13, 14, Go Ahead Miss Insane

Angela gathered her bag, work, medicine for her headaches, and some pencils. She walked out of the house silently, closing and locking the door behind her. She hasn't slept since seeing Calvin in her room, and she felt like she was losing her mind. She just didn't feel right, like she was slipping on the cliff of sanity, and falling into the ocean below her. Angela watched her feet as she walked, uncontrollably thinking of dark things. She refused to let her thoughts out, but they were slowly ganging up on her at the most random moments, and she was fearful that something might happen. Something that she wouldn't want to do. She watched the ground below her, mind buzzing with knives, guns, and blood with some gore. She was becoming something she wasn't, something terrible. I'm becoming Twisted Angela, she thought sadly, becoming more and more immune to the fear and tears.

Angela arrived at the school safely, and no one dared get near her or look at her. Not even Stella stepped up to her, she just scurried by fearfully. The young teen kept her eyes glued to the floor the entire time, that is, until she heard herself being called by someone. Her head shot up in surprise to see Mr. Michealson, one of her teachers.

"Angela, do you mind coming here please?" He asked kindly, no sign of fear at all. He was a teacher she used to have a crush on. Well, it's not like she'll be crushing on anyone with everything that's going on. Everyone around her was surprised, but they tried their best to act as if they didn't care. Angela walked into the room, the door being shut behind her.

"Yes, Angela, may I ask you something?" He asked, leaning on his desk and clasping his hands together. Angela didn't speak, then narrowed her eyes back to the ground quietly. "Please look at me when I ask you this, dear," he said in a gentle tone.

Angela didn't do anything, and Mr. Michealson sighed. "Oh well," he murmured, then cleared his throat. "I heard from people that you haven't been yourself, and one night you were actually confronted by someone." Angela's ears perked up but she didn't look at her teacher. "The police said the attacker was Calvin. Calvin Michealson," he said, sounding sadder.

Angela quickly shot her head up with wide eyes, and then didn't see Mr. Michealson. She saw Calvin. "Calvin was my younger brother, well, is... he ran away a couple years ago and all..." His voice was Mr. Michealson, but it wasn't his at the same time. It's Calvin! Her mind had finally convinced her. Angela's eyes were wide with fear, and she grabbed some scissors nearby. "Angela?" Calvin screamed in shock. She looked at him fearfully, and then raised the scissors up. She brought them down on the man, and he screamed loudly.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Angela screamed, sobbing. There was loud cluttering around her, and she was pulled off of Calvin. Wait, no, it's not Calvin. It's Mr. Michealson. There was shrieking and a nearby teacher knelt beside him, checking his pulse.

"Oh god! Get the kids out of here and call the cops!" He yelled quickly.

'13, 14, Go ahead, Miss. Insane~!' Calvin sang happily, causing Angela to look up with wide eyes and shove off the person who was holding her. "WHERE IS HE?" She shrieked, terrified. "Oh god, WHERE IS HE?" Angela asked again, but felt someone touch her shoulder. She turned around with wide eyes to see Calvin again. He was playing with her, he was he was he was he was. She pushed Calvin away, backing up quickly into a corner, clenching onto the bloody scissors for dear life.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" She sobbed out again, covering her head. "JUST GO AWAY! GO GO GO." She began shaking, moving her head back and forth. "I don't like you go go go."

"ANGELA!" Someone screamed and she looked up to not see Calvin anymore. It was all of the teachers, then she heard yelling coming down the hall. The police came in, holding guns, pointing their weapons at her.

She looked over at the floor, and it was like everything was in slow motion. Mr. Michealson smiled. He smiled at her. He then mouthed, Calvin will have you succumb in soon. Suddenly everything sped up again.

"Put the weapon down!" The cop yelled, rushing everyone out. Angela stood up, looking scared and confused while shaking her head.

"No no no no, he's coming h-he's doing this all," she choked out, dropping the scissors. The police rushed to her, shoving her against the wall, and forced handcuffs on her, but all Angela did was stare at the body of Mr. Michealson while he was being checked on.

"I'm scared," she mumbled. "I am." The police officer kept yelling at her, forcing her out the door and to the front doors of the school. She felt like she had faded from reality once she stepped outside of the high school.

"Angela Jacie Maree is now pronounced psychopathic by the court."

Angela was a psychopath now, she was officially called one. She couldn't be one, she just a teenager, but they treated her as an adult in this case instead of a child. When she was being brought out of the court, she looked up to see people with disbelieving faces. They did not believe that this small, bony, pale teenager would be capable of that type of brutal murder.

DERP! Don't know what they say about Phyco's in court because I don't watch a lot of cases with psychopaths. More with brutal murder. THIS WILL END SOON! THE NEXT CHAPTER ;-; I HAD A FUN TIME ;-; EVEN THOUGH no one even reads this, so, yeah. I wrote part of this in a Mexican restaurant. Olé.