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-10- Memory Pilgrimage

"M..." echoed a blurry voice. Dampened by the coldness of the water, a hand reaches out towards a window, tightly gripping the arm of what looked to be a little boy. "No!" again shouted the voice, a voice of a child. The arm struggled to escape the hand but couldn't, the arm began to drag the boy upwards, up towards the piercing light of the sun, the water was getting more shallow as they pierce to the surface of the water.

Eye lids shoot open, Katsuo looks around. He is back to reality from his dreams. He looks around wondering what happened, why was he in a bed which looked like a...hospital bed? Katsuo immediately panicked remembering the scene he witnessed at the car crash. The little boy with his mother's head on his laps, the little boy was crying and even as his mother died, she tried to tell the boy to live on. For that little boy the world seemed to have ended, Katsuo could sympathize with the boy having lost his mother. But Katsuo was lucky enough to keep his father and sister, the boy seemed to have lost it all as he noticed another man lying beside the two, that boy's father. "Mmm..." came a sudden noise slightly surprising Katsuo. He turns his attention to the direction of the moan and sees Nakami there sleeping on the chair at the side of the room.

Katsuo stared at her for a few moments remembering the danger she was in. The death which was nearly imminent, the death which nearly swallowed here were it not for Tesuo. Katsuo looked at his hands which were shaking, 'Is it the dream I just had?' wondered Katsuo. His hands continue to shake as he could feel sweat coming down his face. The hand which held Nakami's during her near death, it feels so cold; numb, senseless to the feelings of the real world. Fear was starting to settle in, the boy was afraid to lose Nakami and he didn't want to even fathom it. Katsuo tried to control his shaking taking short burst breaths, holding his hands together in an effort to calm them down. Held his body close to himself just knowing how lonely it really is without someone there to embrace you, someone like your mother.

Nakami started to stir awake rubbing her eyes to open wide. She stretched out slightly before looking towards Katsuo whom she saw was awake now. She rushed towards his side asking all sorts of questions, all sorts of worries mixed in each question.

"Are you okay?"

"Do you know why you hyperventilated?"

"What caused that reaction?"

"Would you like for me to stay here?"

"Please tell me you're okay!"

All these questions to which she got no replies. But a guilty feeling in Katsuo rose, he felt sorry for making Nakami worry so. Especially with the incident that occurred to her, he didn't want to add on to her plate any more than she could handle.

"I'm sorry" gently spoke out Katsuo.

"For what?"

"For making you worry."

Nakami immediately squeezed Katsuo's hand and held it up in the air with both hers. "Don't ever worry about that! It's good enough for me knowing that you're safe, I'm happy knowing that you're well" said Nakami with fierce determination in her eyes. Katsuo nodded in response to her determination.

"So...do you want to talk about why you...you know, hyperventilated?" asked Nakami.

Katsuo remained quiet.

"Don't want to talk about it?"

"No, it's not that. I guess I'm just somewhat reluctant to keep on thinking about it over and over again" spoke Katsuo in reply. Nakami chose to remain quiet observing Katsuo's reaction and finally agreed to her request to talk.

"Why did you suddenly start hyperventilating Katsuo?"

"I-I don't know" replied Katsuo.

"You don't know?" asked Nakami.

"Yeah...I don't know for sure, but it could've been what we saw at the accident scene."

"You mean that little boy and-" Nakami suddenly withheld herself from saying anymore thinking it could hurt Katsuo's mental state. "And the mother" Katsuo finished showing no signs of change in his health.

"Is it because...you live alone?" asked Nakami slightly shocking Katsuo. 'How does she know about that?' wondered Katsuo as he felt as though a stake had pierced his heart.

"How did you know?" questioned Katsuo trying to recollect any evidence of him telling her.

"Miri-chan told me."

Katsuo slightly gripped his bed sheets harder with his free hand. Trying to control the overwhelming feelings he was having, he wasn't ready to let Nakami into his personal life too much. But he already knew the truth, the moment they met was the moment one another entered into each other's personal life. "Katsuo, I know something happened in your past" spoke Nakami further surprising Katsuo.

"Did Miri-chan tell you that as well?" asked Katsuo.

Nakami shook her head side to side in reply to Katsuo's questions, "It's based on my own intuition."

"Intuition huh..." Katsuo spoke thinking for a moment, 'She already knows this much about me, I-I don't know if I should let her in anymore than she already is'. Though the boy's heart tended to disagree as it pounded in his chest ever so faster. He straightened his priorities and decided it was time, "Bring over the chair Nakami, you should sit down for what I'm about to tell you."

Nakami was compliant bringing over the chair by Katsuo's bedside. She sat close to the edge of the bed; Katsuo could feel her warmth seeping into his body, sending up reassuring shivers through his body, shivers of safety. "You already know so much about me...but I guess most of that is just on the surface."

Nakami remained quiet.

"I suppose you would want to know more?"

"If you're alright with telling me." replied Nakami.

Katsuo nodded to her answer and took a moment to look outside the room window. He then turned his attention back to his hands and spoke, "It was six years ago, I was eight at the time."

Eight years ago...

"Katsuo, get ready or we're going to leave you!" came a woman's voice teasingly.

Katsuo turned towards the direction of the voice to find his mother calling out to him. A slim woman for her age, natural hair black, blue irises with a slight shade of blush covering her cheeks, "Come on honey, Eri is already ready. We've got a schedule to keep up with."

"I'll be right there okaa-san" replied Katsuo. Katsuo picked up the little things he needed for trip and followed his mother to the car. Eri sat in the back seat with her IPod and Katsuo sat on the front seat with his PSP gaming console. His mother started the car and soon exited the hotel park way. Katsuo and his family were on vacation, Katsuo's father was stationed there as well, and he had been here for quite a while in Canada now. The three were going to observe the glaciers on their booked glacier tour. The drive was slow and boring, luckily Katsuo bought his favourite and most played games.

The family drove on the mountains with glaciers closing in. Canada was a drastic change in air quality and living quality for all the three in the car. Katsuo's mom had managed to get a temporary driving license with a few driving lessons squeezed in between. "Nee-san, turn down your music!" complained Katsuo as he tried concentrating on his game, Mortal Kombat. Eri ignored his request being too distracted by the music and her phone, feeling annoyed Katsuo paused the game and removed his headphones. He put aside the PSP and turned backwards reaching for the IPod. Eri noticed Katsuo's arm approaching towards her IPod and immediately took it out of his reach, "You're not getting it little brother" spoke Eri.

"Turn down the music" again requested Katsuo and Eri quietly acknowledged it. The music now down, Katsuo could again focus on his game, punch to the left! Kick to the right! The AI opponent was so close to being knocked out; his fingers were getting more and more intense. He held the PSP closer to his eyes completely absorbed by the match. Fingers hit the left trigger, the right trigger, his character punches left and right!

"Ugh, some people just don't know to keep their distance" spoke Katsuo's mother as she observed a truck far too close for her comfort in the rear view mirror. The truck seemed to sway side to side, the driver couldn't seem to keep the truck straight, but then again the driver didn't seem to alert or awake.

"HMMM!" screams the horn from the truck, Katsuo's mother seems to be becoming more agitated. They come close to a curve on the mountain road; the glaciers were here as well. Katsuo's mother was torn between the decisions of either slowing down for the turn or give into the pressure the truck driver put on her. She decided to do the right thing and slow down, the truck driver felt annoyed and tried to overtake her at the turn, and Katsuo's mother began the turn. The truck driver moved on to the left lane, she began to turn the wheel as the car followed the curvature of the road. The truck driver realized it's a turn; he starts to turn his wheel! The truck closes in! They're so close! The metal of the truck makes contact with the car! Crash!

The door is nearly crushed on driver's side of the car with the front of the truck being crushed as well! The car goes off the cliff breaking through the railing. Soaring through the air! Nothing to stop its rapid descent; nothing to stop the impending doom! The driver realizes too late, he didn't turn in time. The car makes contact with the glacial ice as it cracks under the pressure of the wheels making contact with it. Crack! Pieces of the glacier fall upwards around the car; Katsuo's makes a KO on the enemy! Only to realize too late he was in danger. He shakes up as he looks around, ice, ice everywhere! The white serene ice now turns to a deadly enemy for him. The car begins to drown in the cold water as the temperature within the car begins to drop rapidly. The car becomes dead cold; everyone begins to shiver as they undo their belt, but Katsuo's mother's belt becomes stuck! The boy notices this as he goes to help his mother, trying to undo the belt, feeling fed up he tries to undo the belt with force, but no success. The glass windows begin to crack on the car as a water stream begins to spray in! Eri panics trying her cell, but the water along with all the other glacial ice blocks her signal.

Up top on the surface sirens wale loud coming towards the edge. Fire trucks, ambulances and police car are all present as the truck driver is on the side, being questioned, other cars stop due to the held up. The fire fighters descend towards the glacial ice carefully making their way to the breach with oxygen tanks, diving gear at the ready and wires safely hooked onto their belts. The two divers jumped into the freezing water, they had to do this quickly so they wouldn't freeze to death underwater. They dived towards the car noticing the glass in the car having huge cracks with water filling nearly half the car, its decent became even quicker now. Katsuo struggled against the seat belt all the while fighting the urge to scream out in the stinging pain of the cold water. He battles against the seat belt only to be disturbed by Eri tapping his shoulders, "What? Can't you see mom can't get out! I've to help her!" and Eri simply points out the window at the two approaching figures. Katsuo realizes it was their rescue, so he begins to exceed his limits in his strength, but nothing. No success in undoing the seat belt as Katsuo's mother slightly touches his hand, so cold! Colder than his own, she was dying; her life was being swept away like the falling ice debris to the lake floor. Eri holds her breath and signals for her brother to do the same as the two rescuers come to open the car doors, "Mom, hold your breath!" shouts Katsuo. They open the door as water floods in and Katsuo then realizes, only two people came to their rescue, one was to be left behind. Water now flooded the car completely as he felt a mask being put on his face; he looked around in panic to see his sister being guided out towards the surface with him being the second person. He could feel the rejection for life rising, he wanted to let his mother live instead, he struggled against the diver trying to reach for his mother, trying to speak through the oxygen mask. Yet all that would come out was something inaudible, the sounds were being dampened by it. The boy continues his struggle holding onto his mother's arm, not wanting to let go, his heart races with each beat pounding heavily at his chest. His eyes wide with shock and realization she will die, he recalls every memory of hers, every moment he spent with her. All those memories were now fading, being frozen like the ice and shattering in this one death filled moment. The diver becoming reluctant pulls the boy out of the car with all his force with a crying boy in his arms. Katsuo holds out his arm in desperation towards his mother who now seems to be getting farther and farther, the only thing he sees is her smiling face.

'Smiling? Smiling? Why is she smiling? She is going to die! Why is she smiling?' questions the boy in his own thoughts as his mother's arm begins to fall towards her lap with the car still falling in the dark abyss of the water. Now out of sight the boy no longer sees the car but the light of the sun which pierces the water. The two surface as the diver drags out the boy from the water, who in defiance removes his mask and heads towards the water again. The diver goes towards the boy holding him back as Katsuo struggles against the man's grip, "No! Mom! Let me go! She's still down there! Let me go!" cries on Katsuo. "She's dead!" freezes Katsuo hearing the two words coming from Eri's mouth; he couldn't believe he was hearing it from Eri. The girl looked so deprived of all color, of all hope and happiness.

"What are you saying Nee-san? How can you say that?"

"Because it's true!" answered Eri.

"I'm sorry" spoke one of the divers looking away from Katsuo; the scene seemed frozen in time just as the ice. Frozen as though it were a picture forever engraved in Katsuo's mind. All the noise silences itself from the boy's mind as he falls to his knees, his breathing getting deeper and heavier. He huffs! He clenches his chest! His eyes shoot wide open with fear and worry! The boy hyperventilates. All goes dark as he starts to lose consciousness falling on completely on his side on the icy floor.

"Next thing I remember was waking up on a hospital bed, with Eri nee-chan in the next room to mine" spoke Katsuo as he looked out the window. Nakami saw despair in Katsuo's eyes and tried to reach out for his hand, but stopped herself, knowing that she shouldn't cross the line they settled for themselves right now. She didn't want to jeopardize their hard work to create the bond they have right now.

Silence settled in between the two as Katsuo continued to ponder his past. Nakami sat thinking of what to say to the boy, this boy who seems to be stuck in the past. Katsuo wiped his eyes, 'Is he crying?' wondered Nakami as she stood up walking closer to the boy.

"Are you alright Katsuo?" asked Nakami.

The boy remained silent for a while before answering, "Yeah, I'm okay. Sorry for worrying you."

Nakami shakes her head saying, "It's alright, I'm glad you were willing to open up with me."

Outside the room two nurses conversed amongst themselves. "Did you hear about the boy in this room, apparently he lost his mother when he was young! We got a young boy in here on the same morning as him who lost both his parents."

"You've got to feel sorry for them, with no mother to look to for love and support" spoke the other nurse's voice. Nakami feeling angered at the gossiping nurses, felt a sudden urge to walk out and shout at them, but was stopped by a strong gripped on her wrist. Katsuo held tightly on to her wrist shaking his head, "Don't, they don't know any better" spoke Katsuo. Nakami still wanted to but agreed for Katsuo's sake.

Few minutes later a nurse brought in Katsuo's lunch setting it by the side table and excused herself. Lunch, he felt no appetite, it was always like this. Whenever the past would come rushing behind him, the appetite would rush leaving him. He looked at the food and then looked away out the window remaining quiet; Nakami saw how reluctant he seemed to eat and so decided to take the initiative. She took the fork and a bit of food into it and held it close to Katsuo's face saying, "Open wide!" as Katsuo turns to look towards her feeling a little surprised and embarrassed at Nakami's actions. And more than anything else, he felt pathetic; having to be fed by someone else at his age. But Nakami saw nothing but happiness in this, he heart sped up as Katsuo's mouth opened up to take the bite. She saw his moist lips open and close as he intakes the food, she craved for those lips. She could feel her body warmth rising as her lips parted in an effort to control her breathing. Her cheeks turned a heavy shade of pink; her hands begin to shake a little as she retreated the fork from Katsuo's mouth. "You okay Nakami?" asks Katsuo as he sees her shaking hands. Nakami jerks back a little as she sees Katsuo's face appear in front of hers, "Waah! Katsuo! Don't come so close..."

"What's wrong?" asked Katsuo.

"No...it's nothing. You just surprised me suddenly" replied Nakami looking away from Katsuo, with a huge blush covering her cheeks.

Katsuo didn't seem convinced as Nakami tried to squeal her way out of this situation. It was evident on her face that she was desperate to change the subject. Katsuo decided not to talk of this matter anymore as he turned his attention outside the windows. The weather which had once been sunny was now turning to a rainy one. Silence roamed Katsuo's room when suddenly interrupted by the sound of the room door opening. Both Nakami and Katsuo looked over and saw two familiar faces, "Katsuo-kun!" worriedly spoke the voice of one girl. It was Aimi and Miri; "Katsuo-kun, it's good to see that you're well" spoke Miri. Nakami felt a stinging feeling in her heart, it was jealousy. Aimi was the last person she wanted to see here in the hospital room. Miri noticed the change in Nakami's mood and decided to give Aimi and Katsuo some time alone as she guided Nakami out the room. Aimi sat beside Katsuo talking whether he was really feeling alright or not while Miri closed the door behind them and turned to face Nakami.

"What's wrong?" asked Miri.

"What are you talking about Miri-chan?"

"You know what I mean. You started acting strange when Aimi and I came" spoke Miri. Nakami flinched at Aimi's name to which Miri made sure to take a careful note of. "It's Aimi isn't it? It's something that's got to do with her right?" asked Miri.

"You don't need to know" coldly replied Nakami.

"Yes I do Nakami. I'm worried about you" Miri spoke caringly.

Nakami remained quiet.

"You know it won't be any good for you to hold negative feelings towards Aimi. If you have a problem with her, then you should talk it out."

Nakami remained quiet.

"And if it's in regards to Katsuo, then talk it out with her regardless" Miri spoke though slightly teasing at the same time. "Wh-wh-whaaat?" jumped Nakami.

"Come on, it's evident that Aimi is going after Katsuo to, she just doesn't know your feelings for him yet. Better to talk it out with her right now than just letting things progress as they are. They could end up much worse you know."

"Maybe...or maybe Aimi just wants to challenge me" spoke Nakami with the distaste for Aimi present in her tone. Miri sighed feeling tired of the conversation as she opened the door again and sat beside in one of the chairs in the room. Aimi and Katsuo conversed for a few minutes longer when they then left leaving only Nakami and Katsuo in the room alone again.

"Hey Katsuo..."


"How do you feel about Aimi?" asked Nakami.

"I thought you already asked this" spoke Katsuo.

"But I never got a proper answer" shot back Nakami.

"True, I don't know. I guess I see her as a good friend."

"Just a friend?" questioned Nakami.

"Yeah, hey Nakami; am I sensing some jealousy radiating from you?" asks Katsuo.

"What?" Nakami asked trying to hide her surprise, 'I guess he really is as sharp as his test scores indicate' thought Nakami.

"Well?" waited Katsuo for a reply.

"Um...no, I was just curious as your friend, heh heh heh" Nakami tried pathetically to cover up her feelings on the matter. Though Katsuo seemed convinced enough as he didn't want to talk about the subject any more than they already had talked about, and more pressing matters were present at the moment.

"Well leaving all that behind for now, how are you faring for the upcoming midterms?" asked Katsuo. "Midterms?" asked Nakami only to remember before their trip, the homeroom teacher had told them about it, they were only a month away as she began to panic, "I completely forgot about them!"

Katsuo remained quiet as Nakami blew off a bit of her steam on her own forgetfulness. "Um...Katsuo" called out Nakami.


"I know this maybe a little too much to ask, but do you think you could tutor me?" Nakami asked with her hands pressed against one another and up against her lips. Katsuo knew she was desperate and needed the help as she hadn't been doing too well lately in the class tests. Their school used a leader board system where every student in their own respective classes would be positioned depending on their grades in the class tests, and one was also for overall grades. Katsuo placed first on both always, whereas Nakami placed average, she had a good start out position but soon started to fall.

The boy just couldn't see any reason to deny her the help. So he decided to agree, "Alright, where do you want to meet up? How about my place?" asked Katsuo, Nakami thought about it a while and agreed to meeting Katsuo in his own home for the tutor lessons. Soon after a nurse came into the room asking Nakami to leave as the day had gone by and the visiting hours were nearly over. Outside her parents picked her up in their car saw Katsuo by his room window, he went back to the bed and lay once again with nothing to do but swim in his own thoughts. His mind went back to the moment he saw that little boy, and the woman in his lap; gently held by his arms. 'That boy has also lost something...he's lost the warmth of a mother. But in his case, he lost both the father and the mother' thought Katsuo feeling depressed about the whole situation. But most of all, feeling sorry for the boy; that little boy, "Kinji" if Katsuo remembered correctly must be feeling what Katsuo felt once before, except far worse for Kinji than for Katsuo. Katsuo felling fed up with all this self moping decided to take a little walk around the hospital building. He came across an open hospital room door and decided to shut it, when he reached for the handle on the door he noticed a family coming out. They looked at him and gave a respectful look towards him as he returned it, a little boy part of the family spoke gently, "See you later Kinji". Katsuo knew it was wrong but decided to peek into the room. He saw Kinji sitting on his bed, crying in despair, but what he saw next shocked him. Kinji held out a knife he had held under the bed sheets and held it firmly against his wrist. Katsuo reacted on his instincts as he barged into the room shocking Kinji; took the knife and threw it away. Katsuo had made sure to close the door behind him as he had entered so he could give a good talking to the little boy.

"What the hell do you think you were doing?" asked Katsuo in anger.

"Why would you care? Who are you anyways?" replied Kinji with questions of his own.

"Doesn't matter who I'm! Why would you even think of cutting yourself up?"

"Why should it matter to you? You're just a stranger barging in my hospital room! You've no idea what my situation is!" shouted Kinji.

"I do!" argued Katsuo as the room went silent. "I do..." again spoke Katsuo.

"I was there when you were picked up by the ambulance" explained Katsuo as Kinji listened in closely. "But why are you here then?" asked Kinji.

"Heh, I ended up hyperventilating when I saw the scene."

"What do you mean "scene"?"

"I-" Katsuo hesitated, "I saw you with your mother and your father, on the road with the flashing lights in the morning. Reminded me of something and I guess I hyperventilated."

The room was silent as Kinji then placed the knife back on the lunch tray and fell back on his bed. Katsuo saw how tired Kinji looked and so he decided to return to his own room. The next day Katsuo went for a walk to the hospital cafeteria and on his way back from there he saw Kinji up and about. He saw him walking warily as though he didn't want to be detected by the doctors. 'I guess the kid's not allowed out of bed yet' guessed Katsuo as he followed Kinji. Step after step, how many steps were there more to climb? Wondered Katsuo as his feet now move in rhythm to climbing the stairs. Kinji reached the top as he opens the door, it was the hospital roof; he walked like a dead body shell as Katsuo observed from behind the door having it open just a crack. Kinji started to lift his right leg when he got over the edge. He moved the other one as well but soon sat on the edge looking down to the ground below, as Katsuo's eyes widened in fear, 'Is he going to do what I think he is?' Katsuo had to fight his urges to hold himself back from barging in there and stopping Kinji.

"Why can't I just jump off? All there is now is death." he commented to himself.

A slight breeze blew as he stared up at the sky for a moment and look back down onto the ground with his eyes widening remembering what his mother had told him, "And you have to live your life the way you want to. Not for anyone else." and then Kinji suddenly fell back on the rooftop failing his suicide attempt. "Why can't I do it? I can be with mom and dad this way if I die!" he spoke to himself in a slight rage. Katsuo could feel his restraints loosening as he just wanted to walk in there, pick up the boy and take him back to his room. But he couldn't, he didn't want to make too much out of this situation. Kinji got up then crying silently, he began to walk back to his hospital room as Katsuo quickly hid as of to not get noticed.

It was the afternoon now and Katsuo stood outside Kinji's room. He held the door knob tightly in his hand but couldn't find the means to turn it. "Oh Katsuo-san" came a woman's voice. He turned to look it was one of the nurses who normally attended to his room and medications if any.

"What are you doing here out of your room?" she inquired as she looked at the room number and tried to remember whom it belonged to. Then the name came to her, "By any chance, are you here to visit Kinji-san?" asked the nurse.

Katsuo was caught and he had no reason to deny it, he nodded as she opened the door for him and walked in with him. "Hello Kinji-san! Look who is her to see you!" enthusiastically spoke the nurse. Kinji turned his attention towards the person beside the nurse, "Oh it's you" Kinji spoke almost depraved of all colour in his life.

"Now is that any way to talk to a friend?" asked the nurse, though she receives no reply as Kinji turns to look out the window.

"I'm really sorry about this Katsuo-san."

"Its fine" he replied to the nurse's statement.

The nurse left the two alone as Katsuo dragged a seat beside Kinji's bed. "That wasn't a very smart thing to do on the rooftop you did" spoke Katsuo as Kinji turned towards him in shock.

"You were spying on me?"

"I had to, you were walking around all wary. Plus in your condition right now, I don't think it's a wise idea to leave you alone."

"I don't need your pity. Pity from one friend is enough" spoke Kinji remembering his friend's visit.

"Look...I think we got off to a bad start, how about we start this again?" suggested Katsuo, "Fine" agreed Kinji.

"You can call me Katsuo."

"I'm Kinji."

"So Kinji, what do you plan on doing when you get out of here?"

"I don't know, not like I have any family to take care of me."

"You can always try living on your own" suggested Katsuo.


"I'm doing it right now. I don't think I told you this but like you, I know what it's like to lose a loved one. I also lost my mother at a young age...ever since then I've lived on my own."

"Was it hard?" asked Kinji.

"Kinda, yeah. But I had all sorts of people helping me, so I guess it turned out okay."

The rest of the night Kinji and Katsuo spent talking to one another as Katsuo was mostly answering questions Kinji had. The remaining days went by quick as the discharge day for Katsuo came, he felt bad for leaving Kinji alone though. Kinji seemed to have reverted back to his old closed self, with Katsuo he seemed somewhat open, but now he was completely closed off. Katsuo stood outside Kinji's room thinking whether he should go inside to talk to Kinji one more time or just say his goodbyes quickly and leave, which is it going to be? He decided to go in and talk to Kinji one last time, to try and get the boy to become more open and more lifelike. Behind Katsuo stood Aimi and Nakami, both had been there during his discharge and were now following him around as he tied up his loose ends in the hospital. Katsuo walked in and sat in the same chair beside Kinji's bed, the little boy gave no response to Katsuo's presence.

"Kinji...I'm going to be leaving the hospital today."

Kinji was quiet.

"You know, the time we spent talking was sure fun. It made my time in the hospital fly by faster."

Kinji was quiet.

Katsuo sighed as he then bowed his head slightly, "Thank you, for everything Kinji. If we do ever meet again, I hope we meet under better circumstances" spoke Katsuo with a smile. Kinji took a quick note of this with a smile as a silent tear made its way down his cheek. Katsuo stood up waiting for a reply, but none and so he walked out the room closing the door behind him. Kinji sat in his bed with tears falling down his eyes as he whispered to himself, "I hope so to Katsuo-san. Thank you for being there to talk with me..." continues to cry the boy. Katsuo stood outside of Kinji's room door feeling a little reluctant to leave, but was broken out of his thoughts as Aimi took a tight grasp of his arm and started to drag him away. Nakami followed the two closely trying to ignore her cold feelings towards Aimi as she heard Katsuo say, "I wonder if he'll be alright...I hope he makes it."

At that moment Nakami thought, 'I wonder...if I...if we'll be alright' perceiving more challenges to come in the future. The three walk off outside the hospital into what was a beautiful and sunny day.

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