Everyone tells me that life it short.

No one understands, so i retort,

It's the longest thing i'll ever do.

i am living my life, why don't you?

They say that Daddy is watching them.

Some think He is watching all us men.

Sorry, but i think He blinked today,

There was something i wanted to say.

but i don't think Daddy could hear me.

No one was responding to my plea.

i almost did something ugly, Daddy.

i did it without regret, gladly.

No one else could help, they didn't know.

i tried so hard not to let it show.

Daddy, i just want you to be here,

Hold me tight and chase away the fear.

And I need to know more than ever

Am I doomed in solace forever?

Daddy, i try so hard to believe.

It seems You're just one big fantasy.

Or maybe i'm too little for You.

Just a small speck of dirt on Your shoe.

As You blink my life passes me by.

i am trying so hard not to cry.

Daddy, i hope You don't make me wait.

Because tomorrow could be too late.