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My life wasn't terrible; it wasn't a sob story; it was perfect. I was spoiled, but I had excellent manners, I did as I was told, and I was good. God, I'm sounding like I was the most perfect girl ever, aren't I? Well, I love my life, and pretty much everyone loved their life in our little neighborhood in Aminie, Farnord.
I had many friends, but none of them were a true friend until the end, unlike Quinn. She was pure and nothing like those nasty sinners. She was pretty, though it didn't seem like it to other people, except for me. She was constantly mocked and teased by other children. I knew that she didn't deserve what kids punished her with.
Everything was running smoothly, until November 3rd. When I was 18, I was playing with the car keys, while my mom was reading a book about politics. Then, we heard a buzzing noise. It had caught both of our attentions. A woman appeared on the television screen. She was in a barricaded room with many people hidden within it.
"This is an emergency from news room 4. Everyone barricade and hide! Lock all your doors, windows, and keep everyone inside! A small creature should appear on the screen-" Suddenly, a nasty little bug in a clear box appeared. Then she continued franticly. "This creature is highly contagious if it gets inside you. If you have mask, use them for extr- GAAAHH!"
Suddenly the barricade broke. A swarm of those disgusting bugs appeared. The camera man dropped the camera and began to run for his life. Suddenly, the woman who was speaking slammed into the ground, wiggled like she was having a seizure, and tried to get those monsters off of her. It crawled into her mouth and she stopped moving completely.
My mom shut the TV off, refusing to watch that woman, her friend, Quinn's mom, suffer. I couldn't help but gasp as my mom ran to the door and locked it. Then, she locked all the windows. I watched her and began crying.
"What about Dad?" I screamed as she raced off to the backyard door and locked it. She didn't respond. I repeated my question as she continued. I couldn't help but glare. Then I grabbed her shoulder in a very impolite way. "WHAT ABOUT DAD?" She stopped. I finally noticed her tears and swollen eyes. She was in a very bad condition, but I couldn't care less at the moment. All I wanted to know is why she was leaving the man she married, the man who gave her children, the man who loved her, all alone out there to die.
She looked down and rushed off to finish locking everything quickly. She stayed quiet the entire time. Once she finished barricading, we sat in silence until she decided to speak up. "You father…" my mom had choked out sadly.
"Your father...I got a call from him today earlier and... He said to keep the TV on the news channel to see if he will come back home and I asked him if he was taking overnight shifts and he said..." My mom burst into tears and cried out, "'Something like that.'" My mom fell on her knees as I remembered my father worked for a place that tried to make new species. Ss soon as I realized what she had said, I began trembling.
I brought a hand to my mouth in shock. I heard a door open. I looked at my younger brother, Quinlan. He was ten and innocent. Then my mind flashed. What would happen to him? He was currently in his pajamas with a face full of worry as he watched us break down.
He ran over to me and our mom, confused and shocked as to why we were so upset. He was very mature for his age, and I knew he always would be. "What's wrong, and why are the blinds shut?" Quinlan asked, as he hugged us. Realizing my mom didn't have any confidence in telling her own son what happened, I frowned at her and wiped away my tears, realizing I wasn't completely broken like her.
I looked at my brother and gently grabbed his arms. "Q-Quinlan...I'm sorry...but Dad... he's-he's dead." my brother sat there for a moment like a toddler who had just bumped its head. Then suddenly, he burst out crying. I held the boy and noticed my mom had stopped. I glared at her. "Are you done so you can-" Suddenly, I was smacked at the back of my head. I looked at my mother in shock
"It's your fault..." She whispered bitterly and I stared. "Wh-what?" I raised a brow as I held my brother closer. "He wanted to make sure you guys were safe... and...had enough food and I tried to convince him but noooo... you guys were being worried about. His job had a huge life risk, which he ignored since it paid good... you little witches killed him... YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND!"
I sat there as my mom stormed off. I heard the door slam extremely loud. I had no idea what had gotten into her as Quinlan sobbed. I heard the door knock franticly. My whole body tensed as I stared and looked at my brother. "Hide behind the couch," I ordered. He ran quickly as I made my way to the kitchen. Grabbing the butcher knife in my hand, I crept closer to the door and put a firm hand on the locks as I slowly unlocked it. I made my way to the handle then launched it open with the knife held up.
The girl at the door looked surprised and my face relaxed seeing her red and swollen eyes. I realized it was Quinn and I felt a bit happier, knowing she was ok. "Hurry, Quinn." I allowed her in and closed the door quickly, locking it. "M-mom! She...she..." My friend burst out crying. I then knew she had watched the news to my disappointment. My brother creeped out from his hiding spot and stared worriedly at his sister-like figure.
I hugged her as she sobbed into my shoulder; my brother hugged her also. We sat there, reassuring her that everything would be okay, but we knew she wouldn't believe us. I knew she did too, but it was all we could offer. We couldn't bring Aunt Julie back, we couldn't make her drunkard father return, we couldn't stop those bugs, and we couldn't survive.

°°°°°~°°°°°~°°°°°~IM A FIGHTER~°°°°°~ IM A FIGHTER~°°°°°~°°°°°~°°°°°~°°°°°

A week went by. I noticed that the water and electricity had run out. The outdoors were becoming hell. People never tried to enter our house because they thought we were dead or we were a waste of time. The food in the refrigerator rotted since there was nothing conserving it. We broke our can opener a long time ago, the chips are stale, and ants devoured the cookies.
I knew that we had to leave to find more food sooner or later but, I was hoping it wouldn't be this soon. I had grabbed a knife and a medical bag to ready myself for the outside world. I knew this day would come, but I was utterly terrified. I didn't show it to my brother.
I knew I had to protect him since my mom could care less about his well being. I had to be his mom now; I had to do this...for Quinlan...for Quinlan... "For Quinlan," I whispered as I leaned down to kiss his figure. I glanced at Quinn.
I had to do this with them sleeping, or else they would beg me not to go. They would force me to stay away from the door, even though they knew very well that we would die without food. I had tried it once only to have them scream while my mom watched with a glimmer of sadness and amusement in her eyes.
I grabbed a glove I slipped it on. Then, I headed to the door fearfully. I breathed in and unlocked it. A bit of fear disappeared. Another lock, more fear gone. I moved my hand to the last lock and- "So, got the guts?" I heard a slurred voice. I didn't turn to see who it was. I already knew.
"Yeah, no thanks to you, Mom," I spat the word 'Mom' and unlocked the final one.
"You better not leave," She ran to me and forcefully moved my hand. I glared and her then smacked her.
"You were once my Mom, but ever since Dad died, I don't think so Delilah." I frowned at the woman before quickly walking towards Quinlan and Quinn. I woke them up.
"Get up, right now," I told them.
"What are you doing?" My mom walked over, glaring at me; I ignored her.
"Come on Quinlan." I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around him. Then I threw it over his head as Quinn stood.
"What's going on?" My young brother asked worriedly.
I shook my head. "Nothing, go back to sleep," I ordered as I led Quinn to the door. She knew what was happening, but was too scared to speak.
"I said, 'What are you doing?'" my mom screamed.
I turned to her "Making sure the three of us survive." I turned to the door and swung it open.
Quinn and I stepped out and began to leave. As we walked, I saw gloomy bicycles, bears, houses, and dead people that I knew. I held back tears to be strong as Quinn clung to me, scared. The whole area stunk of death and metal. I swallowed hard as we walked to Miss Johnson's house.
Miss Johnson was a kind, forgiving woman who never got mad. She was the nicest old woman I had ever met. Even though she was alone and never got married, she was incredibly nice. She was always saying that she didn't need love to be a happy person. I looked up to her.
I walked inside with my companions, threw open a broken down door, and walked to the couch. I sat Quinlan down gently as he slept. My shoulder was cold; I just realized that Quinlan was crying. I stared at my brother with grief and pity because he had to experience this. He was just a kid. "Quinn, stay here, I'll explore around the house. If any one comes, scream," I explained bluntly. I began walking away to the kitchen.
I forked around the drawers before slamming one open to find a can opener. I grinned and stuffed it into my bag. I looked around in the cabinet. To my displeasure, they were swiped out. I grumbled at the clean shelves and peeked in the fridge. I expected to get a huge disgusting smell thrown at me, but there was none. I realized there was a hole with a ladder that seemed to go on forever. Suddenly, I heard a scream.
I shut the fridge and ran to the living room quickly. I saw an overweight man with a rope wrapped in his hands. He tackled Quinlan and got on top of him. The man had blood all on a shirt with an image of a burger and text that read 'I'm a Big Max kind of man'. As he grinned, you could see slightly pink and red stained teeth that were crooked.
"Oooo, lookie here, a yummy snack for me to enjoy." His voice was twisted and disgusting with a hint of gruffness.
Quinn's face was full of fear as the man drawled his rope to Quinlan's shivering form. I was in shock and wasn't moving, and it was stupid not to do a thing, but I just was frozen. I was scared. Terrified. Horrified. That is, until a man, who I still thank to this day, saved his life.
Bullets flew through the obese figure, causing him to shriek in pain, but one landed in his head, silencing him. The threat fell lifelessly and I quickly tried to shove him off. I barely did any good until a man helped me slip the overweight dead man off. My brother looked traumatized and Quinn and I gave him a crushing hug.
I looked up at the man as tears slipped down my face. "Thank you a lot, really." I smiled a bit and he glared at me with his blue eyes "You need to act. If I wasn't here, he surely would have died." He had a thick Russian accent then gazed over to the body and kicked it around "Dermot! Kak ya mog pozolit etomu sluchitsya?" He spoke Russian in a frustrated tone. I let go of my brother and stood, noticing he was taller. "What's the matter?" I asked confused and he sighed, running a frustrated hand through his black hair and looked over at me.
"I let Melakii Monstr go," he explained. It was my turn to look confused as I wiped my eyes. Quinn and Quinlan stood.
"Melakii Monstr means 'Little Monster' in Russian. I'm talking about the bugs that go in peoples bodies and control them," he told me irritated as I looked a little shocked. "T-they take OVER people's BODIES?" I cried in shock. I had a fire of hope that Quinn's mom was okay.
"Yes. How come you don't already know?" He questioned and I looked down a bit. "Well, we've been staying in our house since the outbreak, so..." I trailed off to let him know and the man nodded.
"I'll give you a run down on what has been happening; please sit." He gestured to the couch and we sat.
As Quinlan slept with his head in my lap, Quinn and I listened to the man. "I'm Vladislav, I came here as a trip, but of course it was ruined by the outbreak. Melakii Monstr are the bugs that started this in the first place. They take over anyone who acts out in the Seven Deadly Sins. The Melakii Monstr takes over someone's body, and that someone is the host.
"The host is soon insane after a 24 hour progress. There's two ways to make it leave. One," Vladislav held up a finger. "You convince them to keep their sins down or two," His middle finger flew up. "You kill them," he explained simply. Then I crossed my arms.
"If you kill them, why can't the bug just operate the body without the brain functioning?"
"Well, for one, if they can't make the hosts' body operate by themselves, they whisper orders to the host and make them act the way they want them to, promising with the Seven Deadly Sin that they obtain. For example, someone who's Envious, they'd get promise to kill football players since their legs are paralyzed and they've always wanted to be one." I sighed and nodded.
"And how do you make them sane?" I sat up straight and ran my fingers' through Quinlan's hair.
"If you convince them that their act was wrong, and they mean it to the heart, Melakii Monstr will be shoved out because meaning things to the heart disgust them so much." Vladislav stretched and stood, grabbing his gun and putting it away into his black trench coat.
"Hey! Wait!" I gently handed Quinlan to Quinn and walked to the man. "How do you know all of this?" I stood in his way and he gazed down to me. "I was a scientist in Russia, and I studied in The National University of Science and Technology MISiS." He then made on his way lazily. I sighed and looked at the people who were the closest to me the most. "Let's get going."
We made our way to the house, only to see the door wide open. "Quinn... stay close to me," I growled deeply and she nodded quickly, sticking behind me and making sure that Quinlan was asleep. I stepped in cautiously and tried to grab my knife to only find it gone. I had left it in Miss Johnson's house. Dermo. I silently glanced in my room, my brother's, the bathroom, closets, then finally, my Mom and Dads'.
I breathed deeply as I rounded the corner in our house to Mom and Dad's room. I noticed blood as I peeked around the corner. The worst case scenario flashed to my mind, but I erased it and swallowed it. I quickly looked at Quinn before she saw.
"Go to the living room," I ordered. She frowned. "Now!" I whispered harshly. She nodded and went to the living room. I let out a deep breath and looked back down the hall way. I took careful steps to remain quiet, but it seemed like an eternity. I finally reached the door and took a huge breathe.
I turned carefully and gazed into the room where blood soaked around, nearly making me puke. "My, my... hello there, Sweetie." 'Sweetie' was spat out and I turned, seeing my mom. I noticed her arms were coated in large gashes, nearly making me puke. She seemed fine besides the blood loss, which was odd since an average adult carried around 8 pints of blood, and it seems she lost more from the looks of the room. It took me moments to realize it wasn't hers. It was a girl. A girl who looked very sorrowful as she lay on my mother's bed, lifeless.
Looking up at my mom, I noticed a Malekii Monstr on her back. "M-mom..." I stuttered and pointed to the creature.
"Oh...you like my new addition?" She turned and I noticed the monster absorbed into my mother's back; veins were pulsing around the area where Malekii Monstr was sinking in. My eyes widened and I backed up into the wall with a hand to my mouth.
I had thought Vladislav had told me it took 24 hours to finish the progress of being turned into A Seven Deadly Sin. My mom seemed pleased in my reaction and stepped closer. "Come now, let your mommy hug you." Her voice was awfully sarcastic and sickly disgusting. She drew a knife out and I gazed over at it, scared gutless. Her smile widened as I tried to back up further, even though it wasn't possible. As my mother raised her hand, and I felt something trigger in me as I dove out of the way.
Doing something between a tumble and a roll, I was on my knees as my mom began digging the knife out of the wall. I stood with a full opportunity and quickly tackled her, taking advantage of the situation. We rolled around on the blood soaked carpet. My mom was quickly on top and I made sure I didn't scream or make loud noises to that will make Quinn come in. That was the last thing I wanted to do. Especially let Quinlan see. I wanted to keep him as pure as possible.
Mom pressed her hands to my neck. Her thumbs were above the middle of my collar bone, choking me. I felt my air close out and my sight getting blurry. Time slowed. My mother's face was fully amused and wicked. Then at the moment, I noticed how much she looked like Quinlan. Quinlan got his looks from my mom. Her spiky-like blonde hair, which was only one thing I owned of hers, and her ocean blue eyes. My mom was tall enough to be at my dad's height, 6'1.
I then remembered my mom named Quinlan after Quinn's dad, who she loved until she met my father. Then she saw him as a brotherly figure. Quinlan...Quinn... I knew I couldn't lose, I had to win. For the ones I love. Even if that meant to kill my only parent.
Suddenly, my shaking hands shot up and grabbed her throat. I brought my knee up to her stomach, causing her to cough. A bit of saliva and blood went on my cheek.
Realizing my advantage, I quickly tossed her over and pressed as hard as I could. I dug my bitten-off finger nails into her throat. I began to bang her head as she tried to escape. I watched slowly as her amused expression disappeared, filling with a blue-ish tint. She slowly stopped struggling and I noticed the Melakii Monstr try to crawl away. 'You...Murderer…' was the last thing Mom said before she died.
My eyes were wide as I let my hands grabbed the little rascal on my dead relatives' back. This thing drove my mom insane. This made me kill her. This... this was truly a monster. I stood and walked to the wall then dug the knife out with all my strength. Once it slipped out, my gaze turned to the purple creature. "Good night!"