincy smirked down at him.

"I'll take it as a yes."

Cillian tried to go in for another punch, but Quincy caught the punch, twisting his arm around and pinning it behind his back. Cillian hissed in slight pain.

"Give up yet?" He murmured into Cillian's ear, his voice low. His hair was tickling Cillian's bare shoulders and the younger man knew that he was smiling smugly. Unfortunately, Cillian thought Quincy had him beat.

"No," Cillian grunted, trying to figure out a way to get himself out of this position. He didn't have to do much more thinking, though, because Quincy did it for him.

Quincy swept his leg forward, knocking Cillian's feet out from underneath himself, and he yelped as he fell to the floor. All the air whooshed out of his lungs when he hit the ground. Quincy straddled his body, sitting on his torso and pinning his arms above his head, smiling.

"How about now?"

It almost looked like the fight was over. But Cillian had been in this position before and, with a sickening sound, the younger man popped his shoulder out of joint. Rolling over, Cillian launched a left punch into Quincy's abdomen. The older man doubled down in pain and Cillian knocked him off his hips with a buck of his own. Standing up, Cillian popped his shoulder back into joint and waited for Quincy to stand back up.

"Since when can you do that...?" Quincy asked, a note of awe in his voice as he stood slowly.

"All's fair in war, dude," Cillian said, jumping towards Quincy with his knee bent for a strike. Quincy moved at the last second and kicked Cillian in the back of his knee, effectively dropping the younger man. Cranking back his fist, Quincy went in for a finishing punch to Cillian's shoulder blades. The younger man moved like a break dancer, spinning his legs in the air and snapping the side of his foot across Quincy's face.

Cillian stood as Quincy backed off with his hands lowly guarding his chest, hopping lightly on his toes. Their eyes met for several seconds before Quincy ran forwards, Cillian following suit with his left fist loaded by his side. Throwing the punch, Cillian missed by a hair as Quincy spun around him for a guillotine, which hooked in excellently. Cillian struggled against the grapple for a little bit, trying to steady his rapidly shortening breathing. His right elbow shot back into Quincy's stomach and the guillotine dropped.

The two men circled one another slowly, watching and waiting for the next move.

"I'm going to be honest," Cillian said, breathlessly. "I didn't think you'd be such a formidable opponent."

Quincy laughed. "Why? Because you only ever see me reading?" Cillian hated to admit that he had stereotyped Quincy but he had to, so he nodded.

"I'm pleasantly surprised though," he said, trying to redeem himself.

"You should be." Cillian ran forward, aiming to throw a punch at Quincy's chest. The older man easily blocked it and jammed his elbow into Cillian's solar plexus. Pain burst through his chest and all the air left his lungs at once. He gasped, trying to suck in air, but Quincy jerked both of his arms behind his back and forced him to the ground as if he was being arrested.

"Fuck," Cillian cursed, groaning. "That one actually hurt."

"My bad," Quincy purred in Cillian's ear. "I didn't mean to injure your soft body." Cillian somehow felt a shiver go through his body at the tone in Quincy's voice and the position the older man had him pinned in.
"I'm not soft-bodied..." Cillian tried to protest through trying to catch his breath.

"Aren't you, though?" Quincy repressed, pushing up on Cillian's arms and making the man beneath him moan in pain. Quincy almost took it another way.

"I-I'm not..." Cillian again said, but he didn't want to move from the position Quincy had him in right now. "In fact, I'm hard." Cillian regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth.

"That so?" Quincy whispered into Cillian's ear, placing his hand in the small of the younger man's back. "How hard..." Quincy's hands began touching at Cillian's sides and chest, probing but also feeling for different reasons. "Do you think you are?" Cillian bit his tongue and refused to answer for a few seconds.

"Q-Quincy, uhm," Cillian tried before Quincy bit the top of Cillian's ear to silence him.

Cillian submitted to the older man and allowed his hands to roam his body, waiting for them to find that one place. He shivered when Quincy's fingers ghosted along his spine, moving around to his front and feeling his abs.

"You're in great shape," Quincy murmured, his breath hot on Cillian's ear. The younger man's breath had become labored again, just as it had when the two of them had been fighting. Quincy's hands moved into the back pockets of Cillian's jeans and squeezed. "Very firm."

"Q-Quincy..." Cillian gasped his name when the older man placed a leg between Cillian's and pushed his knee forward. Cillian moaned into the carpeted floor.

"Something you want to say to me?" Quincy asked, his hands moving up to squeeze the younger man's shoulders. His voice was low and husky, and it was obvious that he was as turned on as Cillian was. "Go ahead. Tell me."

"D-Don't just tease me, dammit..." Cillian muttered, embarrassed as he hid his face in the carpet. Quincy couldn't help but lean down, his hips grinding into Cillian's backside. The younger man gasped as he felt something hard and long grind against him.

"Am I teasing you?" Quincy whispered, rolling his hips into Cillian again. "Really?" Cillian bit hit tongue as hard as he could to keep from moaning. He knew that his blush was a very deep red right about now.
"W-well no, but..."

"But what?" Quincy moved his hands underneath Cillian's chest and began stroking across the muscles. "Do you have something to say to me now?" Cillian struggled with himself, wondering if he should say anything.

"Q-Quincy, I..." He couldn't stop stuttering long enough to say it. The older man grinded into him again and at that moment, Cillian knew that his pants needed to come off, otherwise he was going to come in them.

"I'm still waiting," Quincy said softly, one of his hands raking through Cillian's dirty blonde locks. His entire body was buzzing with the anticipation of pleasure, if only he could just get the damn words out of his mouth.

"I-I need you to...to touch me." For a long moment, the only sounds in the room were that of their hard breathing.

"Is that all? Well that's easy." Quincy managed to flip Cillian over, his eyes drawn to the large bulge in his jeans before they moved up to the younger man's blushing face. Cillian could feel Quincy's own erection pressing eagerly against his own and if it were even possible, his blush deepened. He grabbed the older man's hips and grinded fiercely against him, making them both moan.

"Somebody's eager," Quincy breathed. His hand moved to the button of Cillian's jeans and undid it.

Cillian wasn't completely sure how they went from fighting to taking each other's clothes off, but he liked it.

He lifted his hips so Quincy could help him remove his pants, and the older man yanked off his boxers as well—Cillian lay exposed in front of him, his throbbing erection waiting to be touched.

"Quincy please…hurry." Cillian's eyes fluttered shut when Quincy wrapped his hand around his erect penis and began to stroke him. Immediately, a moan tumbled from his lips and Cillian made no move to hold it back. The fighting and their bodies grinding against one another had made him incredibly horny, and he knew that he wasn't going to last long at all.

His body arched into Quincy's touch when the older man fondled his balls and he whimpered when he squeezed his shaft. Quincy knew that the younger man was close to his orgasm when his balls tightened and his penis began to pulse in his hand.

"Are you going to come for me Cillian?" The older man asked, his voice low. Cillian whimpered again and nodded, his face flushed red. Quincy sped up his stroking and Cillian let out a low cry, which quickly turned into a whine when Quincy pulled his hand away.

"What are you doing?" Cillian asked, breathless. He had been so close to his orgasm, to that mind-blowing pleasure coursing through his veins, but Quincy hadn't let him, and he was already starting to get blue balls.

"Making you come," Quincy answered simply before he wrapped his hand back around Cillian and stroked him at a blinding speed, making his orgasm sneak up on him like a lion in prowl. He screamed as he came, his mind going blank and white flashing across the back of his eyelids. Come shot from his slit, covering Quincy's hand and his own stomach. The older man continued to stroke him through his orgasm, trying to milk as much come from him as he could. There was so much pleasure it got to the point of pain, and Cillian grabbed Quincy's hand, stopping his motion, as his body shook.

"Fuck," he whispered, his body lax. "I don't think I've ever had such a strong orgasm…"

"Can I fuck you?" Quincy blurted out the question before he could even think to censor himself, and he was hoping that he hadn't crossed the line. On the other hand, he did just give Cillian a handjob…

"Huh?" Cillian's face flushed pink as he stared back at the older man. Quincy cleared his throat.

"Do you want to have sex?" Cillian couldn't help but groan, his member twitching in anticipation.

"I was waiting for you to ask." Cillian leaned up and tried to unbutton Quincy's jeans, but his hands were shaking too much to accomplish the task. Laughing, Quincy gently pushed his hands away and undid his pants himself, kicking off them as well as his boxers.

Cillian closed his eyes again as Quincy lined himself up with the younger man's hole and braced his hands on both sides of his head. Quincy smiled down at Cillian and leaned down to kiss him as he pushed all the way in.

Cillian moaned into the kiss and Quincy started thrusting into him at a steady pace. The younger man wrapped his legs around Quincy's waist and tried to keep his virginal moans to a minimum, but the pleasure was just too much for him. His fingers searched for something to grab onto and ended up threading themselves into Quincy's long brown locks.

"Q-Quincy." Cillian moaned his name. "Go faster. Fuck me harder." His embarrassment was long gone and he just wanted to feel Quincy's 6.5 inch cock ramming into his sweet spot.

Quincy grunted and pounded into the man beneath him, hitting his sweet spot hard and at the most delicious angle, making him scream. Cillian could barely breathe. It just…it all was too much. It felt too good…

And out of nowhere, he came.

His fingers pulled at Quincy's hair as his seed once again shot from his penis, his body shaking with pleasure. He was arching so hard into the older man's body that their chests were touching. His walls were squeezing around Quincy, throwing him into his orgasm. Quincy moaned an obscenity as he came hot and hard into Cillian, filling every nook and cranny of his insides. They shook together, Quincy finally collapsing beside Cillian when his arms gave out on him. He was still nestled inside the younger man, some of his come oozing from his abused hole.

Quincy placed his hand on the side of Cillian's face, stroking it gently and looking into his sea green eyes. "I'm starting to think that fight wasn't such a bad idea."

Cillian laughed and kissed him.

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