Forever united, never apart- by Shauni Cooper

It is a questionable matter

Nevertheless I have chosen to accept it

How habitual we have become

Dependant on one another

Two forces put on this malignant world

To be forever united and never apart

I find simple pleasures and splendorous moments

To be vanity if not shared with you

I declare a vigorous expedition

To explore each others hearts

Discovering our souls within the jungle

That is speculation and prejudice

We find shelter in each others embrace

Hiding away from envious eyes

As I look upon two stars

My fear melts away, and I demolish

All of the walls that kept us apart

I feel reassurance in your hand

As you stroke my own

Soft whispers of secrecy touch my ears

A desire I thirst for constantly

You make a solemn promise

To be my love, if I become your love

To be forever united and never apart

I greedily accept such an indefinable offer

With a swift osculation upon his lips

Author's Note: Hey people! I hope you enjoyed this one. Special thanks to Meadow Frost for proof-reading! (You are awesome girl! :D) Oh! In case you were wondering, 'osculation' is just a fancy word for kiss :D Anyways, leave your thoughts in a review please! :) Keep writing people!