RANDOM FACT FROM THE INTERNET 1# A cord of wood can make 7.5 million tooth picks.

1, 2 I'm coming for you,

Angela licked her strawberry ice cream from Bask'n Robins that was held in a cup with a waffle tucked inside with cooled chocolate and sprinkles dipped. She ran her tounge around it then herd her best friend cheer around.
"Oooooo, Annie! Look a cute little shop, lets go!" Stella the wired blonde stated as she bit her waffle cone then snatched her friends hand "Its not a shop, its a fortune teller!" Groaned Angela as shestomped her feet into the ground tok halt her friend, fustrated that she didnt read the sign " close enough, now lets go" the blonde snorted then dragged her friend along as she gave up "your just giving excuses to wasten your allownace..."
Stella had dragged hper in fully and a small bell rang as a nasty stench smashed into their faces but it seemed not to bother the wired blonde. Angela coughed a bit with a stink face that she always made at Stellas house when her brother cooked for dinner. They barged in rather rudely and they sat there for moments on in. Stella looked around the cluttered shop then yelled "HEY ANYONE HOME?" Her voiced raised loudly and Angela covered her mouth with her hand. The black haired girl glared at her "stay quiet! And that was really rude!" "Well im sorry miss-"
A crackly voice interuped their fight "Listeen to your friend that WAS rude" an old woman appeared quite wrinkled. She wore a long robe that covered her completely. Angela frowned and quickly apoligized and had to kick Stella to get her to apoligize. The woman gave a grin which exposed her terrible teeth "good girl, and since your friend knows such great manners, ill give you all a free reading, follow me" the woman said, turning slowly and walked to the right. Angela smirkedat Stella and walked along behind her quite angry.
They made their way to a table with chinese food stacked up along it with a crystal ball in the middle. The old woman pushed off the food which splattered on the floor. The girls looking at that a little disgusted the woman motioned Stella to sit. The blonde frowned and sat with an obious fake smile. "Give me your hands" the woman explained simply then for the first time, showed her leathery hands. Stella took then with caution and the woman closed her eyes.
Forgein words were whispered under the old womans breath and she slowly brought Stella and her hands to the crystal ball and the old woman creaked her eyes open like an old door then the crystal ball started to glow beautifully. The woman looked carefully then smiled "Your life will be beautiful and you'll have an excellent husband but tragic will strike soon though, I'm unsure what it will be. I do know that it will be the closes to you." The old woman smiled and let go of Stella hands as she stood.
Angela was next as she gave Stella both of hers and she planted herself onto the red cusion seat then held her slightly tan hands as the woman slipped her hands into the childs. She mumbled the same rhythm of Stellas reading then she slowly moved Angelas hands to the crystal ball. It felt like and enternity for their hands to reach the ball as a feeling inside of her telling her to jerk her hands before they touch the smooth clear surfurce.
The moment they reached to the beautiful ball it began cracking and all of the girls screamed as it shattered into pieces and Angela backed up quickly, allowing herself to stumble as the chair caught her foot but she was able to stand straight. Stella dropped the ice creams as she witness the act and looked at her friends blooded hands that had glass snug, finding a home in Angelas skin.
The woman had a horrified expression as she trembled and slowly moved her hands to her mouth then suddenly sprang up "You must move! You must leave! Its not safe here you must go or your fate will kill you! Make you insane!" The woman screamed and shouted with her frantic. Angela and Stella expected one of the friends and the dude from That Seventies Show and screamed they were punked but nothing happened, only the old womans pleads and cries.
Both girls scram out of there and they ran fast, getting rewarded with odd glances shot at the teens. Once they were certian they were safe they breathed heavily, loving oxygen at the moment. Angela looked at her hands as Stella snatched them and plucked sharp by sharp and wince by wince. Soon they were all out but they wernt deep, but there was alot of blood. "Here" Stella digged in her back pocket and revealed napkins from Bask'n Robins. Angela dug her hands into the napkins as they stung sharply.
Stella and Angela walked through the streets in silence until Stella stopped and walked into her house with out a single word, just stale quietness. Angela frowned deeply as her friend disappeared into the brown wood door. Stella slammed the door shut and Angela just sat there, staring but finally moved after a while.
She walked down the road as a blue pick-up truck sped by to reach to their destanation. Her hand stung worse then a bees stinger on someones tounge and just to make it even better, she tripped, sliding her hands across the ground. When life gives you lemons, find a kid with a paper cut and make his life miserable. Screw you karma.
The teen yelped and she jolted up and frowned at her hands. Tears welled in her eyes as she felt her nerves bring awareness to her brain then the salty tears that landed on her palms didnt help much either. Once again, screw you karma. She thought angrily but a sweet sound buzzed into her ears.
Angela looked up in awareness of a orange and white feline. A cat. She suddenly broke into a grin that stretched for enternity and ignored her dying hands "Hi there little kitty!" The girl stretched a hand out but the cat gave into a shock and ran. Angela bolted up then ran into the alley the little kitten had bolted in "here kitty kitty kitty!" She chanted out then herd a loud yelp scream on.
The girls eyes widen huge after hearing that unpleasant sound and she quickly grabbed her phone and brought it up quickly as her sore hand screamed to be treated. Another crying hand was brought to Angelas mouth as she took a step back in horror. Her tears got worse as a metal like smell came into her nose to the point she could taste it.
Blood and small limbs were crawled on the wall like a terrible crime show she'd seen on Criminal Minds, but worse. Too much in shock to scream, a blurry figure took her attention and she saw a man.
He looked in his twenties with a red devilish scarf that didnt look like it was bought in that shade of color and a giant grin stretched ear to ear "1, 2 i'm coming for you" he sang in a cracked tone from the infamous horror movie 'THE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET' then his red eyes peeked at her and he took a sly step forward, stepping on the poor, dead kittens head which had finally triger the girls feet.
Angela bolted away, losing her phone in progress, but all she had in mind was that terrible scene and that bone crushing sound and a 'pop' sickening sound that would haunt her for the rest of her life.


A hobo walked along in a drunk matter after her luckly got three dollars from a genourus lady. He had given her that old trick 'i have kids to feed!' Ha! How she fell for it.
The homeless man began to walk into his alley home when he halted and saw the kittens scene. Blood was splattered as it was just terrible and flies flew around the remains. His eyes widen as he opened his mouth and said:
"I'm not cleaning this up