Haddi watched silently as the house was boarded up. They were four people closing the windows, doors, and any other entrances they found, along with the hole in the refrigerator. There were 10 officers that were to protect them in case anyone attacked.
Once they finished, Haddi stared at the house and turned her head to the nearby worker. "Did you secure it? Made sure nothing was loose?" She raised a brow and one of them nodded.
"Yes Ma'am. Everythin' is snuggly tight." He nodded at her, and Haddi took one more glance at the house. "Alright, did you write your names on each board?" She asked. The workers nodded.
"Yes Ma'am. But why do we hafta do that?" The head worker spoke up, causing Haddi to gaze around for a bit and turn around.
"We will return tomorrow. Everyone here will meet us at six a.m sharp. If you do not come, a day without pay can be arranged," She said coldly. She got some objections, but Haddi ignored them. She began walking down the road ignoring all objections. She could care less.

It was four AM. Haddi sat in her office. She wasn't able to sleep because she had to sort out some files. It was understandable, but she hadn't been home since the day before yesterday. It kind of made her upset when she wasn't able to see Quinn and Quinlan.
There was a soft knock at the door, and Haddi looked up. "Come in" was all she said. Quinn came in, along with a 13 year old Quinlan.

"Hey, sis!"

"Hello Haddi!" They said simultaneously. The woman nodded, and they sat down in nearby chairs.
They sometimes came at night when she had too much work to do, but only on weekends. Haddi narrowed her eyes.

"Quinn." Her friend looked up. "Why is Quinlan here on a school night? He needs to be well rested for tomorrow. You are his teacher, so you should know better," she scolded, crossing her arms and giving her friend a disapproving look. "Go home now."
"Please, Had! Pleaseee! I really wanted to see you!" Quinlan shot up from sitting and clasped his hands together. "I never get to see you anymore!" He pouted sadly. Haddi stared at him with a poker face, not revealing any emotions at all.
The young adult sighed. "Very well, Quinlan- But! But you need to go home in thirty minutes. I have work to worry about, along with Miss Johnson's house and all," she explained, covering her face in her hands. Quinlan and Quinn cheered happily, but got a cold glare shot their way, causing their mouths to close.
"So, Haddi, what have you been doing recently?" Quinn asked, sitting back and crossing her arms. "We might have a new lead on the Sins; Miss Johnson's house is becoming more and more suspicious. Remember that hole I found years ago? Well, it's still there and active. I kind of remember the dirt being fresher back then, so it wasn't made long before we arrived, still a little dirt here and there... But we boarded up the house and are working on seeing if it's still active, and if we can catch the Lust I saw in there..."
Quinlan perked up. "There was a whole team killed, right? In the Sunday announcement, my friend's dad was mentioned..."

Haddi nodded "Yes, some died. We are working on better security, but not many are volunteering... things are getting worse for everyone and people are becoming too afraid of dying... It's just getting complicated," she explained, looking down at the papers on her desk.
"Don't stress yourself!" Quinn suddenly said, causing Haddi to look up.


The young adult raised a brow at her friend. "Don't overwork yourself, it isn't healthy and you might end up fainting or something!" She said worriedly.
Haddi gave out a shake of her head. "Nothing is wrong with me. I will be fine and everything will be okay," she said coldly, massaging her temples out of aggravation.

"But, sis-"

"I think it's time you both head home. Your time is up," she said in a cold voice, looking down at her work. Quinlan was about to compromise, when Quinn told him that they should go.
Once they left, Haddi continued to stare at her work, thoughts swarming around her head at the moment.

Every day, her team and Haddi gathered up around the house to check the boards to see if they were disturbed or not, but everything was okay for a week. The people in the MMTC council were slowly doubting Haddi's plan, and Mrs. Peum was becoming more and more cocky at the thought of being right.
Haddi was forced to abandon the plan because it was what the council decided; they thought that it wasn't worth the time. She couldn't help but be ticked off at it, but she had to stand by and let it happen.
The Vice President soon walked into her office while she was working on papers. He looked at her, and tossed some more papers on her desk.
"These need to be signed and filled out as well, Haddi," he said, looking at with a slightly guilty face.

"Alright, I'll do it when I'm finish with this stack," she answered, not looking up at him. The vice president nodded, and stayed in the room.
Haddi slowly looked up from her work. "Can I... help you?" She said, glaring at him and putting her pen down.
The vice president shook his head. "I'm just thinking, that's all," he said, biting his lip.
The young adult set her pen down and sat back, glaring at him. "Just tell me so you can go, I have work to attend to, and I don't need you stopping me from doing so," she said plainly, propping her elbow on the desk and resting her head in her hand.
The Vice President sighed deeply. "You were set out on the act at Miss Johnson's house, right? Well, guess what happened recently?" He said, looking down at the ground. "Someone broke in, and 17 guards decided to go out themselves, hoping and believing that your theory was right. All 17 were killed."

Haddi observed the house, looking at the broken wood on the ground and the dead bodies. Seven out of ten of them had scratches on each cheek and the forehead, while the rest were killed brutally.
She went into the house, observing more broken wood. The young adult walked further into the house where they boarded up the hold in the fridge. It was also busted open. She continued to look around the house, but she found nothing of importance.
Haddi walked outside to see the rest of the council.

"Whatever left the house came from the inside. From the way the wood is faced, it's obvious," she said plainly. At the hole, some wood shavings was scattered outside of it, and something hit it from the outside. All of the wood had fallen down into the hole.
Mr. Derwin, one of the lower council, spoke up. "Well then, we probably didn't know a Sin was in there," he said in a gruff voice.
"That's where you're wrong. We scanned the entire area before boarding the house up, and we found no Sin in there. We scanned every area possible, only to find nothing at all. We couldn't find anything, so there must be something connecting to that area," Haddi explained to him, narrowing her eyes.
There was a big argument, but the young adult ignored all statements. When she knew something, she was always right.

She was right no matter what.

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