My voice faltered midsentence as I fell to the ground, eyes fluttering, staring at the pool of blood developing around my body. I could see Jackson running towards me, but someone was holding him back. He sounded so far away; everyone did. I heard a million people yelling "Taylor! TAYLOR!" I wished they would all shut up. I had a headache.

I looked down to the knife in my stomach, laughing feebly at my misfortune. This was supposed to just be a normal day. As my father had put it when I'd been bit by a spider when I was eight, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, caught completely off-guard. I mean, who would think of someone bringing a knife to a middle school in a happy little country town?

I glanced around to all the people, straining to see if I was okay. No, not seeing if I was alright… just curious. Action, that's all they care about; something new. It's not every day a girl gets stabbed in broad daylight while all of her peers are around. They all watched me anyway, the nerd and her boyfriend. Everybody saw me, every judging eye and every gossiping sneer, and they were directed my way. Then, not two seconds later, I get a knife to the gut. Suddenly everyone cared? How pathetic they all are. I laughed again for them, to add to the show.

I winced, expecting pain, and then realized I couldn't feel anything. Why couldn't I feel the pain? I remembered I heard about it in science; when the pain is too severe, the pain receptors stop working so well until you can get yourself to safety. I sighed, knowing I couldn't escape from this one. I also knew that I must have lost a lot of blood. I felt lightheaded.

My attention turned back to the knife, sticking unnaturally out of my body. I groaned at the sight, the blood oozing between my flesh and the wood of the handle. It's good that I have a strong stomach, or else I would have vomited. I couldn't handle the unusualness of the knife; foreign objects should not go into the body. Before I could even think about it, I grabbed the knife by the bloody wood and pulled it out. I felt it tear its way out of my core, and I dropped it to the ground.

I realized my mistake soon, but not soon enough. I gasped, finally feeling the splitting pain, watching the blood pour out of the open wound. The walkway spun, and I only had enough strength to take one last breath. I screamed before everything went black.




I woke to my phone buzzing and to my mom screaming at me to hurry up. I sighed; just another normal day. I tried to think of the dream I'd had, but I couldn't for the life of me remember.