5 Things- by Shauni Cooper

God gave me 5 things

He gave me eyes that see

The orange and red of an afternoon sunset

The visage of a broken hearted, covered in tears

He gave me ears that listen

To the chortles of the content, the songs of various birds,

The cry of a newborn to his caring mother,

The sobs of those who have lost a loved one

He gave me a nose that smells

The jasmine in the grassy field,

A whiff of fresh apples, a home cooked meal,

The stench of a burning residence


He gave me a tongue that tastes

The tangy burst of a blackberry,

The savor of a succulent watermelon,

The plastic covered pill that might keep me alive

He gave me a sense of touch

That feels the tender embrace of a friend,

A gentle kiss, my hand in yours,

A hard fist upon my skin

In addition, He gave me an ability

To combine these in my magnificent brain

The ability to learn, to love, to choose

And I would not have it any other way

Author's Note: Hey guys! Recently I've been trying new techniques and topics, so I will try to upload new poems, and maybe a story, in a few days. I've been writing and thinking a lot so if I don't upload anything by the end of next week, it probably means one of two things. Either I'm in a block or on a roll! :D Hopefully it's the second one! R&R! :)

As always, keep writing!