The Dolls With the Black Button Eyes

Allie was jealous. She was never satisfied with what she had. There was always something else she was after.

Whenever a new purse was made by her favorite fashion designer, Allie wanted it immediately. New CD? It was on her want list. She even got the most popular girl's boyfriend all to herself though trickery. But the one thing that annoyed her most was that no matter what she did, there was one thing that Allie wanted that she could never have.


Jane was the prettiest, most respected girl in the entire school, and she was completely oblivious to it. All the boys craved her sweet touch, the girls turned to her for advice, and even the teachers loved her. She was also very talented. She could sing, dance, do gymnastics, pretty much anything Jane did she was good at.

But there was one thing Allie had that Jane would never get.


Allie was a witch. A witch with a plan to get Jane all to herself.


Allie approached Jane with an invitation in her sweaty hand.

"Hi, Jane!" Allie called, though she was on the other side of the commons.

Jane turned, and when she saw who was addressing her, faked a smile.

Jane was conceited. She may look pretty and nice on the outside, but inside she was a different person. She was always annoyed at her peer's constant admiration, and the teachers made her want to go jump off of a cliff when they started complimenting her. Jane's biggest pet peeve was ugliness, which was why she despised Allie with a passion. The girl was always sweating, and her hair was a greasy black. Her fashion sense was horrid, and Jane wanted to kill herself when she saw her.

"Good afternoon, Allie," Jane said with forced happiness when Allie got closer.

Allie handed Jane the paper. "I'm having a party!" she said.

Jane took the sheet, criticizing the handwriting in her head.

"Want to come?"

Jane shrugged. In the corner of her eye, she saw the principal staring at her. She couldn't do anything stupid, or else she'd get caught and her fa├žade would vanish, leaving behind the true her.

"Sure, I'll give you a call," Jane finally said, trying to keep herself from breaking character.

Allie smiled. Her plan was going exactly as she thought it would.

Allie smiled darkly before turning and walking to class. Jane watched her go before turning to head to music.


Jane begged her parents not to make her go to Allie's. She pleaded literally on her knees and tried to make a compromise, but their answer didn't change, no matter how many years she was willing to be grounded or how many times she swore to clean the entire house and mow the lawn and take care of the shed. Her parents had heard the other parents mention the lonely girl and her strange mother. They felt sad for this unknown child and thought their daughter could serve as a glimmer of hope for Allie. And when Jane kept saying Allie was "uncool" and "super weird" and "ugly", they were reassured this was the right choice. It was set. Jane would be spending this weekend at Allie's house.

Meanwhile, in her room, Allie was standing on a stool, mixing things together in a large pot. She was making up a little drink for Jane. She began to sing a little tune.

Listen to the songs of darkness

Hear the harmonized call.

Jane, I crave you

And soon I'll have you for my own.

Say goodbye to Heaven, Jane

Because tomorrow you will only see Hell.


That Friday, when Jane got to Allie's, she saw no one else going to the party.

Am I early? She thought.

Jane entered the house and found herself in a living room. Or at least that's what she thought.

The walls were painted black, and a red leather sofa was pushed against a wall. An old coffee table was covered in papers, bottles of empty drinks, and cigarette buds and packages. The carpet was stained and dirty. The room reeked of smoke and cheap wine.

Allie came down a set of stairs, wearing a black dress with a white ribbon around her waist. Her greasy hair was pulled back in a sloppy bun. She was barefoot.

"Welcome," Allie said.

"Where's everyone else? You said this was a party," Jane said. She hoped maybe they would come soon so she wouldn't be alone with Allie and her no doubt drug-addict parents.

Allie faked a sigh. "They couldn't come," she said.


"Because you're the only one I invited."

Jane looked into Allie's eyes. Allie had a dark smile on her face. It made Jane feel queasy.

Allie wrapped her cold, meaty hand around Jane's wrist and let her though a dirty kitchen to a door that led to a basement. She led Jane down the creaky steps, into the darkness of the room.

Allie flipped a switch. Jane screamed. The room held dolls. They were the size of humans, with black button eyes and creepy smiles. Their skin was a milky white. They were dressed in dresses and sitting in little chairs.

"Get up, my friends," Allie whispered.

The dolls rose. Jane was terrified. The dolls were holding ropes and scissors and knifes in their delicate hands.

"What are they?" Jane whispered.

Allie laughed. "I made friends. They listen to me and never let me down. "

"They look so real."

"That what happens when you use pretty girls for dolls."

Jane looked at Allie in horror. This girl-this monster- killed innocent people and turned them into doll. These people had been led through the same house, by the same person to the same fate.

The dolls began to whisper.

"We have a new friend."

"She can play with us too now."

"Change the girl, make her a doll."

"Make her a toy."

"Make her one of us."

Allie was giggling like crazy. She began to climb up the steps. She tossed a bottle to one of the dolls.

"Make sure she drinks this," she said. "I give you my permission to torment her and make her one of you."

The dolls giggled.

The door slammed shut.

Jane was trapped. The dolls closed in on her, forming a tight circle around her. Her heart pounded in her chest. There were at least a dozen of them. They got closer and closer. The dolls grabbed her arms, pulled at her wavy brown hair, ripped her jeans and favorite shirt.

"Allie!" Jane called the name, hoping she would come back.

The dolls tied her to a cool metal table at the center of the room. They grabbed tools to cut and sew with.

"Allie, please! HELP ME!"

The dolls made Jane drink the fluid in the bottle. It burned her throat.

"ALLIE!" the drink was causing Jane to lose her voice.

The doll grabbed a spoon-looking thing.

"Take her eyes."

""The buttons, don't forget the buttons."

"Eyes first, then we'll take her organs."

"Yes, yes, take the organs and eat them!"

"First the eyes."

"ALLIE!" Jane screamed. Her voice was disappearing quickly.

The spoon-thing went to her eyes. The lights suddenly went out, and Jane screamed and screamed.


Nobody heard of Jane again. Allie said they had fallen asleep and when she woke up, Jane had somehow left without a trace. The police searched and searched, but Jane wasn't found. Posters were put up, search crews searched, but she was gone. It was as if she was hiding.

One day, Allie went to her basement to talk to her dolls. Sitting in a chair was her new doll with wavy brown hair and dressed in jeans and a shirt Jane loved so much.

"Hello, Jane," Allie said.